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Me. Yes. Me. v2.0

Hi, my name is Patty and to sum it all up, I'm a working girl by day but a fangirl 24/7.
But of course, I can't just leave it at that. As you can probably tell, I like to ramble. By day, I work in the digital department of a publishing company. I love the digital sphere despite graduating from a mainstream media course. Still, I feel like this allows me to appreciate how both are different and yet how they totally complement each other. I'm in my second job (though similar in scope) and hope I get to stick around in this one despite my feelings of incompetence at it most of the time.
I come from a relatively close (by my standards) and relatively large family (nowhere near the Duggars) and I talk about them quite a bit. I also include the extended family here whom I see quite often. I do have close friends from high school who I still talk to when they're not too busy studying in med school and have a nice set of college friends who I do get to see when they manage to get me out of my lethargic stupor.
Occasionally, you will read about me going out. And by occasionally, I mean rarely, as it takes a lot of effort for me to be sociable. I feel coming from a family of six, I do enough socializing on a daily basis so I would much rather be anti-social and spend my time reading books, watching tv shows or movies, listening to music, surfing the net (OBVIOUSLY) or if the mood strikes, crocheting a scarf. I added that last bit to make me seem well-rounded though I am not. But I do really crochet. I would have included sports and other physical activities but that would have just been a lie. I don't like lies. Or pretense.
What I do like are using parentheses (), semi-colons (;), long dashes (--), exclamation points (!!!) and ALL CAPS of course.

I started this blog back in 2003 (on Blurty -- cause LJ was being a bitch and wouldn't allow membership unless you had someone give you a code) and though it started off as mostly ramblings about my daily life, it quickly evolved into me doing what I do best (or so I think I do best): FANGIRLING.
I will fangirl about almost anything. Celebrities, TV shows, movies, books, and music. Once a week though, I write about what happened to me in the past week and those usually are monotonous just because nothing interesting ever really happens to me, thus the fangirling.
This LJ does get spammy (in a good way, I hope) and because I'm on LJ, I do have an flist that I love to pieces. So apologies in advanced to the constant influx of my entries on the flist page. I can't help myself. It's a compulsion to update. This compulsion though is pretty damn planned out in a sense. I do schedule entries and content just because I'm anal like that.

Celebrities (in alphabetical order cause I couldn't rank them, or I could but that would just be playing favorites) Amanda Seyfried, Andrew Garfield, Anna Kendrick, Anne Hathaway, Ashley Green, Camilla Belle, Carey Mulligan, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz, Dakota Fanning, Eddie Redmayne, Ellen Page, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Garrett Hedlund, Gong Yoo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Bell, Jennifer Garner, Jim Sturgess, Jon Hamm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew Goode, Natalie Portman, Prince Harry, Rachel Bilson, Rachel McAdams, Robert Pattinson, Rooney Mara, Ryan Reynolds, Shia LaBeouf, Xavier Samuel, Yoon Eun Hye, Zac Efron, Zooey Deschanel

TV Shows: 90210, Alias, American Idol, Bones, Chuck, Dawson's Creek, Doctor Who, Glee, Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Merlin, Misfits, Nikita, The O.C., Pretty Little Liars, Pushing Daisies, Sherlock, Skins, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead

Movies: 13 Going on 30, 10 Things I Hate About You, Sweet Home Alabama, High School Musical, The Twilight Saga, Notting Hill, My Best Friend's Wedding, Clueless, The Proposal, The Time Traveler's Wife, Inception, The Social Network, Harry Potter, Never Let Me Go

Books: Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Mansfield Park), The Jessica Darling Series (Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds, Fourth Comings, Perfect Fifths), The Time Traveler's Wife, Water for Elephants, Never Let Me Go, The Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga

Music: John Mayer, Maroon 5, Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Sondre Lerche, Taylor Swift, Jack Johnson, The National, Tyler Hilton, The Corrs, Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine, Kings of Leon, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt

I wouldn't consider this a policy since there are always exceptions but here are a few things I suppose:
  1. It's a public LJ, meaning 99% of the entries are public. You aren't missing anything.
  2. If you do feel like adding me up, here are some things to be aware of:
    • Please be open to spam. I update quite often, if this bothers you, you've been warned
    • Please be interested in things. I fangirl a lot. I would feel bad if you hated the folks I fangirled about
    • Please make an effort. I love my flist and keep a medium sized one but I can be proud in saying I do try my best to get to know everyone on it. I don't expect massive comments in each entry, it's not that. I just want to know the folks I follow.
    • Please be born in the 80s. I know mature kids, believe me, I felt I was one, but I'm at a point in my life where I wanna read about work woes or unemployment troubles rather than other pressing issues.
  3. Having said that, anyone is free to 'add me up' or 'friend me;' if you want to be added back though, just ask. I try keeping a smaller flist, so if I say no, don't feel bad, eventually, I'll come around.
  4. Also, feel free to defriend me anytime, I won't take it personally. Though if we've been friends for quite a bit and actually have a relationship, it never hurt to let me know why you're removing me. It just feels like a nice thing to do, yes?
But really, if you read all of that and are still here, congratulations. You deserve a pat on the back. For real. Thanks for dropping by and hope to hear from you guys! Enjoy the LJ as much as I enjoy updating!
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