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Sneak Peek: Andrew & Emma Get Cozy on the 'Spiderman' Set

Gwen Loves Peter[Awww, Peter]
Needless to say I am very much excited for the Spiderman redux starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Though I wouldn't have minded Emma all red-hair and all, the blonde look she's got going on to play Gwen Stacy is actually growing on me. And these not so long ago released set pics along with the first look of Andrew as Peter Parker definitely drummed up the interest they were looking for. Success PR people of this film.

In other movie news, Anne Hathaway's has been cast as Catwoman Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises!!!!!! Yes, It needed that many exclamation points.

In other movie news, I'm really excited about the fact that Bond 23 is getting an actual release date. I've really enjoyed Daniel Craig's take on this and though details aren't clear yet, you know jamypye is a happy camper.

And because Clint Eastwood really wants to make them fangirls happy, he's cast quite possibly all the good looking men there could be for his J. Hoover biopic.
In the film, [Josh] Lucas would play aviator Charles Lindbergh alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character, Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick as the clean-cut Agent Smith, and The Social Network‘s Winklevoss wonder Armie Hammer as Hoover’s supposed secret lover Clyde Tolson. Mr. Eastwood, this is how you get movie attendance up! [PopWatch]
You know I'm gonna be at the cinemas lining up to see this right?! Oh Clint, I didn't know you had it in you (or your casting director that is).

Finally, after his recent Golden Globe win, it seems like David Fincher can do no wrong. So really, I hope his changing of the ending of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a wise choice.
Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Fan
I love how wholesome and adorable these two look. From their clothes to the way they're sitting in the bleachers (I have a Taylor Swift song going on in my head now). And yet in contrast to this, the first look at Spidey looks a little darker and rough so I'm really excited to see how they'll redo this Spiderman this time around. Excitement all around.

Photos courtesy of Chris Pine Network
Though I'm not sure what Welcome to the People is about, I'm excited to see Chris back on a set just because it means we have more movies to look forward to. And Michelle Pfeiffer as his mom? Why not? She seems a tad too young but I'm psyched to see how this goes.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
So despite my constant ignorance of Jon's long-time girlfriend the girl who's always in photos with him, I'll have to give it to her for casting him in her movie. OBVIOUSLY, BEST DECISION EVER. And if only for that, I think I might actually include her next time we see a red carpet photo of them together. Looking good, Hamm.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Dakota
So those Brazil photos were obviously leaked on purpose because we've got nothing else on Breaking Dawn other than these Volturri pics that feature Dakota. She looks awfully cheery on set and it's a bit jarring to see her in full garb and not in character. I'm still hoping Bill Condon works this shiz out because I'm still not sure about the two-part movie bit though I am liking this photo a lot.

Photos courtesy of
And though I heard quite the disturbing news from iamthelibertine saying there were four more season -- please say it isn't so, I don't think I could handle more, you know I'll be hanging on as long as Leighton's in the show and well, season 4 will be back next week and I can't say I'm excited.

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