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Music On Repeat: Don't Hold it Against Britney

It's Britney bitches[The Prophet Blog]
It's probably just me, jamypye and jessieka who cares, but Britney's new single is out. Yeah, it's on repeat. Poptastic explosion. I see you dancing, Pam.

Also, I'm pretty psyched for Coldplay's new album that's due out this year. Frontman Chris Martin gave a few details on the new album. I'm just excited to have another album from them.

And finally, David Fincher seemed to like Trent Reznor's work on The Social Network, he's recruited him again to do the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo score. I'm obviously game for any news on this project.

Britney; Hold It Against Me

Take me back to high school please? When I was obsessed over BEING Britney and was planning the JT-Britney nuptials in my head. Though she's come a long way from her height of glory (it's not necessarily an ascent), her songs still are catchy. I'm still excited to hear more from this album. I don't think there will ever be a 'comeback' for her, but hey, poptastic music is poptastic. That's enough for me.

Lonely Island; I Just Had Sex

I saw this a couple of weeks ago but obviously could not get over the catchiness of the song. Yes, the shock value did take its toll, but more than that, the Lonely island crew strike another hit for me. Doesn't mean I can relate, but it's awfully LSS-y.

She & Him; Thieves

I have the indie-st siblings ever and they sort of adore She & Him (and rightfully so) so my little sister's and brother's been walking around with a ukelele singing this. And really how addictive is this song?! I love it.

Garrett Hedlund; Chances Are

I HAVE YET TO SEE COUNTRY STRONG, believe me, I'm seething over this and though I'm still in love with Give in to me, Garrett's solo number also gives me shivers. Like the comment on this YouTube video said: "Can I have a sex with your voice Garrett, please?" YES INDEED.

Bruno Mars; Just the way You Are

And because I'm awfully late to the Bruno Mars train, I'll have to thank Glee for introducing me to his awesomeness. he's supposedly visiting Manila this year but don't think I'll have the cash to spare. instead, I'll keep this song on repeat and secretly pine someone thinks this way of me someday.

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