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Radness on the Rise in 2011*

It seriously feels like yesterday that I was writing out my 'resolutions' for 2010 (and come to think of it, it pretty much mirrors 2009 and 2008). I'm proud to say that I sort of was able to accomplish them, though not completely, but at least partially right? If I were to listen to the New Year's Resolution Generator, I should be doing this. Cheesy I know, so instead I've listed some other things I hope I get to do this year.
  • Run/Walk at least twice a week
    Last year, I wanted to wear a bikini in public and yeah, I sort of did (it was with family only), but it didn't mean I felt good about my body. And this year, I want to feel good about it, so I should DO something about it. Walking/running isn't too bad and twice a week is pretty okay, so I should push myself to really do this.

  • Reach/exceed the 2012 Travel Budget
    I'm not sure if I've ever written about it (perhaps cause I didn't want to jinx anything), but I really do want to visit London next year for the Olympics and because tickets go on sale in the spring this year, I really need to reach my budgeted goal. I'm pretty good with saving in general, but there are those times I get to spend and feel guilty, so I should budget better because next year's travel plans will require LOTS OF spending and I don't want to feel guilty about splurging.

  • Feel good about my work
    I'm not expecting a raise or a promotion anytime soon as I just started my new job, but I would like to stick around this job and actually get better at it. I don't want to feel like a failure at my job, nor do I want to feel incompetent so i'm going to try to focus more on it and really give it my all. I need to concentrate more and just really be on the ball.

  • Be more patient
    As much as I hate my dad's short fuse, it's scary to realize I'm equally impatient as well in other aspects of my life. This year, I hope to be less quick to judge and more understanding and patient especially with my dad but with others as well. I should learn to be patient with myself too. As they say, patience is a virtue.
I know it all is up to me whether I fulfill these or not, so wish my luck and hopefully, I'll be able to at least say I got to do one of these this year. Happy New year everyone! Here's to positivity in 2011!

* title taken from Marc Johns's awesome outlook for 2011 post.
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