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TV Time: Rick is on the Run Again; Nathan is Universally Well Liked; Bones Lays It All Out

This week was one big ball of overwhelming emotions and it surprised me how Bones really did speak to me this week. Brennan was right. It takes 3 days to make the world back on its right side again and though I'm still dreading Monday, the week was slightly bearable with the shows that came along this week. Last ones before the holiday hiatus. Boo. Thank goodness for British TV. Picspam to follow. I'm sleepy.

Merlin 03x013: The Coming of Arthur Part 2

HELLO KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. It gave me goosebumps to see everyone come together around that table, even if Merlin wasn't knighted -- though he totally should have been. I love how we're really seeing everything come together according to Arthurian legend. Though I'm not looking forward to Gwen cheating on Arthur with Lancelot, it was great to see him back.

How I wish Arthur found out about Merlin's contributions to their success as well. From getting the sword, to everything else he's done. But alas, it seems like his secret will remain safe for a bit more. Though now that Lancelot is back, at least Merlin will have someone to confide in other than Gaius -- who for once I'm glad was there to save the day.

Also, thank goodness they beat the crazy immortal army. I was really scared for a second there -- even if I know they won't kill anyone. So I guess we'll still be seeing evil!smirking Morgana, though I'm not sure about Morgause. We'll have to wait next season to see how many evil smirks we'll be getting.

But really, how cute are Arthur and Gwen?! I love how open Arthur is about expressing affection for her now. I guess with Uther dethroned and totally devastated, he won't be worry much about his son falling for the servant. But next season, I'm totally expecting a big fuss about this again. I approve of all the kissing though. I really do.

The Walking Dead 01x06: TS-19

I guess it was about time Shane was redeemed. It's not like an AMC show to make a character hated and with all the sleeping with Lori/betraying his best friend business, I'm glad we get to see the more loyal side of Shane. And admit it, you did feel bad for him when they were all taking showers and he was getting himself drunk. All of which disappears the moment he tries to rape/confess his love for Lori. Smooth, Shane. Very smooth, just when we were starting to like you.

Though it was quite anti-climactic a finale for me, I'm just glad they got their five-seconds of relief inside the CDC. With the showers and the food and the wine and just everyone having some fun, we know this isn't going to last. AT ALL. As much as I wish they could stay underground with food an fun forever, we find out that the entire place is going to blow up in 30 minutes.

That's a lot of time, 30 minutes. But of course it'll dwindle away with Doctor locking everyone in and everyone doing things that won't exactly help them get out. This is TV, they have to wait till the last minute to get a move on. And don't forget those that'll put up a fight about leaving (i.e. Andrea). I get how the other lady really wanted to stay and sorry for her, no one tried to convince her otherwise.

But obviously someone likes Andrea enough to 'stay' with her and end it all there -- only to convince her to get out. So though I knew that was coming, I wish we'd seen more in this finale -- more zombies for one; Morgan and his son for another; and Murrow! What happened to Murrow?! Also, what did doctor whisper in Rick's ear?! Perhaps we'll know the answers to all of these next season. Except that's like an entire year away. Oh well, AMC knows how to test our patience anyway.

Gossip Girl 04x11: The Townie

I don't know why I do this, I ask myself every week and the answer is Leighton Meester. No matter how silly the plots get, i just love seeing her every week and this week, we get to see her get all scheming with none other than Dan Humphrey, because well, he's the only character that isn't preoccupied with something else. It's always fun to see Dan and Blair get together (though it is to save Serena) because they're such opposites. Keep it classy, writers. I don't want to see any loving between these two.

Meanwhile, they continue to destroy Lily's character by having her sell Chuck's empire. Well technically it was Bart's and because chuck left, it became Lily's but still. I don't want to focus brain cells on this, but I can't help it. Also, WE FINALLY SEE WHO THIS JAIL GUY IS and well, of course it's disappointing. I mean I get that Serena had some connection with him and eventually led to ruining his life unintentionally but still, I was hoping for a bigger shebang. but like all things on this show, I give up on hoping.

Also, Juliet's grown on me. So now that this dramarama is over, I hope she stays on if only to cause more craziness. Because at least it was sort of fun with her. Plus Serena isn't the only hot blonde when she's around.

90210 03x11: Holiday Madness

WOW. THEY JUST WENT ALL OUT CRAZY WITH ADRIANNA DIDN'T THEY?! I totally get the this-is-what-fame-can-do-to-you storyline but they really went over the line and into this is nuts territory. The Santa Baby in the ice rink was beyond ridiculous though, in a fun way. I just found it really stupid of her to be mean to the manager when we know he's evil and will get back at her. It just doesn't feel real at all anymore.

In more, is-this-real-life storylines, I still don't like Navid/Silver. I prefer Teddy/Boyfriend really. Because Navid and Silver ARE JUST NOT WORKING FOR ME. I don't know if this will grow on me as the season progresses, but right now, I am not liking it. AT ALL. Silver's cute haircut is too good for him. Really.

Also unreal but I'm totally okay with it? Naomi and Ivy becoming friends. Though it's odd to see Oscar get all gaga over Naomi, I've long since given up on her and Liam getting back together (since he is kind of cute with Annie and far better than his half brother), so at least we get to see some happiness for her. BUT OF COURSE THEY WON'T LET THIS HAPPINESS LAST. They have to let Mr. Cannon show up all mysteriously hidden in her house!!! Now that's a cliffie.

Glee 02x10: A Very Glee Christmas

BRITTANY OWNED THIS EPISODE from all her wishing for Artie to walk, to really believing in Santa Claus (whether he was African American, a grinch or a woman!) to just being her cheery, clueless self. I love that we get another Brittany episode, and right before the hiatus. She really makes me believe she's that dense and/or naive about everything. I love it.

And though I get that Sue's a Grinch that earned a heart, it felt oddly preachy that in the end, Sue gives in and becomes nice to Will. Yeah, it's christmas and people have changes of heart, but it would have been nicer if the Gleeks did that for Mr. Schue without being enlisted by Sue. Plus I like Sue being mean, so let's stay consistent with this, yes?

Also Baby It's Cold Outside pretty much OWNED THIS ENTIRE EPISODE. It was possibly the best Christmas performance and also the cutest scene. Props to Blaine for making me ship this so much. Because let's be honest, before Blaine, I wasn't all that into Kurt. But now, it's all I ever want to see.

Misfits 02x05: Homewrecker

Poor Barry Simon, a girl finally likes him only to find out her dad is killing off all her suitors. I really like that Alisha's now very concerned with Simon is treated and who pops his cherry. Sorry Alisha, you weren't the first. BUT DON'T WORRY, I hope you're the last (and I don't mean that in a Alisha's dying sort of way). I loved that Alisha's really making an effort to get to know him. Wouldn't it be crazy if Future!Simon was just pulling her leg about the future to get the girl? Nah. Simon wouldn't be mean. but it would be funny.

You know who else was funny... as always? NATHAN. Even when he's being killed, he's hilarious. I love that he was spearheading the mission to protect Simon too. Being universally popular and well liked of course has its responsibilities and I'm glad to see he's looking out for Simon.

Meanwhile, it was great to see the entire gang in superhero costumes. Sure you guys got the powers, but now you look the part. Kelly + Gorilla though? I will never get that image out of my mind. Poor Kelly, gets all the kooky guys.

Bones 06x09: The Doctor in the Photograph

Oh Bones. You really are going over the edge. Finally though, an episode with some Booth/Bones. And though we do get a painful rejection from Booth, at least we see that Bones is feeling things. Though it took the eerie talking-to-herself path to get there, at least we know that Bones does feel strongly about Booth and wants a chance.

As sad as I am that Booth rejected Bones, he does deserve this chance at happiness with Hannah. This way, when Booth finally dumps her (AND WE ARE WAITING FOR THIS PATIENTLY HART HANSON), we'll know it wasn't because he thought Hannah was a consolation prize, but because he really does want Bones already. Knowing the writers though, this'll probably happen in season 231381 when Booth and Bones are geriatrics and living in the same assisted living facility.

Still, it broke my heart to see Bones so desperate for Booth to say yes. And the look on Booth's face while she was confessing? DEVASTATION. WRONG TIMING GIRL. Doing this a season ago would have gotten us a season six of cuteness, instead we get sad confessions and rejections. I HATE YOU HART HANSON.

Nikita 01x11: All the Way

JUST WHEN I THOUGHT WE'D GET OUT OF THERE... of course not, what am I talking about. We're only 11 episodes in, I hope they don't drop the ball right away. But really, it was a pretty good mid-season cliffie for Nikita complete with Michael/Alex tension and some Nikita being overprotective.

I felt really bad that Alex's first kill was Tom. Talk about proving how worthy/ready you are. Sure Tom figured it out, but I was hoping he'd understand. I guess not. Instead Alex kills him just when I was starting to like him. Still, this means good times for Alex now that she's one level up. Congratulations field agent, let's hope Jaden gets killed soon.

Also, HOW GORGEOUS IS JULIE COOPER MELINDA CLARKE?!?! Her make-up is always flawless on this show and whenever she comes onscreen (I miss the OC), I just have my breath taken away. Definitely one of the best parts of this show.

Vampire Diaries 02x11: By the Light of the Moon

First things first, how sweet is Caroline?! Staying with Tyler while he transformed and keeping him from hurting himself? It's so good to know that caroline is now a vampire and therefore not so breakable. Though yes, the wolf bite can be fatal, at least she can be there for Tyler without putting herself in too much danger. I guess we wont' be getting the Matt/Caroline/Tyler triangle I was hoping for. Still, I won't complain. I'm liking how they're doing this anyway.

Also surprisingly, I'm appreciating Bonnie more. I'm glad she's trying to help out and sort of feel bad for her that new warlock Lucas (is this his name?) is 'helping' her out when he really isn't. So the entire moonstone destruction was a farce and now Bonnie is resting easy thinking she did a good job when really, it failed. So I'm hoping she finds out about the other side of Lucas so that she can fall into the arms of Jeremy because really, Jeremy is growing up to be a pretty hot guy and because there is NO MORE ANNA (for shame), Bonnie will have to do.

And as happy as I am that Stefan is out of the cave, and the Katherine/Stefan sexing was but a dream, I was hoping he'd get stuck in there for longer. I guess we don't have this satisfaction. Still, despite the fact that I'm not Stefan/Elena shipper, I have to say their reunion really got to me. These kids clearly love each other and I'm glad they reunited for a bit. I wonder how long this happiness will last especially with the deal Elena brokered with Elijah. Oh wait, I know! It'll last the holiday hiatus and bam! She'll be back to sacrificial lamb!Elena when things come back. Especially now that she's practically sold herself to Elijah.

Just as adorable as Stefan/Elena were the measly Damon/Elena moments we got. Even if it consisted mostly of Elena being sulky for being kept in the house courtesy of Damon's bright idea, it's still nice to see these two bickering. Cause you do know that the more you hate, the more you love and at that rate, Elena must love Damon pretty damn much.

And though I'm glad it wasn't Damon that got the bite from Jules (i'm guessing; on a side note, why does Jules look so familiar?! OH THERE YOU GO! SHE WAS LYNDSEY ON ONE TREE HILL -- did not like her there), I'm sad that Rose took the bite for him. I mean it's not that I like like Rose, but I was hoping it would have been Damon so that we get a bit of a scare about it over the holidays. Then again I'd be bitching if it was Damon that was bitten. So the moral here is, either way, I will bitch.

I loved that we got some Alaric/Damon tag teaming though. Sure, it failed and didn't get Jules to drink the wolfsbane, but it was hilarious to see Alaric act drunk and stupid and Damon come in to be the straight guy. You know if the girl weren't a werewolf, the roles would be reversed. Alaric, I'll give it to you. You're still a hot one with that scruff. I can't believe we have to wait till January 27 for the next one. Way to torture us, show.
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