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Something Good[50 Down/2 To Go!]
[+] TWO WEEKS TO GO IN 2010?! SO FAST TIME. SO FREAKING FAST. I should start on that 'best of 2010.' could the year really be over?!

[+] Thanks to enamors for the wonderful vgift! I wish I could send you something in real life. And maybe, you're my FIRST holiday card this year! It's such a lovely card, thank you!

[+] Thanks to everyone who gave me holiday love last time. They were really sweet. Also I really appreciate the time capsule messages from last year (even if it was deleted -- thank god for email archives!) In case you were doing one this year, let me know!


[+] With my siblings both back in town this week, you know my brain will be nowhere but at home wishing I could chill with them. Here's to surviving this work week.

well the event is finally over. According to my very low standards, I thought it went pretty good. I just hope everyone else thought so too. I was so nervous the entire day, it was a good thing I knew at least one person else at the party (my thesis partner!!!) and made some new friends with other folks who had to work during the event. Still, I'm just glad we got that over with and now I can breathe so much easier. I got home past midnight and just dropped on the bed.
I woke up super early because my brother arrived. I could hear his voice from my grandma's bedroom and I was awake. Alas, I had to get to work. It's a good thing though because yesterday's commute was so terrible, I had to take two cabs to work. Not fun. And mucho expensive. My concentration was seriously shot today though. I'm in total holiday mode especially with my brother home. I wonder how I'll survive next week when my sister gets here.
My brain is still shot to hell, but I had to make it work today cause I found out I had a presentation two hours before it was going to happen. It didn't go too bad, all things considered. Ever since my brother arrived, (yesterday), I've been trying to get home earlier just so I can spend time with him and so far, two days in a row, I've been going home a tad earlier. I hope I can continue this all the way till the Christmas break -- if I end up getting one, that is.
Though I missed the department's reveal's during Kris Kringle (i was at a presentation. boo.), I didn't miss out on the Christmas party and it was pretty damn epic. I'm not one to let loose (take note, no alcohol was consumed on my part) but when the band started playing, I couldn't stop myself from dancing -- like a crazy person. I definitely shocked my two-month old officemates who had an inkling I was crazy, and can now confirm this suspicion. Hey, it happens once a year right? Fun Times.
The office was a virtual ghost town with it being the day after the Christmas party. It's crazy cause I still have four more days of work next week and I don't think I"ll be able to concentrate at all. After work, I had dinner with my family and I was just really exhausted. I ended up falling asleep before we even picked up my sister from the airport. Despite her super noisy ways, I managed to sleep the entire ride home. We got home at 2am and I just crashed. My body still hurts from all that dancing.
As much as I wanted to sleep in, I couldn't (though I did miss the epic Veronica Mars re-watch -- I HATE THAT I DID) because I had a brunch date with my college friends! It's been a while since I saw Sophie, Anna and Mimi so lunch was fantastic. I'm glad I got to see them before the holidays. Because Globe was being a fuck-up, I was texting my sister to get me tickets to Tron but she never got them. It's a good thing though cause I FINALLY got all my Christmas shopping done -- in one afternoon! I am now broke.
It is so hard to mobilize eight people -- my family. We were supposed to go out today but ended up leaving dinner time because my dad took a nap, then I ended up taking one, then my brothers were busy and then my sister was booking tickets. Still, despite all the pre-going out rituals, we managed to have dinner out even with all the crazy traffic the holiday seems to bring along with it. I hope I get to concentrate a bit at work next week. I seriously just want to laze around at home, but obviously, this is not going to happen.
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