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TV Time: Bones and Hannah Keep their BFF Status

[Bones Daily]
TV shows are slowly returning to me in bits and pieces, though it's nice to know that I didn't miss anything THAT much. This week also debuted the US version of Skins and they weren't joking when they said they'd remake it. They literally lifted the UK version's first episode shot for shot. I get it's their first and I should give them a chance but I literally didn't get past the first 15 minutes. And I'm really easy to please.

Chuck 04x12: Chuck Versus The Balcony

Photos courtesy of potthead @ rawr_caps
I don't know if it was just me but this definitely wasn't one of the stronger episodes. Perhaps I haven't seen Chuck for too long but it seemed different then I realized that they didn't play any actual songs during the first 20 minutes or so which is weird for Chuck -- or at least like I remember it.

Also weird, that Chuck's asking Sarah to marry him. I get it. They're finally together, but let's enjoy being boyfriend/girlfriend first, YES? So it's even weirder that Sarah wants this to happen. I suppose everyone can have a change of heart and want to spend the rest of their lives together given the dangerous nature of their work, but it just seemed a little OOC for me.

But of course, Fedak and Schwartz won't let the have their happy ending just yet. Thank goodness. Instead we see Sarah going undercover for Volkoff and deeeeep underground meaning she and Chuck would have to separate... again. Oh well, at least they're together in essence. I wonder how long this storyline will last. And what will they do with Chuck when Sarah's not around?!

Pretty Little Liars 01x12: Salt Meets Wound

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FINALLY. An episode I could get behind. I actually really enjoyed this one just because we saw a lot more movement and a lot less cringe-worthy ones. First we get creepy!Ian showing himself on the video and Spencer going on a mad hunt to go through his things. OBVIOUSLY you won't find anything there. Thank goodness A is 'helping' them along. Also, Nanny!Carrie getting preggers?! Girl's too skinny to carry a baby. Bulk up woman.

Meanwhile, Maya is taken away from Emily and it's all tears and candles and dancing in the bedroom. I'm glad the friends are supportive of her but I'm sad because I actually liked Maya/Emily. Too bad they're apart. Does this mean the gate is open for Toby? I actually felt bad for him, especially when those kids ran away screaming. Collective awww please?

Also, how convenient was that that A planted the incriminating evidence in Noah's locker so Ezra and Aria could keep doing the nasty. Lucy Hale looks really young even if she and Ezra are actually really close in age so it still looks odd to me. But Ezra looked amazing in this episode (still not as handsome as Wren) so yeah, I was glad he stayed around -- even if he was willing to quit for Aria. No collective awww for this one.

Finally, I never want to see Hanna stuff herself sick again. Though I admit those cupcakes look mighty yummy, eating six in a row would literally make you throw up, you wouldn't have to induce vomit. I'm glad they're starting to recover some of the money too. I wonder what else they'll have to do to get it all back.

Bones 06x10: The Body in the Bag

As nice as Hannah is being to Bones and as much as they value their friendship, you know I'm just waiting for the time when they break-up. And though I don't blame Booth for telling Hannah about it, I feel really bad that Bones has to keep it all in and pretend it's all okay. Fight for your man, Bones! I want a cat fight.

For a second, I actually thought that Prada!Police would be a nice new guy for Brennan until they reveal him to be the killer! Damn. So much for moving on. Oh well, I hope the rest of this season brings happiness for Bones (in the arms of Booth preferably).

Also, it's really funny how everyone's so weirded out with Clark's change of character. It's good to finally see some life in him. And the Hodgins/Angela new house/new baby business is just cuteness all around. Though I wouldn't mind cuteness from Booth/Brennan. Not that it's going to happen soon, because you know Hart Hanson really hates us.

American Idol 10: Auditions Week 1 (New Jersey & Louisiana)

As much as I resisted, I found myself watching the newest season of Idol. And despite not having Simon or Paula or Kara or Ellen -- in other words, just being stuck with 'The Dawg' and Ryan -- I really didn't mind Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler and though there isn't much negativity or bad singers just yet (Simon's cutting remarks's absence is obviously apparent).

So yes, I fell asleep both nights but I blame it on work and not on the actual horrible-ness of the show. In fact, I really liked how they tried selling the new judges on the show. Sure, it got a little over the top with the contestants fawning over the judges but I have to say JENNIFER LOPEZ IS REALLY GORGEOUS in these things. Really really pretty.

What else is pretty? The new starting. Sure, I get all nostalgic for the old one but like they said, change is good and I'm looking forward to the new show. Hopefully better contestants than the past few years. And better performances.
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