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The Only Gift You Ever Gave, was that You Let Me Just Get Away; I Hope I Haunt you in Every Dream

Stuck in Your Memory[48 Down/4 To Go!]
[+] I FINALLY got to send out my holiday cards (so for those that didn't make it, perhaps next year?), but don't expect them anytime soon. Our postal system sucks so I wouldn't be shocked if you got them in 2011. Just a heads up that their on their way.

[+] It's the little things that really count and I'm touched by the sweet VGIFT from jo_herself. Thanks girl, I really appreciate it.

[-] The work week has been shockingly long despite the long weekend on Monday and I've gotten so busy I'm behind on so many things. I haven't changed my header for the month and I just haven't done a lot of things I should have done. I'm tired. I really am. And it's sad cause it's only 2 months in. I like it, but yeah, tired is tired.

[+] Can we all collectively cross our fingers that things will just be BETTER in general this week? Let's attract the positive this week.

I DONT CARE HOW MANY TIMES I SAY IT BUT LONG WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST AND EVERY WEEK SHOULD BE A LONG WEEKEND. Whew, i got it out. It's just awesome. So I woke up quite early but went back to bed after a few emails and then went back to eat and slept again. Also, I am doing my Breaking Dawn re-read for kicks and I CANNOT STOP giggling. It's not a giddy giggle but a WTF is happening giggle. I don't know how they'll stretch this to two movies. Also, I donut know how I will go to work tomorrow because I am lazy bones.
NEVER AGAIN. I vow to wake up extra extra earlier now because this morning, the commute to work was terrible. I don't know if it's the holidays doing this but I refuse to experience the horrible lines (all the way OUT OF THE STATION -- this is going northbound so that's just ONE last station) and squishing again. So yes, it'll be hard to wake up an hour earlier than my now more relaxed employee-body clock but it'll be worth it with the not too bad commute (I won't say good because it still isn't good). WHY SO HORRIBLE TRANSPORT SYSTEM?!
Just when I thought I was sort of on the clear with a certain project, another one lands on my lap and I'm once again at a loss on what to do. The anxiety-induced attacks of dysnea are sort of making a comeback and though I know it's all in my head, it's hard to stop it when it's there. It's annoying because it already left me! Two months of it being gone and now it's rearing its ugly head again. I don't know what I need to do to keep it away but I'm crossing my fingers and trying to calm myself down. I can do this. I don't want it to come back ever.
Well I'm glad we got reinforcements for crazy/impromptu project number 2. I just prayed that if it's not meant to be or if it's too much of a hassle, it'll go away but so far, today, things seemed to fall into place. I guess that's my sign that it is pushing through. Also, I left work quasi-early today! Earlier than usual at least and that was cause I had to go buy my gift for the Kris Kringle we have in our department. Though I'm not particularly close or well-acquainted with my baby. I'm kind of proud of the gifts I've been giving. Look at me really thinking about this.
Anything that could go wrong went wrong today and it was definitely one of my longest days ever. because of back-to-back meetings out of the office, I wasn't able to see if my Kris Kringle-baby liked what I had given them for the second time in a row. To think I stayed up weaving that crazy thing. Thank goodness for meeting a new friend in the office -- she's new too and we attended my evening meeting to check out a place we might have an event at. I hope all things go well because I clearly feel like I'm constantly failing at this. Not fun.
I woke up really really late, just in time for a belated lunch and though I wish I had gotten up sooner to not waste my weekend, it felt really really good to just sleep in and not care about things. Because none of us saw my little sister the entire day yesterday, and it was her birthday, we took her out to dinner (cause the entire day was spent doing renovations on the kitchen). It was great to go and get some Japanese again (grilled this time). I will never get sick of this cuisine.
I'm not the craftiest person with my hands but my little sister is. Unfortunately, not even she and her four other group mates could accomplish their massive project (they're making by hand 180 pieces of felt monsters, 150 pieces of the Pig-Rabbits and god knows how many ribbons) for Entrepreneurship class. So I decided to help them out and well, let's just say my fingers/hands hurt from all the cutting those piece sof brown (body), red (inside the mouth) and white (teeth) felt. I'm tired.
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