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Dream a little dream of you

I just have to say that I absolutely love Gela! This girl not only invites me to watch the UP-ADMU game with her, but also surprises me with courtside seats! I'm right next to the freaking court! I was thisclose to the players. Seriously. All I had to do was lean a little bit more and wham! I'm already on the basketball court.

I wanted to UP to continue their winning streak and they did, so I'm not complaining. I can't stop thanking Gels though because I totally did not expect that. It was obviously so fun to just hang out with her and her sister, Mel, and Kelly, a friend of Mel's. It was so weird because Gela and I were just teasing each other the entire time. She was for Ateneo and everyone else was for UP so I kind of felt bad for her. Still, it was a really good game.

It got even better because Tab was there. Yep. I didn't see him at first because I was so floored by the fact that we were seated courtside, but when I did see him... Well, we all know how that should have felt. He looks really good in white too. It accentuates the broadness of his shoulders. I can't believe I just typed that out and I don't even feel like pressing backspace either. He was there with a girl. Not like I could do much.

Apparently, he's dating someone too. Well, that just adds another obstacle I must hurdle as of the moment, it's already a high mountain I have to climb, and this piece of information made him even further from reality. Perhaps standing at the end of a hanging bridge. That far away. Still, I wasn't exactly constructing my plan of action when Gela introduced him to me.

He probably knows I like him now, because first of all, my back was already turned to him, ready to march to the bathroom, as Gela had originally told me, but obviously she had some hidden agenda and I couldn't just leave her there standing talking to him. So when I finally hear my name being said, I turn around really quickly and do a half wave and probably the lamest grin I've ever given. What's worse is, I totally blush!

I don't even blush. I'm too dark to blush, and yet at that moment, I did. I could feel the rush of blood to my cheeks. Totally embarrassing. What's worse is what if he doesn't remember me when we see each other again? So now, I'm planning on not smiling first. But what if he thinks I'm a snob?

Crap! These are the things I don't like thinking about. Especially not a few days before exams when I haven't done a single IW card. I was supposed to do them tonight, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead I'm currently fixing Iza and Dani's brand spanking new journal. They're so feminine and had specifically asked for pink. What am I doing? Instead of study for the exams, here I am again. I promise to study for these exams. I really do.

The CSDC exam is over. I didn't exactly love it. The presentation of the questions were just totally confusing and I was doubting myself the entire time. I know the concepts. I know the duties of a citizen. I know all about the flag, but I just don't know how to fill in analogies and do modified true or falses or three column matching types. Oh well, I tried the best I could. It's over. Now it's the waiting part that's going to kill me. This isn't some quiz that would take a few minutes to check.

Still, I am happy. I've got a smile on my face, and the memory of that courtside seat where I was seated. Sure, he's dating someone, but I can still dream. And right now, that's what I'm about to do.
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