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TV Time: Hanna Spills the Beans; Emily Lets it Out

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Finally, after quite the hiatus, my favorite summer guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars is back and it's dropping bombs left and right. Though I don't know how long they can carry on this A-masquerade, at least we see some progression on 'figuring out' who exactly A is. Honestly, I'm just prepared to be letdown by the reveal, but who knows, perhaps I'll be pleasantly surprised -- you know, trying to stay positive in 2011 and all?

Pretty Little Liars 01x12: Moments Later

Photos courtesy of lastsongs @ rawr-caps
Other than the obvious, 'I'm-glad-Hanna's-alive' spiel I'm supposed to say (I mean really, this character has grown on me and killing her would literally make me quit this show), I was pleased to see a Hanna-centric episode. What with her getting her leg broken and her mom stealing all that money, and boy troubles (oh and the person who tried to run her over), this kid has a lot going on in her life.

I'm worried for her cause first off all, obviously 'A' was able to sneak into her room and write on her cast. Second, her mom is SO gonna get caught and will be taken away. so does that mean Hanna will have to live with her dad? Third, I'm gonna miss Lucas just because he was adorable, but I'm glad she told him straight. I wish she would have liked him though. And finally, will Police-boyfriend-from-Popular figure out who tried running her over? Or is he so prejudiced, he won't bother helping them out? Just saying.

Meanwhile in Spencer-ville, we get the suddenly converted to niceness, Nanny!Carrie. WHEN DID SPENCER'S SISTER BECOME NICE?! I was scared she was going to stab Spencer in the back when they hugged, for real. And can I just say that Wren >>> Ian?! Ian's not even remotely hot. Which is perfect since Nanny!Carrie's married Ian. (Also, who wears A WHITE WEDDING GOWN TO ELOPE?!) This means Wrenn is fresh for the picking and I am begging Spencer to take him. he was hot.

So I guess we'll have to wait a few more episodes before we see Aria's parent-troubles and instead we first see Aria/Ezra drama. I don't blame her really, for being so flippant about it. She's in high sschool, isn't she supposed to be frolicking among the flowers with the hot teacher? Unfortunately for her, it's not the case. So instead we see her sort of ex-guy seeing her with their teacher and writing 'I See You' on the car. I really didn't see this coming -- that Noel would be part of this shiz, but I guess that's the way teen mystery dramas

And I have to give it to the casting director casting two of the more realistic looking parents for Emily. If they did procreate, I feel it would look like Emily. At least girl finally came out of the closet. And though mom seems to be vocal about this coming out party, dad seems to be a tad more supportive, though not pleased. I wonder what will happen to Toby though and if this lesbian confession is forever or just 'a phase' liek what her dad says.

To sum it up, though it wasn't the strongest of all comebacks, it's something to watch while all my other shows are still on hiatus. It won't hurt if you get better though, show!
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