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Trailer Tuesday: Garrett & Leighton Make Me Give In; Suddenly Craving More Korean & Lots of Sadness

It's already the last month of 2010 and there are some pretty fab movie coming up to close the year. And though I'm really looking forward to what 2011 has to offer cinematically, it's time for the last bidders for Oscar glory to show us what they've got. Though most of these don't have the pull of having my favorite people in them, they're still pretty awesome and still something to look forward to in December.

Country Strong

Technically not a trailer, but ever since jo_herself posted this, I have done NOTHING but have this on repeat. Seriously. It's kind of sad how I am not listening to anything else but Leighton and Garrett in all their country glory. There is something seriously wrong with me.

Finding Mr. Destiny

I haven't seen a korean movie in a long time but this one has Gong Yoo so I'm pretty sure I'll be making sure I catch this one. As silly as the premise sounds (he owns a dating agency that helps find your first love), I think it'll be cool to see Yoo again in something after his military service. I just want him to be in a TV series with Eun Hye again. But beggars can't be choosers. I'll take this.

The Way Back

So the last film this director made, I fell asleep in (Master and Commander), but I'm hoping this one will keep me up considering Jim Sturgess is in it. Can't say I'm raring to watch this, but Jim's looking at me longingly so I caved.

Rabbit Hole

Depressing much? Yes. But it's got Aaron Eckhart, who is so pretty, I'll watch him in anything and Nicole Kidman (I just re-watched The Interpreter -- I LOVE THAT FILM TO BITS) and this seems like another tear-jerker but hopefully there's that nice bright sunny day in the end. Let's hope.

Blue Valentine

So despite the first depressing trailer, how can one say no to Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams> These two have pretty much earned their way to where they are right now and this one has critically acclaimed written all over it. Also, I know I'll probably want to go eat so much out of sadness after this, but hey, who am I to say no to food and sad sad love? Let's all be masochists now.

Last Night

I have a confession to make. Though I haven't seen much of what he's made, I find Marion Cotillard's boyfriend, Guillaume Canet really really cute. Also, this movie feels like a really compressed version of "Closer" where everyone swaps partners. I'm sure it'll have a nice twist to it, and I love relationship movies so it's definitely interesting to catch.

The Company Men

Though I have still yet to see 'The Town,' it's always nice to see Ben Affleck's ruggedly handsome face on the big screen. Recession films always make me a bit teary, so I hope this one has a nice uplifting ending waiting for me. ALSO: all the stars they listed as being part of it are 'academy award winners' how's that for oscar bait?

The Tempest

Helen Mirren has been pretty fabulous in her recent stuff, I haven't finished Red but from what I've seen of it, it's pretty entertaining so this one should be a pretty interesting watch. Plus it's freaking Shakespeare and has explosions. How can one say no?

The Tourist

Though I'm not a big fangirl of either Johnny or Angelina, having them together in a film would seem pretty damn great. Plus the premise sounds interesting, and the title cards of the trailer are good. So really, it's a win-win-win for me.
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