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Tell by my attitude[52 Down/0 Left!]
[+] And we officially say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011. Fast time is fast and I swear before we know I'll be saying goodbye to 2011 as well. We really should stop blinking. Time is going by so quickly.

[+] Other than saying goodbye to the year, I also had to say goodbye to my brother who went back to Singapore (again) and to my vacation (it was AWESOME). Let's hope the brother and my vacation come back soon.

[-] I probably ate my weight in Christmas ham and all the holiday food so here's to at least trying to do something physical in the next few weeks and hopefully the whole year to keep it off. I don't want to go to work yet, but there's no choice.

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Lazy days are lazy and the last day of my official long weekend was pretty good. We were supposed to go to Greenhills since my sister reserved a dress that was available tehre but it was sooooo jampacked with people we couldn't find any parking. We ended up just eating burgers at Charlies (super good food). I'm surprised we even had enough space for the feast my sisters and brother prepared for dinner. My older sister invited her boyfriend over and we all had pasta care of jamypye and handmade pizza care of Paola and Pio. Good times.
Like there was any question. I didn't go to work today just because I had already asked permission to take the next three days off. I don't have paid vacations yet but I really could care less about that especially since I already got the go signal. I told myself I would actually pop in work this morning so I could at least empty my inbox, but obviously that wasn't happening. beeeeej knows me too well. And today, I woke up really late and just chilled reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and napping every chance I got. This is the life.
We FINALLY MADE IT to Enchanted Kingdom. After multiple attempts at trying to go to my favorite (and only) theme park in Manila, we prepared better this year (buying tickets in advanced to ditch the long lines) and left a tad earlier than our usual lateness. Still, my brother got sick and couldn't come; it rained a little (WE DIDN'T CARE!!!); and the lines in the actual rides were long. But my little sister and I were too happy to care. There's an odd fascination for me with this theme park (no matter how old I get). I'm just happy I got to go this year.
I did not get out of my pajamas today. I literally didn't. I spent all day either watching Sherlock (for like the 2319083th time this year) with my brother -- he was skeptical at first but I knew Sherlock would draw him in and it did; reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (it is a surprisingly easy read -- I have like halfway to go); or eating my weight in leftovers. I don't miss work at all, though I'll have to face the music once the weekend is over and I'll also have to say goodbye to my siblings. I'm not looking forward to that at all. But for now, good times.
The last day of the year and it was spent with family. My relatives came over for lunch and it was nice to have everyone together again. Other than the awesome food, we played lots and lots of Contact. I swear, that game has gotten very very addicting. After the lunch (which of course ended practically dinner time), we attended the NYE mass and then stayed up for the countdown to 2011. We then greeted the new year with awesome food and my first film for 2011, The Kids are Alright, which I really did enjoy. Good way to end the year, really.
Happy 2011. HOW UNREAL IS IT THAT IT'S ALREADY the new year?! I woke up quite late, almost lunch time -- and I hope this isn't an omen to the new year. I'll need to get up early pretty soon. As happy as I am that it's the New year, I also had to say goodbye to my brother again. I should be used to this. He's gone back to Singapore more times than I can count but I always get a little sad when he goes. No tears, just a little melancholy. Perhaps because he always gets so busy, we barely get to talk when he's away. Oh well, I'll feel better soon.
On my last day of vacation, we decide to go out with the family and so we dropped by the new-ish hospital where my dad now works. I know, what's so exciting about a hospital but it's so obscenely swanky there, that it looks like a hotel that happens to have doctors in it. I hope I never have to be confined there cause it costs crazy expensive. After the hospital excursion, we ended up in High Street and I'm proud to say I resisted buying books. I'm not proud to say I couldn't refuse the doughnuts though. I swear my defenses are weak.
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