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Movie Raving: Love and Other Drugs

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It's about time I saw this movie -- though technically, I didn't wait as long as I should have (hello crummy copy), I really couldn't wait any longer for this to movie hit theaters locally. And could you blame me? Two of my most favorite people are starring in it, and this time one isn't a gay cowboy and the other isn't his wife who's in denial. They're actually a real couple in this movie and boy do Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway do a lot of coupling!

Do I think it deserved those Golden Globe nominations? Well probably not, but hey, if the HFPA think they're deserving, who am I to complain? This movie definitely left me pretty damn satisfied. Yes Jake, you satisfied me (and Anne, I'm sure).

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"The result, bolstered by strong acting and an intriguing back story, is an unqualified success. Love and Other Drugs may be the most honest romance to grace the screens during all of 2010." [ReelViews]
As far as romantic comedies go, this definitely wasn't our usual fluff and stuff. Sure, it had a lot of cutesy moments. You can't help it. JAKE AND ANNE ARE CUTE. But I'll give it to the writers for actually trying to tackle 'real' issues. With Maggie (Anne's character) being sick and Jamie (Jake's character), not sure where he's going with his life, they at least had a pretty solid plot.

In fact, it got pretty 'gritty' with how they dealt with the non-relationship they had. If it were me, I'd keep them in bed all day being pretty, but I'm not the director. It wasn't all sunshine and daises, with Maggie constantly wanting to push Jamie away and Jamie never finding any good in himself, the movie did make a solid effort to put depth and layers to this movie.

And though at times it did get a little iffy, like how the hell does Anne afford to pay for her medication with cash upfront when she waitresses and also helps out old people get their medication in Canada?! -- I could really care less because they've got so many 'real' life issues already that I let them slip. And really, do I really question movie logic? No. Okay, moving on.

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"A love story that is actually worth falling for, with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal excellent at steaming up the screen in Love & Other Drugs." [Los Angeles Times]
And yes, definitely not Golden-Globe-winning performances but definitely far superior than your average romantic comedy. Anne and Jake definitely brought their A-game to their roles and I ended up really feeling for both characters.

Anne's Maggie was so guarded and fragile and yet at the same time really strong and determined to get through her sickness without anyone's help. I really liked how she slowly warmed up to Jamie and really just fell in love with him -- even if he was the first one to admit it to her face. And Jake's Jamie was such an earnest guy. Even if he was stuck in his first job, he made the most of it (literally screwing the boss over) and always just tries to make the most of the situation. I love how it was Jamie who first succumbed to admitting how he felt for Maggie. Raise your hand if you wished your boyfriend were like him? Y/Y?

And the supporting cast was pretty fantastic. Hank Azaria's single doctor who wants them ladies was so funny; Judy Greer's silly secretary stint had me wishing there were more of her and actually had me feeling bad she got dumped; Oliver Platt's salesman mentor to Jamie was a nice grounding character that showed that Jamie actually had to struggle in his job; Josh Gad's successful brother turned bum was actually the most obvious comic relief, but it was definitely welcome; and really Gabriel Macht's sleazy salesman competition was spot on. I usually swoon over Macht, but here, I was grossed out.

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"Love and Other Drugs has many weak spots, but what it delivers at its core is as indelible as (and a lot more explicit than) the work of such legendary teams as Clark Gable and Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn." [The New Yorker]
Still, if you strip it down to the core of the movie, Anne and Jake's chemistry definitely carried a lot of the weight. i don't know if this movie would have worked with two people who did not just look good together but were really easy to watch together. Whether they're rolling on the bed (or the floor) or just sitting on the couch (or bathtub) together, they kept my eyes glued on them.

I know it's just acting, but there's definitely a comfort between these two evern when you see them do interviews together and I suppose because they've known each other before this film, their relationship on screen felt real and natural and really had me rooting for them. I was happy with them when they finally admitted to their feelings and really sad when they had to separate. Their chemistry is undeniable.

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"It honestly shouldn't work at all, yet somehow on the strength of good humor and sex appeal ends up being one of the most enjoyable mainstream films of the season." []
All in all, despite the film's flaws (i'm sure the critics can list those down), it really was a cute, enjoyable movie. Would it have been more fantastic to watch on a date at the movies? OF COURSE. Especially if Jake Gyllenhaal was the said date, but it's also great for alone-on-a-weekday-with-a-bad-copy viewing. I really hope Jake and Anne star in something together again. It would be a shame if this were their last pairing. Okay, enough fangirling for me. I've obviously said enough.

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