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Garrett & Leighton Go Country; Jim Shows Us 'The Way Back;' Carey Dazzles in Dubai

Yeah Bad Manip, I know[Mr. Hedlund]
I'm not very good with Photoshop, obviously. As seen by my poor attempt at manipulating Leighton and Garrett to be next to each other (there wasn't a single photo where they were beside each other! the travesty). So there, that's the lame attempt.

But to get to the point, Garrett came out twice this week to promote both Tron: Legacy and Country Strong. I almost got to see Tron last weekend but things got crazy and I never got around to. I hope I get to catch it before the MMFF takes over local cinemas too. Enjoy the gift of gorgeous this holiday!


BOY CLEANS UP REALLY REALLY REALLY WELL. Looking fly in that suit and hamming it up for the cameras with the ladies, I totally approve. Need more of this please.

A few days later, Garrett loses the tie and gets a bit more casual (but still damn hot) for the Country Strong premiere. Still hot, just no photo with Leighton. I'll take what I can get.


Leighton was at the Country Strong premiere too looking WONDERFUL. I loved her colorful and sassy Hawaiian inspired Christian Dior sleeveless pink dress was paired with bright pink and orange Pierre Hardy ankle strap wedges. I love how she chose this colorful piece despite it being the middle of December. Gorgeous.

And though Garrett wasn't in attendance, Leighton attended a special press con in LA for Country Strong. Girl just looks adorable whenever she comes out and this time in blue and straight hair. Got to love this girl.


Jim was everywhere promoting The Way Back with Colin Farrel and company. I miss seeing his adorable face so it was great to see him in Paris and other cities.

Playful!Jim is playful with his castmates in Madrid. I love how he's almost always not posing 'properly' in the photos. Fun times.

And because there was apparently a Dubai Film Fest, Jim dropped by there too. If only he and Carey had a photo together, I would have died. But hey, I'll take his solos. Adorkable.


Carey's been keeping her short hair interesting as it grows out. At the Dubai Film Fest, she wore it two different ways. On the first day, she wore a Erdem ‘Lila’ dress with a ‘Daphnis’ print that apparently looks similar to something she's already worn. Either way, I love how cute Carey looked with Colin Firth -- though I'm not sure why they're together all the time.


YES JON HAMM, WE MISSED YOU SO. And we see him THREE TIMES this December because you know Jon, he's just the gift that keeps on giving. At the New York Stage & Film Winter Gala, Jon came out looking suave as always

Before that though, he spread the goodwill by showing support for Charlize Theron's African Outreach Project bringing the charm with him.

And because Jon always gives in threes, he attended the premiere of Rabbit Hole in New York. I really do want to watch this movie. If only I had the time. Still, Jon, bravo! looking good.

Prince Harry

While William and Kate are soaking up the post-engagement publicity, Harry headed to Germany to attend the 'Golden Heart' Awards where they literally gave him a scepter like award with a heart on it. I kid you not. Still, he looked dashing as ever, with his red hair and the red background. Kid looked like he was on fire. Also, this kid? was not amused with Harry at all. Let's trade kid.

And like any good royal, Harry dropped by the Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial to pay his respects... IN THE SNOW. I guess them Brits are used to the cold but it looks like a bitter chill out there. Pretty handwriting is pretty too.


Stateside, Eddie appeared at the Little Fockers premiere. I don't think he's in the movie, but hey! He's there and looking handsome as always. Oh Brits, you always slay me.


it's a good thing we're seeing Matthew a little more than we used to. This guy just NEVER COMES OUT so every appearance is a goldmine. At the Moet British Independent Film Awards, Matthew got all gussied up in a coat and tie and looked pretty. Stay pretty, Goode!


Another one coming out of hiding, Xavier came out twice to the Mulberry Party and at the Gold Coast Film Festival. I can't say it enough, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED OF RILEY.


Meanwhile in Asia, Yoo continues the promotional tour for Finding Mr. Destiny. I'm thinking he's at a Japan fan meet where a lucky fan was able to hug the pink-clad star. Seriously, YOU CAN GO DIE NOW. You've hugged Yoo!!!


Anne went on a couple of do-gooding appearances herself with an appearance the Nobel Peace Prize Concert Press Conference. i'm not quite sure what she did there, but I guess this is all just practice for hosting the Oscars. please don't suck Anne. Keep smiling.

At the actual concert, Anne looked stunning in her J.Mendel metallic strapless gown has a sexy thigh-high split. Not sure what she and Denzel are doing hosting this, but it's all par for the course. She looked amazing.

My favorite of the Nobel appearances would have to be the banquet though where Anne showed up in an exquisite red Oscar Dela Renta heart printed silk chiffon asymmetrical one shoulder gown has a ruffled hem. if I ever get to wear anything this gorgeous one day, I'll die happy. For real. Anne looked amazing with her neat ponytail and her flawless skin. STAY GORGEOUS WOMAN.


Doing what she does best, Camilla looked fantastic at the Hollywood Style Awards. I can predict her new movie, From Prada to Nada isn't going to do very well, so at least we see her do the publicity rounds already looking pretty. hey, there's that right.


Also at the Hollywood Style Awards was Zooey -- resurrected from the dead! Okay, not really. Zooey's been appearing with She & Him but rarely by herself on the red carpet so this is welcome for sure. If someone has style, it's Zooey. It's great to see her out.


I remember the days when EVERYONE would come out to sign DVDs for the fans. I guess everyone's too busy/BIG now to do this. So it's great to see Ashley still making the rounds for the fans. I'm not a big fan of the long hair (or the boyfriend) but I'll take it. I hope I see Ashley again soon.


And finally, at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, R-Bils came out and stunned all the geeks with her gorgeousness. Seriously, I love the outfit and how pretty she looked in her Christian Dior Spring 2010 baby blue ruffled dress. I'm a big fan of Rachel's laid back style but her red carpet get-ups are always win as well. Gorgeous.

And that's that. Who were you happiest to see out this time around? Who do you miss and wish would come out more? Seriously, these people just make me fangirl so hard. Stay pretty folks.
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