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three and a half write-ups later

Funny how after sleeping for seven hours straight, I can keep awake till the wee hours in the morning. Hopefully, this shall work for me next week when it is most crucial: exams.

I just finished making three write-ups. Mindy's was first, then I moved on to Fen's. I had a difficult time dealing with Yvina's for some weird reason. So I moved on to Janna's first.

The thing with Yvina's was that I had read what someone wrote about her -- I have a very very strong feeling that Fen was the one who wrote it -- and it was just too brilliant! This person obviously knew Yvina a lot better than I did so it would be such a waste if I didn't use it. I edited it and added a few things, but all in all it was the mystery writer's work. The wording was just perfect! It definitely said so much about Yvina and it was said beautifully. Later, I shall question both of them on the identity of the writer who obviously had so much love for Yvina.

Hopefully, they'll like what I wrote about them. I did spend forever making them. Now, I shall transfer my English notes before the test. Grr... Back to reality once more.
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