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Hanging on every word you say[3 Down/49 To Go!]
[-] Lazy week is lazy. I couldn't even be bothered recapping my days in more than a paragraph. Seriously. Hey there's some saying on brevity right? Oh wait, I'm rambling again.

[+] Holiday cards literally came by the bulk this week and I'm so glad I finally received cards from famouslyso, stitchesofgold, seriouslywir, aauthentique and hauntes!!! Thank goodness our postal system came through. Loved them girls! Thanks so much!

[-] And yet another long week at work with me feeling quite exhausted as always. I'm not sure how long this kind of pattern is going to keep on so I'm just going to try to keep taking it a day at a time. It's not all bad after all. Just feels that way sometimes.

[+] I hope everyone has a better week up ahead. It's hard to believe but January's almost over. WHAT?!? Where did that month go?!

Despite not having a boss today, the day was still pretty hectic considering I had a client presentation (these things are getting a tad too regular, if I must say). But I still had time to sneak in some Golden Globes squeeing in the morning, so I am thankful for that. On the way home though, the wait for the train was unbearably long. It's a good thing I had an officemate with me and Anna karenina. I sure made a dent on today's quota thanks to the long wait.

Today was a surprisingly long day at work despite not having any out of office excursions. I really try to stay on top of things considering there are a couple of different tasks I have to do and today it just felt like everything was happening all at once. Sure did test my multi-tasking skills, which I don't think I'm very good at. In other not too boring news, I'm totally kicking Anna Karenin's ass. Finally! I'm not struggling as much through the pages. Okay, so that was boring too. Sorry about that.

Yet another of those longest days ever and another run in with difficult projects I shouldn't even be too worried about but end up having to fuss about anyway. Despite going home late, I did get a quasi-free ride home. I saw one of my neighbors and they gave me a lift. Only to fall out of the car literally and onto my knee right at our gate. I know have a big ass wound on my knee. Wonderful. My knee is throbbing and I'm not very good with blood. This is why I can't be a doctor. I can't even dress my own wound.

There was an explosion on the MRT today and I'm glad I wasn't in there. My officemate was though and she was visibly shaken when she got to the office. All on her birthday. This made me realize, no matter how stressed I am over the job at any point (me feeling like I'm constantly messing up), I should know what really matters. That I'm alive, safe and happy and that my family is. I'll try to focus on the small positive things: like realizing today that the advertising team are so supportive of me and so nice to me. I should appreciate more.

So much work. Like really massive amounts that I wasn't sure where to start today. And as much as I wanted to go home early, I had to pack up after an event during which the rain poured really hard and the traffic built up. I was going to wait out the rain or sleep in my aunt's house but I really just wanted to go home and watch some Idol. By the time I got home, I collapsed and so it's two for two episodes now that I haven't seen. I'm going to go relax now. I really really want to just sleep my weekend away now.

A pretty good productive Saturday especially since I didn't wake up after lunch -- I actually saw the morning. I was able to bring my mom to visit my grandma and go to mass and even help out my little sister with decorations for their school event while watching two movies (127 Hours -- I'm a chicken and couldn't look at the hacking off the arm scene; and Charlie St. Cloud -- cause we thought it'd be happier to take away the sadness from 127 Hours). Look at me doing so much on a weekend.

I hate having to think about work on a weekend just because it's supposedly my only time away from it, but unfortunately I got a text today regarding work and it couldn't be helped. It's been put away for the moment but now I have that hanging over my head. I'm going to try to enjoy my Sunday just reading and watching more movies hopefully. It's also the funeral of my brother's godmother and though I don't think I'll be able to make it, I'll be thinking of her and keeping her in my prayers.
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