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Anne & Jake Get Me High on Love & Other Drugs

Too Much Love ♥[I♥Jake;AHFan]
Before the advent of my love for Rob and Kristen, there was Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Yes, I was pretty psyched about Brokeback Mountain despite the sad ending, so now that they've teamed up for the slightly more upbeat Love and Other Drugs, you KNOW I'm in heaven.

More than watching them on screen, seeing them promote the movie EVERYWHERE makes me even more excited. Because really, how adorable are these two together? Sure, it's all platonic, but they do know how to play it up for the cameras. And that is enough for me. Told you, I'm easy.

Opening Night Gala (AFI Fest)

NO REALLY. WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS DATING AGAIN?! Because you would make really cute looking babies from the looks of it.

Anne wowed in her white short sleeved Antonio Berardi dress with cream lace front panels and draped detail from the waist. From head to toe, girl is just perfection. I don't know how sh does it.

Not to be left behind at all, Jake looks ever so dapper in his suit. These kids just keep me squeeing on the inside.

See that one hug there in the middle? I live for moments like that. Why can't they just get together? Y/Y?

Press Conference

I would have loved shots of them together, but she's too beautiful here, I don't mind one bit

Viva la lumberjack, Jake. Looking especially charming as always.

New York Screening

Again, just kill me kids, you're too damn cute.

Hello handsome, it's good to see you rocking the suit more often

Then because she wore white in the first premiere, she continued her white hot streak in Valentino 2010 floral print dress with a tiered silhouette. She looks like a snowflake and a present all in one.

Variety Screening

Despite the more dressed down event, Jake and Anne still bring their A-game, being all smiles.

TV Talk Shows

HOW ADORABLE CAN THESE TWO GET ON THE TODAY SHOW?!? yes that deserved all caps. They need to make babies soon.

Jake dropped by Letterman first looking suave as always with his shades

Then he went nuts with Jimmy. I always love when Jake does silly stuff with Fallon.

On the West-coast, Anne visited Leno (Conan! Conan! Conan!) in her black catsuit with that deep deep v. Still classy though

More Anne

Before I forget, despite my love for you Anne, this has got to be the most confusing Halloween costume ever. I'm not sure what she came as to Lanvin’s Halloween Extravaganza. Oh well, she's there and I am not.

Not exactly sure what Angels in America is but Anne dropped by with boyfriend Adam to the event and I love how preppy she looked. Got to love that smile.

At the American Museum of Natural History’s 2010 Museum Gala, I saw just how skinny Anne has gotten in her Miu Miu floral embellished strapless peaked navy dress. I like her bouffant and I'm excited to see her on SNL.

More Jake

Before hooking up with Anne, Jake flew solo at the NY Screening of Love and Other Drugs. When I saw this photo, I just thought, damn he's working out.

Because no, pairing up with Anne isn't enough, he had to up the cuteness by showing up with Natalie too at the 25th Anniversary Gala for FINCA International. Doing good and looking good? All in a days work.
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