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I'll be words and you'll be music; I concur, I can't refuse it; You're a sad little tune by yourself

Words & music, you & I[49 Down/3 To Go!]
[+] I AM SCREWED. I haven't done one bit of Christmas shopping. Nor have I written out a list. Obviously, I will regret this.

[+] Thanks so much to beeeeej for keeping me together this week and say_i_am_you for listening to me while I whisper in hushed tones in the lobby. I really appreciate all your help. Also beeeeej & sexycereal sent me pretty VGFITs so thanks so much for that!

[+] Again, the 12 of 12 fell on a Sunday, so I'm really sorry for spamming you guys with back-to-back entries. I swear you know I'm trying not to spam. Anyway, here's a holiday love meme just because.


[-] Though this was the worst week ever at work, I'm just hoping for a better one ahead. Plus my siblings will be here. Awesome.

I didn't get a lot of sleep helping my little sister and her friends out with their crazy project. They have this entrepreneurial class where they'll be selling things and they decided on selling felt miniatures. And guess who got wrangled in to cut the felt up? ME. So the whole Monday, my hand has been hurting from all the cutting I've been doing. I don't think i've ever been this sore and not have done anything crazy physical to deserve this. Still, all for the love of my little sister, we do these things for her. Also, I conclude my little sister is not entrepreneurial. At all.
It's the last day of the 30 for 30 challenge and though there were a lot of misses, i'm just glad I survived it. I had to present to a client today and it wasn't such a bad preso. The weird thing is, for two consecutive meetings, I've been presenting to mom's of high school batchmates or aunts of high school friends. How odd is that? I used to see them in PTA meetings and now, they're at the end of the board room table listening to me try not to ramble about things. Other than the weirdness, I guess I'll have to get a hang of presenting more often now. Get over your fear.
I'm scared to declare this the worst day ever just because if it gets any worse than this, I don't think I could handle it. You know everything that could literally go wrong, does? Well it did today and it's been a pretty horrible week already and I don't know how much worse I could handle. basically, I fail at my job and not only that, it's practically common knowledge that I do. Not just internally, but it seems like clients as well. I know this is probably just me overreacting but things are basically just going to shit. I want my Christmas break. And amnesia for everyone else.
Well I suppose nothing beats Wednesday, because even if Thursday wasn't the most spectacular of days, at least SOME things got done -- in a positive light. I like how there's that light at the end of the tunnel (that would be Monday) coming right up ahead. Still, so many things to do and just not enough time to do it all. I'm glad I got off work earlier too. I had to rush to buy my Kris Kringle baby a gift. These weekly trips to the mall are becoming the highlight of the work week just because I get out of the office even for a bit. Wow I need a life.
As much as I harp about the job, it's actually what I asked for. I asked for a challenge and something where I'd be doing something and it seems like I got my wish. I just wish there weren't too many egos involved. And another Friday night was spent in the office, though not in such a stressful situation. It felt good to be able to talk to my siblings too. I actually got to chat with my brother and sister for a bit and I'm so excited they're coming home next week. Sure, I'll still be at work, but it'll be great to see them at home for the holidays. I love Christmas.
I ended up sleeping over at my cousin's house (she lives right across my office) cause it was super traffic and it was so late, but it ended up being so much fun. We stayed up to watch Lost in Austen (I fell asleep though) and then when we woke up, we saw the BBC mini-series Emma. Though they were re-watches for me, it's always nice to see these episodes again. Plus I did nothing but eat and get spoiled in that house. I swear, it's always fun to stay over at their house. And a nice change of scenery from all the office over timing.
We were supposed to visit our new cousin this week (my uncle's family said hello to a new baby girl) but we got really busy preparing for some of my dad's friends coming over that it never happened. I did end up watching 'Salt' and it was pretty intense. I hope I get to catch some more of the 2010 movies I wanted to see before the year ends. Can we all cross our fingers that the event tomorrow goes by without a hitch? I'm deathly scared of it, but when that's done, I can breathe easier. Thank goodness. Now I'm off to brave my dad's friends so I can eat a good snack.
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