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TV Time: Sarah is the Hottest Blonde She-Man Around; Future!Simon Is Too Hot For Words

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Raise your hands if you miss the Vamprie Diaries? Because yes, I miss it so much. Every week it's gone, I miss it even more, but I'm also glad to take a break from other shows (read: Gossip Girl) and just get a smaller set of shows to watch -- even if I totally missed every single one this week. Work-life does seem to get in the way like that. Thank goodness for the long weekend.

Merlin 03x11: The Sorcerer's Shadow

It's Dudley! I love how we have the Harry Potter high going with Dudley guest starring on Merlin this week. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of Merlin for the way he handled this, but mostly I'm just glad he finally got to interact with someone with magic who isn't downright evil. At least Merlin got a hand at keeping this boy on the good side rather than have him turn evil too.

I do want to give Arthur a hug though. Thank goodness Uther knew that Arthur threw the match. It's always nice to see Uther's faith restored in Arthur especially after last week (that seems to have been conveniently forgotten).

This match between father/son gave us a lot of Morgana smirks too, so that's always fun to watch. I'm glad Morgana's plotting didn't turn out the way she had hoped. Two more episodes left. I don't want Merlin to end just yet.

The Walking Dead 01x04: Vatos

So much for a chill episode. I was hoping that it was going to be a more character-centric episode all throughout -- what with Rick going back for Murrow and then proceeding to give all their guns to the 'worthy' rebel-like people who stayed in the city to take care of the old people. It's amazing what an upright man Rick really is and it's showing so well in times of trouble. Also, I'm just really thankful that Glenn wasn't harmed.

But of course, there had to be a pretty good zombie turnout and right when I thought they'd be singing 'Kumbaya' around the campfire, we get a zombie attack and Amy dying right before her birthday. Poor Andrea, you could tell she was devastated. The entire time she was clutching Amy's dying body though, i just kept yelling, 'kill her! she's going to turn' and so I was disappointed we didn't get to see Amy turning into the undead. I wonder if all those bodies would fit in the hole that they dug up.

Chuck 04x09: Chuck Versus the Phase Three

It's amazing to see how far Sarah Walker has gone. From being bad ass spy, to being this totally love sick puppy that really will do anything to get Chuck back. As cheesy as this episode was, it was nice to see the arc Sarah has traveled. Props to Sarah and the soundtrack to her match against the Thai fighter. I always love seeing Sarah kick some ass.

I feel bad for Chuck though, getting stuck in that perpetual dream where he's being forced to flash. All the crazy situations with Ellie and Awesome disappearing and Sarah leaving him (with a glow of light) and all the windows breaking around Chuck and how they were erasing his memories, it was a really pretty dream. That ending? So cute. Though I don't want them to get married just yet (they did just get together), but it was really pretty.

And seeing Morgan wield a gun and announcing, "I definitely know how to use this" made me laugh so hard. I am so glad they came to help her out. You're a team, guys! Stick together. Also, I'm glad Ellie and Awesome finally found the laptop in the car. It's always hilarious to see Devon turn to Jeff and Lester.

Glee 02x08: Furt

I'm glad the entire Finn/Kurt thing has been resolved. And though Karofsky can't be expelled, it's good to know we'll get more Blaine/Kurt. I doubt this Dalton business will stick for good, we'll get you back Kurt. And yes cute performances at the wedding (even wedding march) -- I can't help it, I'm a sucker for weddings.

Also because I am so far behind in music, this is the first time I"ve ever heard anything by Bruno Mars and it was a cute one. Good to know. I swear, I need to listen to the radio more. After wiki-ing him though, I have apparently heard a lot of the songs he wrote but didn't realize it then.

Leave it to Sue to marry herself. I'm just glad to have her around. Her mother is kinda crazy so I guess we see where she gets all of this. Also, best wedding dress ever. Got to love the track suit dress. Only Sue Sylvester.

And how cute are Sam/Quinn? Seriously. Though I'm not sure how effective this promise ring will be, I'm just glad we get to see more of them now. Don't deny it, Quinn. You know you want him and his pretty hair.

Misfits 02x03: Superhoodie

MY GOD SHOW PLEASE STOP BLOWING MY MIND EVERY WEEK? From the entire tattoo storyline: it's always funny to see Nathan get all crazy (and this time for Simon) at the same time see Kelly go bonkers over tattoo guy, only to find out his kryptonite is the peanuts. And of course, now we see more development from Curtis and apparently sick girl. Though I was never to really ship anyone on the show, this episode definitely gave me something to consider.

BECAUSE REALLY... SUPERHOODIE IS SIMON!? AND HE HOOKS UP WITH ALISHA (if she's not dead) AND HE'S FROM THE FUTURE AND CAN TOUCH HER?! Where did this come from and how the hell are we going to get there? This episode definitely threw us a curveball and I doubt they'll resolve all of this in three more episodes so I suppose we'll have to wait for the new season. One thing's for sure, future!Simon is even cuter than present!Simon so I'm pretty excited to see how it all unfolds till we get there.

AND REALLY. SIMON. STOP BEING HOT. His scenes with Alisha were pretty steamy but just the way he holds himself is so freaking sexy, it's not fair. Now we get double the Simon. AND I AM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS.
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