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terrible news[2 Down/50 To Go!]
[+] For all the hectic days and busy times, this week was actually a pretty good one. I felt productive and got things done and got to go home earlier than usual on a Friday. Definitely an A+ week in my book. Here's to more of these.

[+] Thanks to seriouslywir for the Vgift! You're too kind to me. Cute otters are cute. Also thanks to echoism & maraudersaffair for the holiday cards! Thank you so much! I'm sorry if some of your cards reach me late. Our postal system sucks ass.

[+] There's an iPod Touch epidemic in our office and all my lunch-friends have one. I'm proud to say I'm in no way tempted to even get one. Or perhaps I know I just can't afford it. It's cute though cause everyone's hunched over their Touches at lunch.

[+] Raise your hand if you want a longer weekend? Are there no long weekends yet, January? Here's to a chill week ahead.

I was praying so hard that the presentation I had schedule for this morning would get cancelled. Alas, it did not. But it wasn't so bad. I'm just terribly lazy on Monday mornings. It was also my first time presenting with my boss around so I'm glad I didn't hyperventilate or anything. Here's to not messing up this week.

I haven't read fic in forever but when beeeeej sent me the link to Breaking News latest update, the floodgates opened and I did nothing but catch up on all the fic I missed. I have over 30+ unread updates in my inbox (most of them with multiple updates already). It's good to know the good ones just keep getting better.

I know I must bore everyone to death with work talk but alas, it really is my life. A little background, I help handle 7 brands, with a focus on 2 alone. It just so happens that 3 of the 7 brands have some things going on all at the same time and I'm just getting a little overwhelmed. Nothing lists can't fix, but yeah, tiring day is tiring.

In totally silly news, I got my first bill today. I finally succumbed to a credit card offer just because they promised me two years without the annual fee and I wanted to give my mom reprieve from borrowing hers for online purchases. Not that I've bought anything major. I don't bring it around for the sake of keeping temptation away but today I got my bill and it made me feel oddly grown up.

Mandatory work stories. Seriously, I should just cut and paste what I type out. And I thought yesterday was crazy. Today was even more hectic. Today happened to be the 12th and it's a good thing I took a headstart on the photo taking because I was busy busy busy the entire day. Still, it's a good kind of busy.

I get home and have a rare dinner with my parents on a weekday. I usually get home to everyone being done with dinner so seeing both my mom and dad still eating, felt really good. I even ditched TV for them. Look at me trying to be a good kid. Trying being the operative word.

Today was definitely a good day. After three horrific days back to back at work, I'm glad I was able to breathe a little and see things actually go right today. It's rare that everything falls into place so when it does happen, I don't complain and hope for more of these kinds of work days.

I ended up at the mall after work so I could get my little sister's best friend (and a girl I totally adore) a birthday present. The book I wanted to get her was out of stock though in every single bookstore I visited. Boo. I'm glad the prequel was out but it sucks cause I was so willing to get her two books. Oh well, money saved on my end. Who am I to complain? After dinner, I didn't plan on watchin ga movie but ended up seeing Love and Other Drugs anyway. Remind me again why these two aren't together?!

I LOVE FRIDAYS. I really do. I consider it the weekend practically, even if I'm at work. Cause really, even at its busiest, I spend all day Friday just thinking of all the resting I'll be able to do during the weekend. Sure, I don't really get to do half the things I think I will, but just the thought of it makes me happy. Plus I think I'm already known as the girl who constantly tells everyone that it's Friday on a Friday. I love announcing this.

Even better, I got to have lunch with my aunt and cousin, something I haven't done in a long time and my dad picked me up from work (I went home a little earlier than usual -- my boss wasn't in and I had sort of finished work already) and we went through the McDonalds drive through so I got twister fries and a green monster float. You can tell the weekend will be awesome when you start it this way. If only it lasted a little longer.

Despite not sleeping incredibly late last night, I wake up in the afternoon -- as my Saturdays seem to start at this time now that it's 2011. And the house is silent as ever. Apparently my mom had to be at my brother's godmother's wake and it's sad to know she's passed on. We last saw her around Christmas time when she dropped off my brother's Christmas present. Both of her kids are abroad so I can't imagine how devastated they'll be.

In happier news though, my brother passed in his other college of choice (and actually, I think he really wanted this college more than my college). His course sounds difficult (Applied Mathematics with Finance) and the school is much more expensive than our schools, but it's probably where he'll end up going. It doesn't really matter. I'm just proud of him.

Right before bed, I got to chat with my brother a bit, which is always nice. HE NEVER REPLIES TO EMAILS and i'm not one to chat really, so it was good to catch up. Though I'm sure to waste this day away, I definitely plan on catching up on Anna Karenina. I may be struggling with the book, but I'm not giving up on it. And today, I shall keep on trucking till I make a dent in this book. And let's be clear, I was reading this book before Kristen's Vogue article came out. For real, not that I'm defensive about it or anything.

And once again I lament how short weekends are. How is it possible that this week is done again?! The 5 day weekday versus 2 day weekend really does take a toll on me. Instead of adding zodiac signs (poor Scorpio: six days?! Really?!), I think someone should ADD WEEKENDS instead. Seriously.
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