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Awards Show Fever: People's Choice Awards 2011

Coordinated much?[Everglow Media]
And it's that time of the year, when the red blue carpets start rolling out and envelopes are opened mobile phones tell you who the winner is. Though I'm not one to follow the People's Choice Awards at all, ABC obviously made the wise choice of nominated the Rob and Kristen, which automatically makes me (and I'm sure a bazillion other folks pay attention).

Thank goodness for the internet. I didn't have to sit through the actual show and suffer, as it apparently had a lot of more awkward moments. Instead, I get to enjoy the pretty sans the cringing. Well, that's one good thing at least.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
Well I guess their trip from Louisiana was pretty worth it. The trio won both 'favorite on-screen team' as well as 'favorite drama movie' and though I agree with the former, the latter, not so. It had pretty stiff competition. But hey, the people have spoken.

And of course they had to drop the BD word, not like fans weren't yelling enough. Nice tease on Kristen's part of her being a 'vampire in Louisiana' that morning. So I guess they're shooting the post-transformation scenes already. So that means, they're already shooting Part 2 since Part 1 consists of everything up to the transformation. WHY ARE THERE TWO PARTS AGAIN?

That entire paragraph was a sorry excuse to post these photos. They were just really cute and I had a hard time narrowing it down to six. So believe me, there's a lot more cuteness where that came from. Not a bad way to have their first appearance of 2011. Here's to more?

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
Though I won't say I'm happy that Rob didn't win the 'favorite actor' award (I mean, who wouldn't want him to go on stage and make a cute speech right?), I have a feeling, Rob didn't mind not winning at all.

And though I don't quite like the jacket he's wearing, or how tired he looks, or just how dark his hair is (I really do miss the bronze hints), I'm just happy to see Rob out and about. Even if only for a few minutes. But hey, with Bel Ami and Water for Elephants coming out, it looks like I won't be waiting too long.

Photos courtesy of Everglow Media
How cute was this girl? Once again sticking to her unifor of sparkly minidress, girl works her assets (look at those legs) in a stunning gold sequined Reem Acra Spring 2011 dress and black Jimmy Choo peep-toes. But what I love most about her was how she glowed onstage. From the hair to the make-up, Kristen was just so pretty. The Bella look really suits her so well.

And hey, not as awkward as before? Yes, still a little bit but it's all part of the charm. Of course, her speech would be remiss if there weren't any reaction shots to Rob in the audience. I'm sure the technical director was yelling to skip switching shots between the two of them. Oh Hollywood.

Photos courtesy of Adoring Natalie Portman
The newly engaged and pregnant Natalie (I love how she'll be introduced with these two adjectives for quite some time) also was at the awards show (with all her movies coming up and the backlash for Black Swan, girl needs to be actively promoting herself) presenting with No Strings Attached co-star, Ashton Kutcher. On a side note, Ashton, please don't let yourself go. You were cute before, right?

But back to Natalie. I was wondering what kinds of dresses she'd be wearing now that she's on the family way and though I'm still standing by my Rodarte predictions for the Oscars, I don't mind that she's in this really elegant violet 60s style loose fitting Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2011 dress with teal ruffled tiers and black trims. She looked really understated but fitting for the event. So very Natalie.

Photos courtesy of
Never one to go the usual route, Leighton opted not to go the sparkly route and instead went with a pretty Vionnet Spring 2011 grey ensemble with a floral embroidered print with lavender Brian Atwood ‘Elle’ heels. Leighton really does march to her own drum and it's always so refreshing to see what she's wearing.

Leighton and 'twin' Minka Kelly were onhand to present and of course to promote their upcoming movie, The Roommate that doesn't quite have the Oscar potential, but has two pretty hot girls in it. I feel this will still sell, obviously. I used to confuse these two but now seeing them next to each other, shows how different they are -- and still both so gorgeous.

Photos courtesy of
And for Zac's first solo appearance on the red carpet since his break-up with long-time sweetheart, Vanessa Hudgens, we not only see Zac winning the 'favorite star under 25' (and effectively stealing it from Rob, Kristen, his ex Vanessa and Emma Watson), but also cozying up to the various ladies at the event.

I'm still not a fan of the buzz cut and the added weight (he looks quite different) but I'm sure it'll all be worth it when we finally get to see his film The Lucky One that he's currently shooting. And Zac + Suit is always a good combination anyway.

Photos courtesy of Just Jared
No one can rock candy colors better than Katy Perry can and she's not even underage. Seeing this magenta and turquoise Betsey Johnson ball-gown on one of the tween stars would have been so cliche, but on Katy, it works so well. And because Katy's taken up the quota for all the colors that night, it seems like everyone else I liked was in black.

My birthday-sake, Jennifer Aniston was in a sexy Dolce & Gabbana ensemble which included a black vest and black pants, totally rocking the no t-shirt inside cause I have a rocking body anyway look. Emma Roberts would have looked cuter in the purple version of this black ruffled Christian dior mini-dress, I don't blame her. That version's pretty damn beautiful as well. I love her shoes!

And because the girls of Nikita were in attendance, we get both Maggie Q and possible-Katniss, Lyndsey Fonseca in black. Shout out to Shane West who still gets me giddy ten thousand years after A Walk to Remember. Maggie was surprisingly covered up in her Herve Leger Fall 2010 dress while Lyndsey opted for a more princess-y dress. Hey, she got Shane on her arm -- that's prince charming. Who were your favorites at the People's Choice? I'm sure I missed a ton, so tell me who you liked.

Though I didn't expect anything to come out of this awards show, it was a pretty good start, celebrity turn-out wise. I guess they don't want to upset the fans, not when they'll need them to flock to the cinemas this year to support more films. Oh the vicious circle of Hollywood. Until the next 'awards' show!

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