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TV Time: Misfits Puts A Spin on Every Christmas Cliche You Can Think Of

Trust Misfits to come up with quite the unconventional Christmas special. Where we get drama and revenge on Gossip Girl, humans being pulled by reindeer on 90210 and Grinches gone soft on Glee; Misfits pulls out all the stops by having a birth in the community center; some walking on water and Santas doing naughty things and buying and selling of powers. All in a days work for Misfits.

Misfits: Christmas Special

So let's start this off by saying that despite my religious beliefs, I can take a few jabs at it and this show does it so well. It wouldn't be Misfits if it didn't try to parody or desecrate or just be crazy so it's not like I wasn't expecting it. Needless to say, this episode was so immensely enjoyable, it puts all Christmas episodes to shame. I'm still waiting for the Doctor Who special though. I'm sure that will be AWESOMESAUCE too.

There still isn't enough Kelly. Though she's not one of the folks I love love love on this show, I'd still like to see more of her character. I love how she looked once she sold her powers and got all that money. Kelly cleans up real nice, though I'll admit I'm already attached to her non-money-ed look. Hopefully next season, we get more Kelly.

Though I was never really rooting for Curtis, I'll admit it made me sad to see Nikki die. And with Marnie giving birth to the baby and them getting new powers, I don't know how they'll bring her back -- if they even do. Poor Curtis, just when he though everything was going to be fine, he gets this bomb thrown on him. I hope they give him some happiness next season.

AND HOW CUTE ARE NATHAN AND THIS GIRL?! I love their meet-cute when they do their conversation that skips past all formalities and they just click. Girl is just weird enough and yet totally adorable and Nathan being so devoted to her so fast was a bit surprising but hey, it was said that he wanted someone so here we go! Leave it to Nathan to not think giving up his immortality through and then getting ripped off for it too. Classic stuff.

And poor Nikki getting hit by the bullet that was meant for Nathan. I screamed when Nathan yelled at the gunman telling him, "I'm immortal!" Dude, you aren't. Pipe down. Oh Nathan, you got to think things through. Still, I really liked the ending where Nathan ends up singing to the baby and everyone chimes along. This is Glee on crack and I love it. These kids need to get together to sing more often. I really wonder what power Nathan will get this time around. Immortality suited him well.

Though I didn't appreciate Alisha lying to Simon about what future!Simon said or did, you can get where she's coming from. She just wants to be in a normal relationship and really her power isn't much of a power but a curse, so I can't blame her for wanting to give it away to begin with. I'm glad you could see remorse in her eyes though when things started turning to shit. I really like where they're bringing Alisha.

Also, Jesus using Alisha's former power on her was just really gross but also really douche-y of him. Jesus making his point by saying God took away money and sex from him and so he was getting it back only for Nathan to say that's how the Church was now really made me laugh. Yes, the Church has a lot of issues and kudos to Misfits for not being afraid to say that out loud.

AND JUST HOW ADORABLE IS SIMON WHEN HE'S DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING?! When he was training or trying to be better at being SuperHoodie, to being angry at himself for not being as good as SuperHoodie at sex to vowing to kill Jesus after what he almost did to Alisha, I love the fierceness and the determination in Simon. You can tell he's turning into SuperHoodie slowly already.

Also, good for him that he got the new digs. I guess now we know how ended up there. Though I'm still not sure where this place came from to begin with. I'm also glad that Simon put up at least a small defense when he tried stopping the rest from giving up their powers. Simon really is the voice of reason even if his rationalizations are based on comic books. Hey, he makes sense right?!

And finally, behold the cuteness that is Simon.Alisha. I swear these kids get cuter every episode. I love how Alisha was trying to take care of Simon when he got his bruises and when she encouraged him to 'practice,' it's so nice to see her really just care for present!Simon, though Simon doubts this love. They're adorable. And though there are still trust issues to get through, I hope they work at being a couple more and just really hang in there. This was such a surprise coupling for me and yet I really really love it.

OBVIOUSLY THIS SEASON WINS AT LIFE. This season was such a great follow up, I cannot wait for season 3 to start next year. And all the questions, what will happen to Nikki?! What powers will they get this time around? I think it's really interesting to see them buy powers back, and different ones -- if ever, at that.
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