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Red Carpet Round-Up: Andrew & 'The Social Network' Team Start Their Streak

BFFs y'all[Andrew Garfield Fan]
We're right smack in the middle of awards season and getting a lot of The Social Network sightings which makes me a very happy camper. Not only do we get lots of Andrew, we get a bonus Rooney appearance as well. Still, as excited as I am for the upcoming Golden Globes, it's hard to ignore that there were other stuff that happened this week that didn't involve awards.

For one, Rachel flew the Europe to promote Morning Glory (which I have not yet watched); while Natalie (the prettiest pregnant lady around) went to the West Coast as she premieres No Strings Attached. WARNING: Photo Heavy!

Photos courtesy of I Heart Jake
Starting the entry off with a bang, the Palm Springs International Film Festival brought together the people I love and locked them in a room together. Andrew/Carey; Carey/Jake; Jake/Natalie. I mean really. These permutations would have been A+ if we got Jake/Andrew and Carey/Natalie right? but hey, I'm already happy with this.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Natalie Portman and Carey Mulligan Network
How pretty are these kids? Carey was just so pretty in her eggplant textured metallic Prada belted dress. I love how Carey has a look and sticks to it and yet never comes out boring. Girl has style. Girl is also growing out the hair slowly but surely. Why did my short hair never look this good?

Natalie too looks FREAKING AMAZING in her black silk armuré crepe and ivory silk crepe georgette Vionnet Spring 2011 dress had a ruffled hemline, a cotton popeline collar and cuffs with gold metal studs. And she's pregnant in case we forgot. Soon enough, she'll be incorporating her belly into her outfits. I'm sure they'll be flawless.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Garfield Online and Finding Franco
I have yet to see 127 Hours but it seems like Danny Boyle's got a hit on his hands again with this James Franco movie. I thought it was cute that both Jake and Andrew were there to honor Natalie and Carey respectively. See kids, you can be friends in Hollywood.

Photos courtesy of Rooney Mara Source
I know it's a group shot and I should be paying attention to the tallness of Armie Hammer but I can't because ROONEY MARA IS FULL ON LISBETH SALANDER WITH A DRESS in this photo!!! I love her dress and wish we'd see more of her at this event. But for now, it looks like that's all we'll be getting. I'm definitely psyched to see this film.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Garnet Net
Because The Town was honored by the National Board of Review, we get to see supportive wife Jen Garner show support to her hubby. Though I'm not a big fan of the dress, I do love the color of her magenta wool-crepe Roland Mouret dress. I can't believe she's 38 either. Girl is looking young.

Who does not love how sweet and adorable Jesse and Andrew are together. These kids can keep on horsing around and jumping each other. It makes me very very happy. The older bromance of the two now, Jon and Ben Affleck looking all fatherly. OH wait, Jon doesn't have kids, what am I talking about?!

Because The Social Network's Oscar campaign is on red alert, they released the DVD of the movie right in the middle of awards season. Not sure when votes are due but let's just say if I were a member of a voting body, you know I'd be voting this. Especially if Andrew came and delivered my ballot personally. How cute is he clowning around with Jesse?

Photos courtesy of
Zac and his new body showed up twice this week. First to the Audi and J.Mendel Golden Globes kick-off party where he looked really cute catching up with Brittany Snow. Smile more please, Zac? Then he did some goodness by attending a video game challenge that benefited a bunch of kids that need help.

Photos courtesy of
I have not seen Prince Harry for quite some time so seeing him resurface for their Christmas tradition and at a darts tournament is enough to make me happy. As long as he isn't getting engaged anytime soon, I'll be fine.

I'm thinking of following Kate Middleton just because she's such a lucky girl -- plus she's on everyone's radar now with her impending nuptials. PRINCESSES!!! is my new favorite tag on NY Magazine for sure.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Hedlund
Now that Country Strong and On The Road promotions are dying down, I'm already starting to miss Garrett. It's a good thing he was wrangled into showing up to the Cosmopolitan at Las Vegas launch party. Though it doesn't look like his scene, he does look awfully handsome in that suit.

Photos courtesy of Jon Hamm Source
DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY I ALWAYS FEATURE THIS GUY?! Because he's Don Draper handsome looking guy's guy that really needs more love from everyone. And these past few weeks he's been showing up at luncheons, which I'm assuming are making The Town a little more newsworthy than it is right now. I really hope that movie wins something.

Photos courtesy of Soompi Forums
Anytime Yoo appears somewhere, the inner korean fangirl in me resurrects and this time around, he made the dormant Korean lover in me come alive with his promoting the LG Optimus phone. You know where I'd love to see Yoo? On my TV screen with some Yoon Eun Hye as well.

Photos courtesy of Rachel McAdams Online
And we finally see some Rachel McAdams in the New Year, bringing Morning Glory to Europe. First stop, Berlin. And what a stop it was. In her fire engine red halter Michael Kors Pre-Fall gown with black leather trim neckline and black leather criss-cross belt. She's practically as red as the red carpet, but it's stunning. Her smile just slays me.

Of course Rachel had to show up at a morning show. That is what Morning Glory is all about after all right? I love how Rachel looks so professional and so savvy in this outfit. Just simple and it felt so very in character. I like it a lot.

Finally -- or at least upon posting time -- Rachel swung by London to bring Morning Glory there too. This time around, she wore a very flirty and fun plunging textured Suno Spring 2011 dress. I like her hair here more, but I prefer her first dress. Though if someone gave me this? I wouldn't be complaining at all.

Next stop, Madrid where Rachel showed off those legs once again in an olive Geren Ford Resort 2011 leather halter dress with a ruched bodice. I didn't realize it was made of leather. I love how her hair has a messy vibe to it and how chill this outfit is. I swear, woman it does not look like leather.

And for their last stop on this Morning Glory European press tour, Rachel and Harrison Ford say bon jour in Paris. I love how parisian chic Rachel looks in her Isabel Marant mini dress that she paired with tights. I really wish I can find a copy of this movie somewhere because the wait for it to get here is too damn long.

Natalie obviously knows how to dress for pregnancy because she is positively radiant at the No Strings Attached premiere wearing a stunning colour-blocked halter Vena Cava maxi dress with a keyhole detail. If you don't look at the profile, you would not be able to tell she's sporting a bump underneath that dress. The best thing about this? Her smile. It's so bright and pretty.

Photos courtesy of
It looked like Leighton was shooting something good as she showed up for the Portraits of Hope Art Project Launch. I low how casual and laid back it all seems until you check out her sky high heels. Leighton is rocking this boho chic look.

Photos courtesy of Emma Stone Web
As much as I'm on Team Coco, stars still seem to flock to Jay Leno so I'll have to pay attention. I was especially happy that both Leighton and Emma Stone showed up looking immensely adorable. Leighton looked amazing in her checkered black and white Versace 2011 mini dress. I'm not sure what Emma is wearing but I love her hair. Also love the fact that her being in Spiderman means we'll just get more of her.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Camilla Belle
And finally, I end with the always gorgeous and golden, Camilla Belle. I can literally just look at her and be okay. It seems like Alberta Ferretti agrees with me too, handpicking Camilla to be part of the presentation of the 79th Pitti Immagine Uomo. I have no idea what that is exactly but Camilla looked great walking down the runway as well as at the after party. Can this girl please get invited to a big awards show so I can see her in more ball gowns? Thanks.

Did you all have enough pretty this week? Did I miss anyone? Who were you happiest to see this time around? Until the next round-up!

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