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Maybe I had said something that was wrong; Can I make it better with the lights turned on?

I'll cross oceans[1 Down/51 To Go!]
[-] And just like that, the first week of the 2011 is over. Do I wish it were one filled with rainbows and sunshine? Of course. Unfortunately, it started off with not so great times at work. But the good part? Knowing I'll sort of survive this. Yeah, let's turn this into a good thing. Right?

[+] HOW SWEET IS mellowdee, I innocently comment on her entry asking which of the customized userheads we liked best and SHE GIVES ME THE PAPER BAG ONE. GIRL, you are too much. I'm not deserving. *NOTE: in the event, I ask you guys what your favorite is of anything, it doesn't mean I'm giving it to you. I'm not as awesome as Melody, obviously.

[+] And for more sweetness, i got beeeeej and noted's holiday cards! I hope mine got to you safely as well -- or that it just gets to you at all.

[+] Here's to a more positive 2nd week of the year up ahead. Let's try rocking those resolutions!

Back to work after my Christmas break and it's not as eventful as I thought it would be. Hallelujah! I really wasn't in the mood to work at all so it's a good thing, the place was kind of chill. After work, I was even able to get to dinner with my family at Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma and the FOOD IS AMAZING. I like Thai food but that place made me love it. I got home and caught Easy A with the siblings. Not such a bad way to start the week.

Right before bed, my brother checks the UPCAT results and we find out he got into the university my sister, second brother and I all attended. This is such a proud moment for me. My third brother is such a good, smart and awesome kid and it makes me so happy he got in. Now if only he'd actually like to go our college. It's not really the money factor that I'm even considering; it's the environment and culture. My university was a WHOLE NEW WORLD from the private high schools we got used to and it did us well -- or so I think. Anyway, it's up to him.

Just when I thought today was going to be awesome, my major work booboo that I was in denial over, manifests itself in a major way. For the first time in my three month stay at work (today marks my third month), I actually see my boss sound disappointed in me. I hate looking incompetent and today, not only do I look incompetent, I actually am. This sucks. Thank goodness my boss is too nice to me. Now I'll need everyone's help in crossing their fingers and praying that my mistake doesn't reach the powers that be in our company. I don't my boss to get in trouble because of something I did.

And because there's more where that came from, I committed another booboo, though this one unintentional and not as harmful. Still, I feel like things just can't go right today. With my sister leaving for Singapore and all this brouhaha, I'm exhausted already. And it's only Tuesday. Thank goodness for getting picked up and dinner with my parents. Free rides and food always make me feel better.

There really is sunshine after the sort of rain. Though today was a uber-busy day, I really liked having my mind filled with all these tasks that I had to do, just because a) it kept my mind from wallowing in my mistakes; b) it reaffirmed within myself that I could do some things right and hope the higher ups see that. Also, i'm just glad it's the mid-week. Somehow, once Wednesdays are done, things can go smoothly after. Or so I hope.

And though I stayed a little later than usual in the office, this day has been so incredibly good, nothing can get my mood down. When I get into the train, it's jampacked but one stop later, I get to sit down. Definitely a good way to go home. Caught the return of Pretty Little Liars before going to bed and for some reason, I'm not as charmed as I was when it first came out. But hey, positive thoughts it'll get better right?

As much as I'd just like to forget about my latest work mistake, it seems to be a cloud hovering above me. I'm going to try my best to just keep doing better to show that I can move past it and hopefully I won't have to revisit this mistake. Let's all cross our fingers for me please? Other than that, the only other Twilight fangirl in the office is now my seatmate. Oh boy, fun times up ahead.

Before going home, we had some cake that one of our officemates got. We're all excited to eat the cake, when we try chopping through it, it's made of cardboard. We thought it was some sick joke only to find out that there was A BOX for a brand new phone inside the cake! I've never seen this done, and the cake wasn't so good but I suppose they were counting on the shock factor. Sneaky folks they are.

Raise your hand if you're glad it's Friday. I sure am. This has been a pretty rough week on the over-all and I'm just glad that I finally get to rest for a bit. Today was especially long, trying to reach deadlines and hoping things go well. Today, I woke up late and didn't get to ride with my dad to work but it's all good. I definitely needed that bit of extra rest.

It's funny cause right up until I'm about to go home, I'm swamped with work and i literally put off making something I need for Monday just because I just want this week to be over. When I get home, I see that none of my younger siblings are home. They have social lives! I love it. Meanwhile, I'm at home, trying to catch up with my reading and failing dreadfully thanks to my constant exhaustion. Got to love my grandma-attitude.

You know what's fun? Sleeping in. I've been waking up extra extra early this first week at work (perhaps because it's the New year) and I'm still in the mood to get to work early. So sleeping in past lunch time on a Saturday? I'd say it's justifiable. Or so I tell myself. And because I didn't get to spend my morning awake, I tried my darndest not to fall asleep in the afternoon.

Riveting activities, I tell you. It's hard not to fall asleep either while reading Anna Karenin. Not that it's a boring book at all. But with 853 pages, I'm pretty much daunted by the task and so I'm taking it slow with a mere 31 pages a day (for a total of 28 days if I keep up) and today, I caught up on my quota. I couldn't resist re-watching Inception with my dad though. That movie still messes with my mind each and every time.

As part of my 'let's get better at fitness' resolution for 2011, I forced myself onto the treadmill yesterday and hope to do so again today. It was such a joke, walking on it (not even running which is really pathetic of me) but I figured as long as I'm at least putting my rubber shoes on, it's not such a failure.

And in case it wasn't noticeable, I've ditched taking my photo every day. I mostly did that for my Dailybooth last year, but since the demise of my laptop (and therefore the webcam), it's been such a chore taking the photo every morning (or at night if I forget) and though it helped me not repeat clothes too often, it's just not worth the effort. So that's one avenue of vanity down the drain.
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