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Page Turner: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

MOVIE PLEASE [Goodreads]
This is probably one of the few books wherein I watched the movies first (the Swedish versions, that is) and then proceeded to read the books (in time for the American version). And though I was a little overwhelmed by the number of pages (544 to start off the year), I surprised myself with how easy it was to read (three days tops -- with lots of distractions in between).

And though I'm not quite the technological genius Lisbeth Salander is, I somehow understood the techy-ish plot points that Stieg Larsson presented and had to stop myself from moving on to the next book right away. Yes, that good.

Because i watched the movie first, I couldn't help but compare the original text with how it was adapted into a movie and I have to say, it wasn't a bad adaptation at all. Though there was considerably less sexing on Mika's part (I didn't think he slept with Lisbeth more than the one time they showed in the film, but hey! they do!) and a lot less side story with the Vanger clan, but still a good compression.

I did appreciate that we get sooooo much more in the books -- things I didn't think I'd enjoy, but really did. Lisbeth Salander's rape in the movie is just as painful and horrible in the books and I still internally applauded when she tattooed Bjurman's chest. Seriously, Bjurman is an asshole and I'm scared to read how he gets her into more trouble in the next two books.

Lisbeth is just one bad-ass girl. I'm totally excited to see how Rooney Mara plays her just because it's such a complex character and Noomi Rapace did it so well. I loved reading her voice and her thoughts just because she really is so different from everyone else. I can't call her apathetic, cause she does care and I love the way Mika got under her skin so fast even she was confused about how he could do that. Up to the end, when she got him the gift and saw him walking out with Erica, I really felt bad for her. Don't think you're not desirable, Lisbeth. Mika's really just a ladies man.

And Mika, my goodness. I knew you were a fox in the movies, but the books really make you out to be a serial womanizer and I like it. I also liked that he admitted he wasn't a good father to his daughter (insert gasp look here -- I was shocked, though I shouldn't have been). The guy is honest, if nothing else. Also, I really really loved how 'open' his relationship was with Erica. It certainly didn't seem that way in the movies -- what with her being married and having this on/off affair with Mika. I hope David Fincher brings this to the movie because Robin Wright Penn and Daniel Craig getting it on, does not seem like a bad direction to go in.

I also appreciate the entire Erik Wennerstrom storyline. I love how Mika got to stick it in their balls in the end. The vindication was definitely awesome and victory was sweet. It was the catalyst of the entire story and though the movie didn't really dwell on this much, I liked how we saw it in the start and saw it fulfilled in the end.

I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed reading about Armansky. It's always nice to see folks who are nice to Lisbeth and I laughed when they said that he too thought of Lisbeth inappropriately at one point in his life. I shouldn't be surprised. It seems everyone has a sort of thing for Lisbeth.

But onto the main plot: The Vanger mystery was so well-written that if I didn't see the movie, I probably wouldn't have seen it coming. Still, I'm glad I knew it was Martin and his father, Gottfried responsible, or I would have been too confused with all the details to understand what was going on. And really, I'm still sickened over the entire ritual thing. Poor poor Harriett. I felt so bad for her in the movies and moreso in the books.

Speaking of Harriett (now known as Anita), I'm so happy we saw more of her after she met up with Hernik. It's awesome to know that she was able to really help her grandpa out and something tells me her Australian/Swedish son was hot. I could just feel it.

Needless to say, it was such a head trip as they tried figuring out all the details and I really felt like it was a good thing I watched the movie first, so I was able to visualize things (something I wouldn't have done due to my lack of imagination) as I went along. Bottom line: David Fincher's got his job cut out for him. I trust his directorial talents will make this one awesome, if he doesn't water down the original text. I'm all for an R rating on this one.

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