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Should I give up[46 Down/6 To Go!]
[+] You know how when a celebrity tweets at you, you get all giddy? Well I suppose the closest I've gotten to that is getting a random comment from KENDI EVERYDAY (the person who's mobilized 337+ bloggers to do that 30 For 30 thing I've been doing. Yeah, I'm a spaz.

[+] I swear the sweetness never stops. 30 for 30 buddy sexycereal sent me a sweet platter of fruits and I'm just really thankful. You are too sweet. We will rock this 30 for 30!

[-] Not my best week at work. I'm used to it being long. I'm not used to feeling so incompetent and idiotic. I really need to double up my game if I want to be better at this. I just don't want to feel like such a failure all the time.

[+] Thank god for awesome friends who make the week go by okay and of course, the AWESOMENESS OF HP7. Hope this next week is better for all.

DO NOT APPRECIATE A TRANSPORT STRIKE I WASN'T AWARE OF TO START MY WEEK. It's a good thing I got lucky with the ride to the MRT station but there were so many people and no rides at all. I hope this stops soon. It's not a good way to start your day or week. My boss is back though and she brought lollipops! A little sugar rush never hurt anyone and I need the pick me up during afternoons. They seem to drag on forever.
Free day is lazy! I love it. Though for a split second there, I almost went to work (I have so much to do), but then I figured holidays are rarer so instead I stayed home and caught up on TV. I also ended up going to the wake of my sister's boyfriend's grandmother with my parents. That was some funny meet-the-entire-family business which is funny considering my sister wasn't even there. Happiest wake I've ever been to. And the food was great too.
I woke up extra early to get to work early so I could finish the shitload of work I had waiting for me. Unfortunately, I managed to forget my MRT card which then made me miss the train. And I had to wait TWENTY Freaking minutes for the next one (it usually takes a maximum of five). It's a good thing I managed to finish all my work before my deadlines. Despite the rest of the day going by relatively well, that was a drag to begin the day with.
Just one more movie and my childhood is over. Despite the extremely long and exhausting day (with so many deadlines and the never-ending list of things I had to do right when I wanted to get out of the office already) and my intern coming in (I HAVE AN INTERN. i feel old, this is not real life. I was just an intern), I actually managed to get out of work early enough to catch Harry Potter with my cousins. So worth the stress today. SO worth it.
You know when you wake up and you can just tell the day isn't going to go by like expected? This was one of those days. Other than the fashion dilemma, I also had a major deadline to meet -- which i only found out about today. And it's not like it was just dependent on me. It was banking on the work of others and the approval of more other folk. STILL, everyone was so damn helpful, I was pumped to just make it work. And it did. It feels good to have help.
I literally did nothing today which is how my Saturdays usually go except there was a lot of activity in the house with my parents wanting to remodel/renovate our kitchen. It's not like I use the room, other than to eat what's been cooked (I can't cook) so I'm not really minding it. But then they disconnected the TV and DVD player in the living room cause they'll be polishing th marble tomorrow and now I can't watch TV. This is going to be a problem.
We celebrated the belated birthday of my godfather (my mom's brother) by doing what he loves to do best. KARAOKE. I haven't picked up a microphone in ages, but it felt so fun to just scream my frustrations with the work week out. No, I can't sing-sing, but I can karaoke. Hello 100 point songs in a row. Though I don't know if I'll still have a voice for the rest of the new work week but it felt really good to just cut loose and not worry (too much) about how horribly i'm doing at work.
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