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Last Christmas[51 Down/1 To Go!]
[+] A huge MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!! As much as I love the gift giving/receiving, I just really enjoy the time with my family. Hope you all had great holidays with your loved ones.

[+] Thanks so much to 130587, round and its_elaine!!! I got your holiday cards on Christmas day!!! You girls are too sweet.

[+] Also sweet? All those people who gave wonderful love secrets over at lion_lamb's Holiday Love Post. It's really sweet to be remembered so thank you so much!

[+] It would be great to get some messages, so if you guys have time to drop me a note, I'd appreciate it much.


Let's enjoy the last week of the year! Here's to living it up one last time in 2010!!!

HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY BE MONDAY ONLY!? I swear I can't believe I'm still going to work but hey, that's how it goes. It's a good thing lots of non-work-y things happened like giving out my Christmas presents to officemates in the morning; our goodbye party for one of our artists that took up some time in the afternoon and my Christmas lunch with my ex-officemates, who i really did miss. If there's one thing I miss about my old job, it was the folks I bonded with. Then after work, I had dinner with my siblings. Sure I was exhausted by the time I got home, but it was worth it.
IT IS ONLY TUESDAY?! THERE ARE TWO MORE DAYS BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND?! Even if I was attending meetings and doing work today, the time seemed to go by so slow when usually time goes by mega fast at work. I suppose it's because my brain is elsewhere -- like say the Darren Criss mall appearance I missed or my siblings having fun at home without me. Oh well, adult-hood, I don't like you at all. You know what else I don't like? HOLIDAY TRAFFIC. After 45 minutes of inhaling EDSA pollution and SIX taxi rejections, i finally found a ride home. UGH.
Thank goodness I had nothing going on after work for this day. It seems like every day, something's happening (holiday parties and meet ups with old friends) and as happy as I am that it's the holidays, I'm also scared that I'm getting a little sick. My throat is scratchy and I haven't had a lot of sleep. Work was still in full swing and I actually had things to attend to that took up my entire day, but it was nice to look forward to doing nothing after work. Then my brother, little sister and I watched The Town and it was brilliant. I wish it were nominated for more things because it was just really A+
FINALLY THE LAST DAY OF WORK. it's hard to believe that I'm actually still going to work but it was a much chill-er day, despite the last minute things we had to deal with before the holidays. I was literally not myself today cause all I was thinking about was the dinner I would be having with my high school friends. So after spending 30 minutes in our last office get together, I headed to my friend's house where we did a marathon session of reading Tarot cards. I'm not a full on believer but it's pretty fun to do and it was hella spot on with my friends. As lazy as I was to meet up with them, like I always am, I'm glad I did.
Christmas eve is always what I consider as my Christmas. I woke up pretty late considering I hadn't got too much sleep this week and I knew I'd be having a longer night up ahead. And even with the naps in between, it was a pretty short 'day.' Then we were off to my grandma's house where we spend the eve and all we really did was gush over my new cousin. Alexa is now our 11th cousin and she's just adorable. So small and tiny (just two weeks old), it was weird to have a baby around again but definitely welcome. We ended pretty early, around 1:30am, when usually we'd be going on past two. We're such oldies.
We opened our gifts before going to bed and my sister always gives the best gifts. I was eyeing this really cute planner in Singapore and she got it for me for next year! Now I really have to be religious about writing in the diary. I miss writing in one actually. After waking up at lunch, my dad's brother and his family come and visit and it's always a blast when they're around cause my god mother is one crazy (in a good way) woman. It's always a non-stop laughtrip when she's around. We ended the day with some Black Swan. HELL YEAH. Natalie Portman needs some Oscars now people. It was just wow.
Days after Christmas feel fabulous. Just because there's no more obligation to interact with family and yet we still get the day off. I finally saw Never Let Me Go (my hundredth movie of the year) and loved it even if my siblings slept through it. Then we ended up going to the mall to spend our Christmas money but i really wasn't in the mood to shop. I also felt a little heavy and a tad fat and I should probably and SERIOUSLY do some exercise next year -- no more excuses (like i tell myself every other year). Still, long weekend is long and I'm glad I was able to sleep in every single day.
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