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TV Time: Hello Old!Merlin; Can the Substitute Stay Forever? Nathan, Don't Take a Dump on the Bed

Though we don't get any Vampire Diaries, I did get lots of cute moments on Merlin, plus Glee's performances were too cute this week that it made missing the Salvatore brother hurt a little less. Also, with Misfits getting more awesome, it'll definitely makes my week more interesting. Speaking of Merlin though, I want THIS to happen already. That's too much hotness for one show, really.

Merlin 03x10: Queen of Hearts

And I got my wish. I got my Gwen-Arthur episode though of course it had to have some evil!morgana smirking in it to turn it all into a mess. Still, I'm happy and I'll take it. From Morgana's scheming to get Arthur and Morgana to act on their forbidden love to of course Morgana staging her little ride into the forest with Uther, it was all so hilarious how I'd literally expect Morgana's evil smirk at the end of every scene. Uther AND Arthur truly are blind. Thank goodness Gwen is sort of seeing the light.

Meanwhile, Merlin is being adorable trying his bestest to act as wingman and at the same time protecting Arthur/Gwen to the point that he'd be burned at the stake if Gauis didn't finish the potion in time. Seriously, how heroic can Merlin get? At least we get a glimpse of old!merlin and it's funny cause I can't even see him as old now. I see him as young!merlin and anything else is just weird. Still, go Merlin. You were sweet. Even if Arthur and Uther were being asses. I'm glad you got your feelings off your chest as old!merlin.

But really, Gwen/Arthur? It took time for me to warm up to them but now I crave them. Even their cheesy parting kiss as Gwen was being towed away. I'm so happy they got their day away together (even if it was so rudely interrupted) and their parting kiss. And heck, I even appreciate Arthur pulling her aside afterward to tell her they had to lay low, or at least make others think it was all an enchantment. You're finally learning my young padawan. Best keep it to yourselves. The best part? Arthur saying he'd relinquish his throne for Gwen. Oh Uther, you don't know your son at all.

The Walking Dead 01x03: Tell it to the Frogs

Can this show get any better?! I swear it was one of the heavier episodes with Rick getting reunited with his family and Darryl wanting to go back for his brother Murrow, but still, heavy is still awesome for this show so it wasn't a bad deal at all.

So now we get why Mrs. Rick jumped into best friend Shane's arms right away, she thought Rick was dead -- or at least believed Shane when he told her this. Yes, I get she was in a bad place with all this zombie stuff, but could she not be a little more hopeful for her husband's welfare?! Now she wants Shane to back off. Girl, it takes two to tango, and you definitely did some tango-ing there. Also, HELLO SEXY TIMES WITH RICK... and your child in the same tent. I guess it does come down to that during an apocalypse.

Also, I'm scared that Glenn will die or Rick or the other guy in an attempt to come back for Murrow (who's apparently already cut off his own hand). I really hope Murrow doesn't plan anything stupid in revenge for getting left behind but lord knows what he's going to do. It was painful to watch him struggle though in the start. Not something I want to see again. Nor do I want to see the evil wife-battering dude hit someone or get hit. Oh zombies, look what you've done to these folk.

Chuck 04x08: Chuck Versus the Fear of Death

HEY SARAH, LET'S BELIEVE IN CHUCK A LITTLE YES? Though I totally get where all this fear and apprehension is coming from, I feel bad for Chuck having to hear from Sarah that she doesn't think he's a real spy. Sure, he's got the Intersect with him, but I'm sure a little spy-learning has been done right? And knowing how insecure Chuck is about his spy-status, it really must have stung to see Sarah have so little faith/be so worried about him.

Also, I love Alex. She's the cutest daughter to Casey and a pretty good girlfriend to Morgan. I hope they keep her around and don't a) forget about her; b) kill her; c) make her evil. Also, Jeff and Lester better thank their lucky stars Casey's around because it seemed like Greta was going to kill them for a minute there. I would however kill for a Subway sandwich. Damn that product placement. I am so hungry.

Gossip Girl 04x09: The Witches of Bushwick

Well show, it really can't get any more absurd right? Oh wait, it can. This week, Chuck and Blair try to denounce each other in favor of keeping up appearances only to fall back into each other's arm. Let's all give a collective 'AWWW?' No, let's not. I miss fierce!chuck/blair. When they ruled and didn't let anyone tell them otherwise. Now, they're bowing to other peoples dictations of how they should act. Still, it was cute to see them be all 'i-love-you-screw-them.' Oh show, why do I put up with you?

Meanwhile in Operation 'isolate-Serena' it seems like V and Big and Little J have a triumph. Lord knows I'm eager to find out what it is exactly Juliet's doing all of this for because it's been dragged 9 episodes too long. ALSO, was I the only one who got a heart attack when "Juliet-dressed-as-Serena kissed Dan. For a second there, I really hoped it wasn't Jenny doing the kissing CAUSE THAT WOULD BE SO WRONG.

Speaking of wrong, it is wrong to have TOO LITTLE ERIC on this show. More Eric, Less V? Yes please. Also, Lily and Rufus need new problems other than the I'm-a-horrible-mother plot. This has been driven home too many times by Serena. Break out your plaid shirts, Rufus. You were much more interesting then.

90210 02x09: They're Playing Her Song

You know how I said I was a Silver/Teddy fan and hoped she didn't end up with Navid? Well it looks like NONE of my prayers are being answered. Because of Adrianna getting all caught up in her ascent to fame and Navid getting all family problem-y and Teddy sort of accepting his gay-ness and Silver being totally available, we now get Navid/Silver. Or at least we will in the next few episodes. I do not approve at all.

You know what else I don't approve of? Ryan/MRS. WILSON. She is Annie's mom. It's so wrong. I don't even want to go there but I had to. Also, not enough Naomi. Though I have to say, I like Naomi so much, the fact that she likes Ivy now is making me like Ivy. I liked that cute bit where all of them were singing Adrianna's song in her car. And Annie's insecurity-to-the-cool-ex-girlfriend-of-the-boyfriend-I-don't-even-like is a plot I wish we could get rid of. Hopefully along with this guy, because I REALLY DO NOT like him. at all.

Glee 02x07: The Substitute

Let me preface this by saying I CANNOT GET 'TEENAGE DREAM' out of my head. I don't even want to download the CHristmas album just yet because I know it'll skew my a certain way but it should be known that Glee can still bring me to my pop-tastic knees with their awesome songs and this week it's a hit-and-quasi-miss but over-all pretty awesome.

I know Gwyneth guest-starred to promote "Country Strong" (so I wish she took Garrett with her) but really, what an awesome guest star. Her character was so adorable, being down with the kids and all and her performances were superb. Cee-Lo's "Forget You" still sticks out but I also enjoyed her "Chicago" duet with Rachel and even the production value of "Singing in the Rain/Umbrella" though that felt a tad forced.

And as much as I love Mike Chang, his 'duet' or more like back-up dancing for Mr. Schu felt a little too hard sell. Still, ANYTIME MIKE CHANG DANCES, I WATCH AND SQUEE, so I will not complain. I sort of want Gwyneth's character to sub again though. She was too fab. Also fab, though under-used, Brittany. I'm glad she knows the second half of the alphabet now.

Misfits 02x02: My Brother

SHOW, STAY AWESOME. and they have. For their second episode, we get a look into Nathan's family life and the messed up intricacies behind it. As poignant and sad as his plot was, it was also nice to see Nathan try to connect with a brother/family he so craved. Robert Sheehan brought it, acting-wise -- being both hilarious douche/asshole and vulnerable son/brother. Of course, like all 'good things,' they had to kill Jamie off. Oh well, at least Nathan had some brotherly bonding -- and hopefully now, a better relationship with the dad.

It was really interesting to see how drugs could literally alter their powers though. From everyone hating Alisha, to Curtis traveling to the future, to Simon being seen by everyone (and wanting to see him no matter how dorky his dance moves), to Kelly being unable to keep her thoughts in, and of course to Nathan's mortality (thank god he didn't die), I wonder if there'll come a time when their powers will be altered with more serious consequences.

Bones 06x07: The Babe in the Bar

Though I do appreciate storylines that revolve around other characters, I do miss the Bones/Booth dynamic. I don't think we saw much of it, if any during this episode save for the Yowza comments. I get they're trying to focus on other folks too, but it wouldn't hurt to throw us a bone (no pun intended) right? I think that's my biggest beef with the show this season. But hey, hopefully with the one week hiatus, they pack some punch when they get back.

Nevertheless, it's always a delight to see Vincent Nigel Murray as their intern, even as he details every answer he made on Jeopardy, he's always so funny. I wish he appeared on Mad Men more often too as Lane Pryce's assistant, but I'll take what I can get. He was especially hilarious while trying to fake surprise over Angela/Hodgin's baby news. Never change, Nigel-Murray!
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