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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

One Last Time [MuggleNet]
It's hard to believe by April 2011, my childhood will really be over. Last night, I caught the first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it did not disappoint one bit. Though I was sort of hazy on some of the details regarding the book, choosing to make it into two parts was the best decision ever -- totally justified and totally well thought out.

I'm still reeling after a good night's sleep and I really do want to see it again. David Yates and company did a spectacular job of bringing this one to another level. Let's count down to July 15?

Let me start off by saying how superb the acting is. The trio brought their A-Game on this one and you could tell how much they've improved from previous movies. I could really feel the ache and emotion from them in this one. It reduced my cousin to tears (despite the low death count). They were funny in the moments of humor and they were cute when it called for it. But they were also very angsty and angry when it called for it.

From the moment the trio show up on screen, saying goodbye to their lives as they know it in the beginning, I already felt a tug at my heartstrings. Hermione making her parents forget her really struck a chord with me. Harry saying goodbye to his cupboard/room. Ron knowing nothing was ever going to be the same, it was just so sad.

Other scenes I thought were pretty breathtaking were really anytime they were camping and they'd show the scope of where they were in? Loved those. I love it when Hermione's so close to the Snatchers and he smells her perfume. That was such a scary/brilliant scene. Also when Bellatrix tortures Hermione and imprints 'mudblood' on her arm, I just died. When Harry and Hermione visit Harry's parents at Godric's Hollow, I really wished Sirius were still alive. I feel so sad for Harry all the time.

Let's not forget the other characters of course. From the Weasleys (how cute is Bill? and how pretty was Fleur at their wedding), I don't want them to die! To Lupin and Tonks (though we only get a brief glimpse of them here) to the Death Eaters. Snape is one BAMF and it's always so hard to tell what he's thinking which is awesome. Bellatrix Lestrange is one crazy woman and Helena Bonham-Carter always brings all the crazy with it. The best part? Seeing Lucius Malfoy's silky hair totally unkempt. Boy is worried.

Then there's Luna Lovegood and her father Xeno portrayed by the always hilarious Rhys Ifans (who you couldn't tell was him from some angles). I was always sad about how desperate Xeno was in the book, seeing it translated onto the screen was so nice to see. Luna always brings the funny with her and it was just as you could imagine it in your head.

And let's not even mention the deaths. Hedwig! Mad-Eye! George's Ear! Dobby! It's not even such 'huge deaths' and yet I was already blubbering. Imagine what happens when it's part 2 and they really start killing people. I totally get Harry's wanting to leave so no one else will have to die for him but Ron was right. It wasn't really for him alone. Dobby's death left the biggest mark though. My cousin and I were finding him so cute with his shoes!!! And his final words to Harry? I died.

Still there were funny parts. When the trio entered the Ministry of Magic using the polyjuice potions, it was so funny despite the situation being so tense. Ron's body was the most hilarious even if Harry did a pretty impressive job of being funny too. I love love loved how awkward the trio looked walking around in other people's bodies.

And of course, there were the cutesy love moments. Yes, though Ginny/Harry's kiss in the beginning felt funny in some ways, I'm glad Harry at least got some action for what brief moment that was (no, i'm not counting Ron's creepy fear of naked!harry and naked!hermione making out). And all the cute Ron/Hermione moments got to me. Anytimt the two are in a scene together and are just looking at each other or talking about one another, I get all giddy. I'm easy okay.

But really, it was so beautiful. from the shots to the colors, to the production design and the music, the entire aesthetic of the movie was a whole new level of pretty. I love the cinematography and how everything seemed so much grander and on a larger scale. Their chase scenes whether through a forest, a London street or through the sky was just amazing.

Speaking of beautiful, how can one forget the movie-within-the-movie. THE TALE OF THE THREE BROTHERS FELT LIKE A FEATURE FILM. I loved the animation and the way they decided to tell the story. It was so breathtaking on its own. I usually hate 'backstories' to stories but this one I truly enjoyed just because it felt so special and so essential. And obviously, so beautiful.

I'm sure I missed a whole load of other things to talk about but for now, I'll just say it was pretty freaking perfect and I can't wait to see it again.

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