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So Long 2010

Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.
-- Never Let Me Go

because there is life beyond Rob and Kristen

As much as I still adore the Twilight duo and their respective forays into solo movies (Remember Me and The Runaways); I also fell in love with more pretty people this year. And really, the more, the merrier right?

Thank goodness for British and cable television

Though I still have my staple CW not-so guilty pleasures, it's good to venture out past the tween-targeted shows. Could I be growing up? NO, of course not.

pretty people on the BIG screen? yes please

Other than watching for the sake of completing my 100 movies, going to the movies this year was extra enjoyable thanks to all the new pretty people I've been crushing over. Look at me moving past the rom-coms. Sort of.

trying and failing to leave YA lit behind

I reached my 25 book quota earlier than expected and for some reason, didn't bother to go over the limit. Still, I read some pretty interesting books this year and hope to expand the genres I'll be reading. Less YA, more of everything else? Right.

can't help these pop-tastic ways of mine

I wouldn't have survived my first year of employment without my iTunes having these on repeat. Though I still miss them boybands, it's nice to graduate to just 'bands' now. You'll still catch me bobbing to pop though.

Me. Yes. Me.
Fifty-Two Weekends of ups and downs and in betweens

January Started the year with my aunt and uncle hanging around past the holidays and thank goodness my job wasn't too hectic to let me hang around them some. This meant endless mah-jong sessions and lots of laughs.

I turned twenty-three in February and felt the effects of my 'aging' with a swollen foot that came out of nowhere. That didn't stop me from running a 5K with my brother though. Didn't say I finished on time though.

After being regularized at my job in March, I had to say goodbye to my sister who was leaving to work in Singapore. As sad as it is to be the only one of the older 3 left, I did have fun with the younger 3 at Justin Timberlake's concert in Manila. Small set, loads of fun.

For some reason my body went crazier in April with all my psychogenic dyspnea that the doctors said was nothing. It literally was all in my head because of anxiety at work. It's a good thing my siblings were on vacation, perhaps seeing them relaxed, got me a tad less anxious too.

May brought the extreme heat (and the elections!) but it also brought lots of time with friends (both high school and college!) and even a family vacation with everyone (Baguio for the 23rd+ time in my life)!!!. Good times all around.

Because I got silly (and smart) in June, I finally migrated to GMail (and have not looked back ever since), caught a variety show live (perk of the job?), got my first 'cover story' and of course, how could one forget... FINALLY SAW ECLIPSE.

Things got a little crazy in July at work thanks to the big event we had to plan but it all turned out good. I took my first sick leaves from work due tot he exhaustion too. It's a good thing because I'd need to stock up on energy since both my aunt and uncle came home AGAIN!

I hate that August started with a no internet zone in our house. It's always a stress when this happens. The time off gave me time to re-read The Hunger Games too just in time for the Mockingjay release (one day late)! Of course, a bad thing had to happen: RIP LAPTOP. I miss you still.

I celebrated my one year of employment in September, which is funny considering I cemented my decision in moving to a new job the next day. Hard decisions are hard but they had to be done. Best part of it all? Sinagpore vacation before starting my new job. Hurt the bank account, but fabulous nevertheless.

Because October was being nice to me, we started it off with John Mayer LIVE. BEST CONCERT EVER. I also had a pretty good first week at my new job and even ran walked my second run of the year. The downsides? My Moto mobile phone dying on me and having to restore my iPod. Thank god for back-up.

November brought my sister home AGAIN -- she's making it hard to miss her with all these visits, though I'm not complaining. I also joined the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge and loved every single day. I also felt a little nostalgic as I watched HP7 (the first half). Bye bye childhood.

Finally, December brought home my siblings for the holidays and got me to be all sociable attending all these holiday fetes. Look at me ending the year on a more sociable note. This is history folks, this never happens.

And that concludes 2010. Though I'm sure this is nowhere near comprehensive, I tried my best given the lack of sleep December always brings. Thanks for coming on this wild ride with me. You all mean more to me than you think. See you all in 2011.

2011 LJ Scrapbook | 100 Movies, 25 Books, 10 TV Shows
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