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TV Time: Open The Door CDC Guy! Bring Back Superhoodie; Damon Saves Elena From Herself

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And this week, the shows come back in full force though they'll be disappearing too after next week. It's a good thing we have them British shows that'll keep us glued till Christmas eve. Seriously. I should probably enjoy the one week or so hiatus from TV. We all need a break right? Anyway in other news, Vulture did a piece on the future of our TV shows and it was pretty hilarious as always.

Merlin 03x12: The Coming of Arthur Part 1

ACTION IS ACTION and this episode brought it on all levels. Sure, I wish there was more laughter or joke time, but we've had enough this season and now we see shit hit the fan. Not only does Camelot fall into the hands of evil!smirking Morgana, we get to see Uther realize how idiotic he's been all season trusting his beloved ward.

It's kind of crazy how this entire quest to get that cup of immortal life caused the downfall of Camelot. See Uther, you need to shut up and listen to other folks. I hope they don't blame Arthur or anyone else for not retrieving the cup properly because that would be a shame. It's no one's fault but Uther's.

I was more excited about seeing Gwaine again (strength, courage and magic reunited!) and Gwen's brother. And I feel like Gwen was just riding on to Morgana'a loyalty scheme to see where this is going. Gwen's not stupid. Still, it was kind of eerie to see the crown on Morgana's head. She wears it well but obviously evil all around.

I wonder how Arthur and company are going to win Camelot back now that the soldiers are freaking immortal. Also, will Merlin use magic and if so, will this be sanctioned by Arthur? He seems to be calling the shots right about now with Uther in prison and all that jazz. ONE EPISODE LEFT. I cannot wait an entire more year for this. We do have season 4 right?

The Walking Dead 01x05: Wildfire

I dont know if I'm alone in this but I just kept yelling the entire episode. I was yelling at Andrea to let go of Amy and just shoot her; at everyone else to just ditch the guy that dug up the ditch; at the CDC guy for not opening the door fast enough. I don't know why I was so rage-y, perhaps it was because I know we have like one episode left and I still don't have closure or any semblance of it on this show.

Though I wish we had more zombie killing (they pretty much showed us what they could with the hacking of the dead) and less talking and crying, it's a good thing they finally ditched more folks. Smaller groups travel better, I think even if there are less men to 'defend' folks. There's also a lot less storylines to follow. I wonder what happened to Rick's father-son friend though. I hope they're still okay.

Chuck 04x10: Chuck Versus the Leftovers

So only Chuck can get away with being this crazy. Yes, I get that love pushes people to do crazy things but ALEXIS VOLKOFF IS AN EVIL MOFO. I don't care if he loves Chuck's momma and wants her kids to love him too, Chuck's mom lied to him. He should have shot her. Still, it is Chuck so everything is forgivable. I just wish actions were more accountable. I mean of course I don't want Chuck to die, but still.

It was so nice to see Morgan step up and really man up and try to save everyone though. So his plan didn't work out (taping something to your back is apparently a no-go but hey at least Morgan tried right? And we get to see Awesome become awesome about being protective over Ellie. He's right. Chuck shouldn't have brought the baddies into their home, even if their mom was involved. I love Awesome.

Gossip Girl 04x10: Gaslit

Oh the craziness this show spurs. So now everyone's just against Serena and no one is believing her. Honestly, I don't see why everyone's going all crazy that Serena's done this now when they're supposed to be party girls right? They're supposed to do this? Still, I guess we have to tame it all down as always.

I do appreciate the amount of Eric we got in this episode. It's nice to hear him become the voice of reason all the time while everyone is off yaking away and not listening to one another at all. Also, I can't believe Rufus believed vanessa over Jenny. How evil has Vanessa gotten that she'd put Jenny on the line (just because she'd be forgiven) to save her ass. So very wrong.

And though I wish there were more Chuck/Blair, I'm happy to take a bit of a breather from them. So now chuck's all 'let's cool off too' and Blair's the clingy one again. oh show, you will never cease to be inconsistent. Kudos on being consistent on inconsistency.

90210 02x10: Best Lei'd Plans

I know Naomi has the most inane storylines but I really like her and so I feel bad she gets to be dumped by yet another guy because she's too ~superficial. Still, it's always nice to see Naomi be oblivious to everything in reality, so I was just entertained.

Also, poor Silver. Just when she thinks she's got Navid hooked, he goes crawling back to Adrianna's new diva self. They really do love going extremes on this show. And look at Silver trying to help Adrianna out with Navid. Was there NO ONE ELSE Adrianna could ask? I guess not. It had to be Silver. Also Teddy, thank god you're more out now.

And as much as I've tried to ignore her, Ivy's really growing on me. Though I'm not cool with the mom and all, I'm just glad we get to see her hang out with the girls for a change. I get the one-of-the-guys thing, but the girls are more fun! And I don't pay attention to the boys so don't hang with them ivy.

Glee 02x09: Special Education

It's sectionals already?! How fast time flies. And though 'Time of your Life' felt oddly familiar except the blondes got to sing this time, I liked how Sam and Quinn got the spotlight now. And hello dancing. I definitely appreciate the dancing from Mike and Brittany.

What i loved? Valerie. Santana has a really great voice and I love seeing her perform. I'm glad the others got to perform as well. Also, hearing Dog Days are Over was pretty cool. It's nice to see everyone doing a non-Journey song or anything not in the Top 40.

As for the Will/Emma non-love team, I guess that spells the end of their romance. I really love Carl and if Emma marrying him means we see him more often then I'm all for it. I really hope we get to see more Carl. And look at Emma doing quickie Vegas weddings. Look how far she's come.

And though it wasn't much, I'm just happy to see Brittany talking and having actual plot points. And look! Mike and Tina share an Asian kiss. God these kids are adorable. You know who else is adorable? BLAINE. Blaine needs entire episodes with just him in it. Yes please.

Misfits 02x04: Ollie

DOES THIS MEAN THAT SIMON DIES IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE HE GOES BACK TO THE PAST TO SAVE PAST ALISHA?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm honestly confused with the entire time travel bit, but HE DIED and I can't get over this. I get that Alisha will at least be able to have a semi-future and present with him but knowing that she's going towards him dying still makes me very very sad.

How cute was Simon though this week? As present!Simon, he was adorable trying to crack jokes (even when Nathan made it clear he was the funny guy). And when Alisha had that soft look on her face, looking at Simon after future!Simon saved her, it was just sad. You can tell she's sad but also itching to tell him. I'm excited to see them fall in love. Don't die people

As for this week's craziness, the guy in the video game was pretty nuts. Everything from Conti to Curtis's new girl getting involved was pretty crazy. And how about Ollie? As much as he wouldn't fit with the group, it was pretty shocking to see him get shot point blank. But hey, at least Curtis's girl (I should learn her name) has a new heart and can now teleport. I love how everyone has a power.

Seeing Kelly in a wedding dress and all of them hung up in the chains was pretty hilarious, especially when Nathan tried getting out of the chains and latched onto BarrySimon. I'm glad they got out of course, but again, sad to see Superhoodie gone. I'm wondering what'll happen in the last three episodes.

Bones 06x08: The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

So Parker has finally warmed up to Hannah? Wouldn't it have been fun if Parker didn't like Hannah? Now that would have been awesome to see. But alas, of course Hannah is going to ease up to him and now we have nothing standing in our way. Then again, this will be great too cause then WHEN BOOTH BREAKS UP WITH HER (he will, I'm sure -- someday), it'll be because he wanted it to be over and not because of his son.

And did you see the look of longing on Bones face? Okay so she's being truly cool about this whole thing, but in my heart of hearts, I know little by little, it's getting to her and hopefully she won't be able to contain it anymore that she'll just give Booth the ultimatum -- hopefully one he can't resist. Besides, Parker thinks she's cool.

Are six seasons NOT LONG ENOUGH A BURN HART HANSON?! you'd think he'd throw folks a bone, especially those were with them from the start. and this season I get we have to see Booth in a loving relationship that really functions so that we'll know he was happy with them and would be really incredibly in love with Bones to let that go, but can we just get to that last part now?! Before the series ends and all. I would like to see Booth/Bones together.

Nikita 01x10: Dark Matter

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE HOW BLIND WAS I TO NOT NOTICE THAT OWEN IS DEVON "CASPER" SAWA!!! OMG. Girls used to love him in grade 2 when he came out in Casper though I honestly never saw the appeal but I guess he aged pretty well because last time Owen came out, I was actually finding him cute. WOW. Still not over it. Now that that's been established, I would like to take a second to appreciate the fact that now we can have a legitimate love triangle between Michael/Nikita/Owen. Make it happen folks.

Also, that was a close call with Alex thanks to her non-BFF (whose name I still don't know). I'm glad she got out. I hope the evidence she found won't be used against her because it would be sad if things went wrong so soon in the season. I'm wondering how long this storyline will run -- with the black boxes. Because if they run through it real quickly, I don't know how season 2 (if they even get one) will flow. Oh well.

Vampire Diaries 02x10: The Sacrifice

Let's start off with the awesomeness of Caroline. How sweet is she looking out for Tyler? And yes, tyler did bring up a pretty good question of why Caroline cared so much. At the same time though, I can't blame Caroline for wanting to help. I see a triangle really trying to be formed and now I'm torn. Who to pick? Matt, the only human left (who'll remind her of her past) or Tyler, the struggling werewolf (who can relate to her on a supernatural level)? Oh the dilemmas these kids get into.

Also on a side note, Jeremy, you are growing up to be very fine. Though I don't appreciate the lying and taking things on by yourself (just like your older sister), you are pretty to look at. Stay this way. Also, I'm glad we still get a bit of Uncle Mason. Even if he was in pain the entire time. I guess we aren't going to see the actual werewolf transformation.

BUT REALLY... NOW KATHERINE IS STUCK WITH STEFAN INSIDE THE CAVE?! I wonder how long it'll take Bonnie to get him out because I'm sure Katherine will be all too happy with the situation while Stefan will be brooding and angry about this. Why don't you guys just work it out? I doubt it, but it's pretty interesting to see what kinds of things will be going down inside that cave now.

Did anyone else die with how swoon-worthy Damon was in this episode? Not that he isn't in other episodes but I guess not having VD and having it return has my love for Damon resurfacing in full force. When he was trying to save Elena from herself, I swear his eyes were so intense on her. Like he couldn't imagine her sacrificing herself for everyone she loved/cared about.

I loved when he was restraining her in the cave, when she was struggling against him. I loved it when she was explaining to Stefan and Damon why she didn't like their plan in the beginning. When she said she cared about them, You could tell Damon was glad to be included in that pronoun. THESE TWO ARE GOING TO KILL ME AND WE'RE ONLY TEN EPISODES INTO SEASON 2. Stay this awesome, show. Seriously, I'm so glad you're on tv right now.
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