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TV Time: Spencer Didn't Do It; Aria Can't Tame Noel

[Pretty Little Liarsss]
As happy as I am that Pretty Little Liars is here to fill in the weeks without anything, I'm definitely excited to get Skins back next week even if I'm not sure how this generation will go just yet. I'll stay postiive and keep an open mind about it though. Speaking of open minds, looks like the open minds of Funny or Die are at it again with the Glee kids going all gangsta for Nuthin But a G Thang. Seriously. It's so random.

Pretty Little Liars 01x12: Salt Meets Wound

Photos courtesy of Pretty Little Liarsss
HANNAH'S MOM, IS THERE NO SAFER PLACE THAN A KITCHEN CABINET FOR YOUR WADS OF CASH?! You would think she'd stow it away in between her mattress in the bedroom or ANYWHERE ELSE but no, she kept it in the kitchen and after the debauchery that went on, of course it gets lost.

But wait, not really. A HAS IT. This just means A was at the party (and no, I refuse to think it was Noel Khan) and totally in Hannah and the rest of the gang's proximity. I have a really strong feeling I will be letdown with the A-reveal and that it will be so impossible to piece all these pieces together. I know, I'm cynical with this show this week.

Also, I never remembered Hannah's boyfriend Sean as some douche. Wasn't he the nice guy that came to her house to study?! Why is he so cool and the life of the party?! And Lucas, I get you're drunk but where did the adorable guy go? It feels awfully OOC at the moment.

Meanwhile, it looks like Emily and girlfriend don't get the concept of behaving at the table with the footsie action going on. I don't mind, I think they're cute together but knowing that Emily's mom wasn't exactly the most open about the idea, is it really a good idea to do this right now Emily? I get you're both nervous but come on.

Thank goodness for Emily's dad, who unfortunately will be going back to service in like the next episode I'm assuming. Who's going to protect Emily from the eeeeeeevil Toby (who really looks harmless). It's Toby that needs protection from his sister for real. That girl borders on creepy.

And because I'm still NOT a fan of Spencer's boyfriend, I will continue my 'bring-back-Wren' campaign by stating how cute they would be together and how I'd be flailing all over that ship if they brought him back. But no. Instead we get Javier Diego turning down an international tennis camp offer (I thought he was the ball boy at the club?!) because he wants to work. I really rolled my eyes at that. Personally, I'd be glad if they broke up. Because I could care less about him. Take Ian with you and then both their talent fees will be enough to woo Wren back.

And finally in the dramarama that exists between all teacher/student relationships, we have Noel Khan blackmailing asking Mr. Fitz to give the essay a second look and totally messing with Aria's mind on this. Who knew this guy next door could be such a manipulative asshole?!

Still not any better than their last episode but you know me, I'm horribly easy to please. I think I should include 'drop irrelevant' TV shows I don't really super fangirl over in my 2011 resolutions to save time and my sanity. What do you think?
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