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30 For 30: A Closet Remix Recap

And so I finally finished, around a week ago. But things got a little crazy in real life, that I just got the time to write about it now. Needless to say, I'm proud to have finished the challenge and so thankful cause not only did I really get to rethink how I wore my clothes, but also because I met so many wonderful people along the way.

I used my scarfs half the time and they really jazzed up my outfits. I realize if my uncle didn't give me the scarfs and if I didn't steal the belts of my mom AND dad, then I would have ZERO accessories. I really need to work on getting more accessories. Because really, they transform an outfit.

I also realized I can walk in heels. This was mostly a challenge for me to NOT wear my sneakers and it worked. Though my feet still need a bit more training, lasting long in heels, I'd say I did a pretty good job considering 3 out of the 5 shoes I chose were heeled.

If I had to choose favorites I'd go with for 4, 9, 10, 17 and 18. I felt comfortable in those and they worked out really well. Runner-ups would have to be 2, 5, 14, 16, and 30. These, I weren't so sure about, but ended up making me feel good. With the hits, come the misses as well. I won't dwell on those anymore but I have no regrets. I'm glad I tried my best to experiment with wearing things a different way.

Though I planned out everything after day 2, I have to say there were still some last minute decisions and shuffling around of scheduled outfits to accommodate the day's events and to make sure I didn't wear the same article of clothing or shoes two days in a row.

Thanks to Kendi for thinking all of this up and giving me the chance to meet some pretty awesome bloggers who inspired me for real. I'm looking at you, girls. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on despite the misses. And many thanks to Ate Loreta who washed my clothes no matter how many times she saw it return to the laundry in the span of 30 days.
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