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TV Time: Misfits Cannot Be Ending Just Yet; Curtis Finally Makes Use of His Powers; I Want Season 3

Thank goodness for the Christmas special in two days because I don't think I'll be able to let go of Misfits just yet! Still, they surely ended this one with a bang. From getting exposed to the aftermath of how they dealt with this newfound 'fame,' it was pretty interesting to watch how they would have gotten on in the event of their exposure. The Christmas special can't come sooner. I can't let go of Misfits just yet.

Misfits: 02x06: The End

though Curtis has never been a favorite character, I am glad he finally got to utilize his power. When folks started dropping like flies, I told my brother (who was watching with me) that Curtis would be the last one standing to save the day (with the help of Simon of course). When he mentioned he was lactose intolerant, it sealed the deal. Thank goodness too. The whole cast can't be dead for series 3.

I love how Kelly always says it like it is. Who doesn't want money?! Though she wasn't a major player in the finale, it was still good to see her and her one-liners. At first, I didn't realize she was appearing to Simon as a ghost already. I'm glad we didn't have to see her die, but I was really sad when she was a ghost. I love that Nathan totally went to avenge her death -- in my head this is why he did this okay!!!

I liked how Alisha's been trying to make an effort to get to know Simon. It's hard to not get frustrated either with how unreceptive Simon's being. Still, it's cute to see her put the effort in. I also loved how when they were trying to decide whether to go with the PR lady, she kept looking to Simon as if seeking his approval.

Also, it was cute how she ended up confiding in Nathan about how Simon was right. When she slipped with something future!Simon had said, I knew it was all going to crumble down. I'm glad she was able to tell Simon -- albeit only in that one present reality, before time got turned back -- at least she got it off her chest somehow. Still, it'll be interesting to see how they play it out next season with Alisha and Simon getting closer to each other and their future.

I love how we got to see glimpses and small moments of Simon turning into Simon of the future. Though he's still as surprised as ever that Alisha is paying the smallest amount of attention to him, at least you can tell he's trying to get used to it. And when he followed Alisha into the basement and was trying to figure out everything that he saw, I actually thought this was the moment that would lead him to move in to the basement, especially since he moved out. But then when they all end up dead, obviously this wasn't the proper course to the future.

I loved how he kissed Alisha's dead forehead and put on his hoodie totally get back at Milk!Boy (I refuse to call him by what he wants to be called just because). Sure, he ended up with a stab to his gut, but at least we saw him toughen up and totally try to take on Milk!Boy though unsuccessful, well partially successful since he aided Curtis into turning time back. And Simon, you're the cutest for professing your 'love' for your fellow misfits on the last day of Community Payback.

Oh the things Nathan will do. From checking out Curtis while they peed, to posing for the photographers, Nathan was so obviously going to jump onto this fame-bandwagon just because he needs this (for the money -- and the girls!). It was fun to see him in a bra and get a glimpse of him totally living up the lifestyle he'd been dying to have.

Of course Nathan would be responsible for sort of aiding in the killing of "Sainty" Daisy -- though it really was Milk!Boy, only Nathan would be in the room, asking Saint Lucy to give him a handjob -- to cute him of course, while she choked on her milk and impaled herself on her trophy. I really laughed so hard just because only Nathan would be this lucky -- to get cured the STD at least.

And only Nathan would willingly shoot himself on National TV just for the heck of it. I swear it scares me that his power will go away and he'll actually end up dead. Though I'm sure he wished this too when Milk!Boy made him paralyzed instead. I didn't like seeing Nathan that way at all. I really got a good scare he would remain like that. Who knew Milk!Boy was so damn crafty with that milk.

Nevertheless, it's been a fantastic season and I can't believe we'll have to wait a whole nother year before we get more. For now, we have the Christmas special. I can't wait.
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