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12 of 12: January 2011

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

Quezon City Circle6:56 am
I didn't even realize it was the 12th today so I wasn't able to take photos before leaving the house. It only dawned on me when I was halfway to the main road where I catch a ride. Thus, the 'risky' photo taken from the jeepney on my way to the MRT station.

Pioneer st.7:40 am
When I got to my office there was a bit of traffic (it doesn't affect me since I walk) because of some power lines and a tree in the middle of the road. I still don't know how this happened but I'm glad no one got hurt. The power lines were so low though, it was sort of scary.

Office Lobby7:42 am
The finger scanner at work that is advanced, obviously. I'm glad I don't have problems with this one like I did in my old job -- or perhaps I shouldn't have said that lest I jinxed it. Still, three months in and I'm still sort of an early bird. Not bad.

Seatmate's Cubicle7:44 am
NO, THIS IS NOT MY DESK. Though it does save me from having to post anything since my seatmate (same row) is a big enough fan for both of us. I'm so glad she switched places to be near me. Now we can fangirl easily. This definitely makes work more fun.

office cubicle7:46 am
There's apparently a 'ghost' in our office so I took a Mama Mary frame that my great aunt gave me -- i was gathering dust at home so at least here it has some use. But then my little sister gave me my very own Pedo Bear drawing and one cannot say no to Pedo Bear. It always makes me smile.

office cubicle7:48 am
My ex-boss went to London for a week or so right when I resigned so it was really really sweet of her to still get me something from Bath! An entire Pride and Prejudice calendar for 2011. I didn't have a calendar last year, but this year, you'll come with me on the P&P journey with Darcy & Lizzie.

office cubicle7:50 am
If it wasn't for Android Karenina, I would not be reading this, but slowly I am making my way through this 853+ page book. And sure, there are lovely dragging bits with Levin in the fields, but it's not so bad. It ain't a classic for nothing.

office cubicle7:15 pm
Right when I was about to collapse, my other seatmate (same column) broke out this wonderful little snack: POPCORN!!! This thing will be the death of me. I promised myself I'd eat a little but after everyone got their bit, I ended up finishing it all. Oh well, I'll justify it by saying I was really stressed.

Commonwealth Avenue9:45 pm
When I got off the jeepney on the way home, I saw there was a crowd and lots of TV crews where I usually walk. Apparently a traffic officer was hit by a car, and I'm assuming the car was gone. I'm not sure what the extent of his injuries were so let's hope he's okay.

Dining room10:02 pm
I know, it's a Christmas tree. We put up our decor quite late so my mom makes the most of it and keeps it up longer than usual. My dad likes turning on the lights while we eat too. So it still sort of feels like Christmas except we're at work and there aren't any gifts anymore.

My grandma's room10:32 pm
I got this super duper cute 2011 planner (from the cute stationary store, kikki.K) from my sister, jamypye for Christmas. I haven't written in a diary for a long time but it's so cute, I think I'll force myself to this year. Even if I constantly feel my writing isn't good enough for its cuteness.

my room10:35 pm
And because my sister is such a gift-aholic (aren't we lucky?), she gave all of us little Japanese dolls or samurais too! I got the Hanna doll mainly because it's yellow (my favorite color). But really, it's just adorable. I should probably bring it to the office so I can see it more since I'm barely at home.
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