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Amanda (+ her awesome wig) Keeps It Cool on 'Now'; Emma Debuts Her Blonde Locks for 'Spiderman'

That's a Wig[Amanda Seyfried Daily]
Though there weren't a lot of movie shootings during this past month, we did get some pretty awesome news with the announcement of both SAG and Golden Globe nominations. Awards season has begun with all the guilds awards and I'm glad to see Black Swan and The Social Network getting nods.

I'm so happy for Natalie and Andrew as well. The shocker has to be Jake and Anne for LAOD but hey, you don't see me complaining AT ALL. That just means more prettiness on the red carpet. Bring it. But for now, here are some behind-the-scenes photos of movies that could possibly be nominated next season. Or not.

Amanda; Now

Other than her fabulous wig, this movie is looking to be all kinds of crazy with Amanda's outfits and JT with a gun. I'm curious to see how they go from pointing a gun to kissing though. JT, I'm begging you, please make an album soon.

Emma; Spiderman

Meanwhile, Emma has gone blonde (not a wig) for her role as Gwen Stacy in the forthcoming Spiderman with Andrew. I can't wait to see how Andrew looks in the suit and without it (with clothes on folks, I meant plain clothes). Emma, you are rocking blonde too.

Leighton; Gossip Girl

Technically not a movie, but I just thought it never hurt to throw in some Leighton and here she is shooting around New York with Penn and Chace. No Chuck in sight, I wonder what this means.

Chris; This Means War

Reese seems to be paired with all my favorite men -- Rob and now Chris. Plus they threw Tom Hardy in this movie, so there really is something for everyone (and by everyone I mean me and my sister). Please be good, film.

Joseph; Live With It

Finally some Joseph because I miss seeing his face. This is actually older and was taken around the same time as Anna on set but I only found them recently. I hope Joseph gets through grieving his brother okay.

Golden Globe Nominations Announced! [Vulture]
SAG Awards Announced! [Vulture]
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