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Trailer Tuesday: Twenty-Ten in Film; Rob Brings Water for Elephants; Twenty-Eleven's Looking Good

2010 has been a pretty good year of film and for my last Trailer Tuesday, I thought I'd include this awesome retrospective by the NOW FAMOUS genrocks (COME BACK TO LJ WOMAN) along with the films I'm excited to see next year. But really, I was going to post this filmography 2010 a while back and NEVER REALIZED it was Gen who made it. I feel so proud by association. But really, awesome year in film.

Filmography 2010

Thirty-Eight out of the 270 films featured, and I still have a bunch that I want to see but I haven't. Excellent editing. Kudos, Gen. You make me proud!!!

Water for Elephants

Obviously one of the movies I'm really excited to see next year has Rob in it. I love how my poor imagination will now be aided with the movie. I loved the book, so I hope the movie is just as good.

Source Code

I do not know what this is based on but it looks pretty damn cool. Plus it's got Jake in it, so one can never complain. This just means we get to see Jake quite a bit next year.

No Strings Attached

As similar as it feels to the other 'friends-having-sex' movie Friends with Benefits, I'm actually really excited for this one just because it has the newly engaged and preggers Natalie Portman in it WITH ASHTON KUTCHER... in a ROMANTIC COMEDY. Three things I never thought I'd see in the same sentence.

The Other Woman

It's funny how Natalie's movies seem like other movies coming out and this one sort of reminds me of Rabbit Hole with her losing her child and recovering from it and all. It's interesting to see Natalie play the 'villain' of sorts to Lisa Kudrow's first wife. And look, Natalie got a baby in this one.

Your Highness

And even more Natalie in 2011 with this crazy ass flick with James Franco AND Zooey Deschanel. Seriously. Could it be any more awesome than that?


And because good things always come in threes, we get ONE more Natalie movie, of pretty epic proportions. My dad loves Thor so I'm sure he's pretty excited about this. I just hope it's good enough we get a sequel (with more Natalie)

The Eagle

Let me preface this by saying I'm only watching this for Jamie Bell's appearance in it (TOPLESS at that!). I hope Channing pulls off this Roman soldier vibe because he really sounds like he did in every other movie I've seen him. I kid, Channing.

Jane Eyre

For even more Jamie Bell, or rather for even less Jamie Bell, but still him, we have the Bronte sister masterpiece, Jane Eyre. I just read it this year and am quite excited to see Mia Wasakowski take on this role. Though I have to say, I'm more excited to see her in the other movie I've included later on. Still, Jamie + period pieces? I like.

Sucker Punch

As excited as I am to see all these hot girls gallivant with swords and guns, you know I'm really excited to see Jon Hamm. So Zack Snyder, would you please include some Hamm in the next trailer? You know you've got the boys in the theaters already, come get the girls in too?

The Green Hornet

I used to watch this show as a kid with Bruce Lee and all and now that it's being remade, I'm pretty psyched. Though I wasn't sure how they'd fit Seth Rogen in the role, it seems like it's working out okay for him. The real reason I want to see this? CHRISTOPH FUCKING WALTZ. That's right, go be your bad self, hot older man.

Green Lantern

In more things green, we have Ryan Reynolds in the green suit and some covered up Blake Lively as well. I'm still sad over the Ryan/ScarJo divorce, so hopefully Ryan in a green suit cheers me up.

From Prada to Nada

As cheesy as the title is, I'm just really happy to see Camilla in something! And though I doubt this is going to break any records, and I'm sure it'll get bad reviews, I'm just excited to see her pretty face on the big screen again.

Red Riding Hood

Though totally unlike any Red-Riding-Hood stories I was ever told, this one's got Amanda Seyfried in it, so I'm obviously there. Sure, it's by Catherine Hardwicke but the fact that there is the word RED in the title just means it can't be all blue.


I love cute stories and though this one looks heavy, it's got cuteness written all over it. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for a cry fest, but how can one resist a plot wherein the boy crashes funerals and the girls about to die?! I'm morbid, I know. But I like it. A lot.

Friends With Benefits

And because them Black Swan girls love these sex-without-obligations-movies, we get Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in their own version of it. This time, we get some Emma Stone thrown in as well -- though I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the trailer too. You know I'm all over these movies now.

Cowboys and Aliens

Things Jon Favreau direct, I always enjoy, so this one should be pretty interesting considering all the buzz it got at Comic Con and hello, it has Daniel Craig AND Harrison Ford. Good times, I'm sure.


If it wasn't for Videogum, I wouldn't have known this movie but it looks damn interesting with Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett and the killer Saorsie Ronan. Hide your kids, this child's evillll, in the best way possible.
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