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Just the way you are[47 Down/5 To Go!]
[+] I'm already 2/3 done with Kendi Everyday's awesome 30 For 30 Remix Challenge and I'm just hoping I make it all the way through without losing focus/outfits. Here's to an inspired last 10 days! We will survive!

[+] Though we don't celebrate Thanskgiving, I hope everyone who does had a really good one. I hope you all ate for yourselves and me too. Stuffing sounds good and I kind of wish I had some. Eat up!

[-] Tiring week is tiring. I should get better at coping with work weeks more cause right now I spend weekends sleeping away -- not that I mind it, but it would be nice to be awake for some stuff.

[+] THANK GOD FOR THE LONG WEEKEND. I can finally work on the holiday cards. I know, it's no use putting them out early if I'm sending them late. Expect them in 2011!

Could this day get any longer? I spent almost the entire day in the office and stayed really late into the night just because I didn't realize we were supposed to procure a permit for something. I feel incredibly fucked up. Seriously, how many more mistakes can I commit? Way to start the work week? Yes. I don't know how I found energy to even watch TV when I got home but I did. Someone please tell me it's the long weekend already? Yes? oh well, four more days.
A little better than yesterday, but still pretty freaking tiring. At least our project got moved a week later. Hallelujah. On a lighter note, on my way home (earlier than lately), I totally get cut off as I try to cross the street only to find that same car parked really near where I got cut. The window rolls down and lo and behold it was church crush. And he offered me a ride home (like five seconds away). Still, it was nice to catch up and all. I totally told him off for cutting me still.
I was going to present for the first time without my boss today and to a pretty big client of ours so I was trying to be nervous, but I couldn't be. Which is weird. because I am always nervous about presenting. So this non-nervousness made me MORE nervous that I wasn't nervous. I know confusing. The point is, it didn't go as bad as I thought it would and though I have a thousand things to do, I'm just glad that's out of the way. Till the next one, I suppose.
TMI ALERT: Female Issues. You've been warned. You know how I had that anxiety-induced-psycho-somatic-dyspnea in my last job? Well it's good to know despite the craziness of this new one, I don't have a hard time breathing (crosses fingers). Instead, I just don't have my period. I know it's normal to skip months but I'm very regular and though I have NOTHING to worry about in the prego department, I just wish I'd get it already. PMS sucks balls.
Something finally goes right. One big project I was really worried about had one major kink removed so I feel SO MUCH BETTER. like a billion times better. And now, we start the 'long' weekend with me going to a bar for an event for work. I'm not a bar person at all. Still, despite all my reservations, I had a pretty good time. It was fun to see the winners really enjoy (then again, who wouldn't when the bill is being footed right?) I even hit the dance floor. You should be proud.
WOW. If I didn't have to go pick up the car from the auto shop, i would not have gotten off bed. This seems to be a Saturday ritual. It's especially better this week since it's a long weekend up ahead (the last one till Christmas, so let's make it count). We had dinner out (because the kitchen's still being repainted) and I got tempted by Ransom My Heart! I didn't even know this book existed. Now I want to finish the Princess Diaries series. I stopped cause they kept changing covers. Silly reason, I know.
Ending the week with my brother's birthday is pretty fab. He's my most low key brother and doesn't really like a fuss about him but we managed to get him out of the house to celebrate a bit. I was so tempted to buy a couple of books cause they were 20 off but I'm glad I didn't. Then we visited my grandma and had dinner with her. And me, being older than my grandma physically, I totally zonked out at her place and woke up in time for dinner. Seriously. I am such a grandma.
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