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12 of 12: December 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

my brother's room; 1:44 am

So instead of sleeping early, like usual, I'm trying to catch up on my TV recaps. I haven't done the picspam just because I've been mucho busy but at least some sort of strange thoughts have been written out. Raise your hand if you think Simon/Alisha are adorable.

my parents' room; 11:07 am

Unlike me, my mom's pretty good with Christmas shopping having done this for my dad for years and years. She's got them all wrapped up and ready to go. I on the other hand have done NOTHING. It's a good thing, I sort of started writing out the list. Wow, it's long.

the kitchen; 11:10 am

My mom went on a re-painting the house spree again. It seems like we do this every 10 years or so and this was our 20th year in the house, so it was time for a new paint job. Our kitchen used to be a bright blue and now it's a much calmer grey. I really like how it turned out.

the family room; 11:12 am

The living room, I wasn't even sure what color it used to be, but we got a new table that didn't take up too much space and got new light fixtures too. It makes me wish this TV wasn't so bad and had a DVD player so then I could just hang out in front of this thing all damn day.

the family room; 12:44 pm

These ribbons were part of the great felt project my little sister and her friends took on for their Entrepreneurship class. I helped with the felt monsters (all 180 pieces) and I wish there were more of those left cause I wouldn't mind giving my friends some. Ribbons are cute though.

the dining room; 12:46 pm

Seeing as we have yet to set up any Christmas decor, the gifts my dad's been receiving are going to one corner of the newly painted dining room too. This room used to be a bright bright yellow and now it's a more muted version. I'm really liking the more chillax vibe of the house.

the dining room; 12:48 pm

Lunch consisted of roast chicken and potato salad. I wish I could go on one of those carb-free diets, but seeing side dishes like potato salad really just prevent me from doing them. I obviously ate waaaaaay too much of this salad. I'll tell myself I didn't have breakfast. Yeah, cause that's any better.

my room; 5:01 pm

After napping after lunch, i wake up to find my room still in a mess. I should really get around to fixing it before the holidays AND the new year, so that should be soon. Here's some of the cards I ended up buying -- or rather hoarding -- for the holiday card exchange this year. Wow, I've been doing this for so many years.

the kitchen; 5:32 pm

My dad's doctor friends had some sort of outreach near our place so after that, they headed over here to eat snacks. My mom made pasta and piadinas and because we're a very anti-social bunch, we wait for everyone to leave and then descend on the lef-overs. Good times, I tell you.

the family room; 5:45 pm

We feast on the left-over pasta while watching CNN's Talk Asia where Anna Coren is interviewing South Korean Pop Group, Super Junior. Or at least two members -- Lee Teuk (sp?) and Si Won. I've never seen Anna smile so brightly while interviewing anyone. Looks like they worked their charm on her.

the family room; 6:42 pm

No, my mom didn't bake these cupcakes, we just got them off the supermarket, but they were pretty damn good. I won't say no to chocolate cupcakes no matter where they're from. Which reminds me, I should finish this entry, so I can go down and have some before it gets decimated by my brothers.

the kitchen; 6:44 pm

I ended up helping my mom wash the dishes (since I can't help cook) and rinsing is my specialty. Here are some of the glasses the guests used. The daisy-print glasses are my personal favorite and belong to my grandma. I'm not one for asking for things but in case my grandma plans on giving these away, I'm taking them.
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