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Breaking Dawn Starts The Honeymoon Period; Carey Continues to Drive; R-Bils Has Her BFF & Baby

Hello Honeymooners[Everglow Media]
With a mere 366 days to go till Breaking Dawn part 1 takes over fangirls everywhere, Bill Condon has whisked Rob and Kristen away to Brazil to shoot the only part I really enjoyed reading in the book (Part 1). I honestly still don't know how they're going to fill the second half of the movie, but these photos have driven me to at least want to re-read part one.

Still, the world spins on despite BD-filming and so many other favorites are also doing their thing. I'm really excited for My Week with Marilyn now that I know it has not just Eddie but Emma too! Click on to see more behind-the-scenes pretty

Rob & Kristen; Breaking Dawn 1.0

Not going to lie, these were so cute, they made me dust off my Breaking Dawn book and cracked it open after a long time

So this is the speedboat. I also realize I have a hard time differentiating what really happened in BD, to fic I've read. This is not good.

And here we have Edward distracting Bella with chess. I am still as frustrated with that honeymoon now that I'm re-reading. They're married already!

Well you know they're not coming out on the cover of Men's or Women's Health, and though it's odd seeing SO MUCH SKIN on these two, it'll be nice to see how they pull these off on screen. Love Kristen's bikinis though.

Rachel; The Vow

I have yet to see Morning Glory but I'm liking what I see here on the Vow. Did they just put Scott Speedman?! I'm getting Felicity flashbacks. I like it.

Amanda; Now

Not sure why they changed the movie title from Im.Mortal to Now, but I see JT on set. Something tells me he'll be hogging publicity again on this. I do however love Amanda and her wig.

Anna; Live With It

Also another change of name, from I'm with Cancer to Live with It. Still, Anna does not look happy being spied on set. I just want to see her in more things. She was A+ in Scott Pilgrim after all.

Camilla; Break Away

I'm not quite sure which of these is her costume on set, but it's always nice to see Camilla filming something. Cause that means more prettines when she promotes.

Carey; Drive

I really like that we get to see Carey in something with Ryan. And though this one looks like a gritty film, Carey's been looking better as filming goes by. Happier perhaps?

Leighton; Vera Wang Ad Campaign

Yes, I know, it's not a movie, but Leighton was shooting a Vera Wang ad campaign and looked too good to resist. Girl, I'm in love.

Natalie; No Strings

I don't know what kind of movie Natalie would sign up for with Ashton in it, but it must be pretty good. And look at that, they're making out already.

Rachel; BFF and Baby

Rachel! You have a movie! And because it has Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter in it, I might actually get to see this in the cinemas. Lots of costume changes for Miss Bilson.

Emma; My Week with Marilyn

See folks, wigs can be done nicely. Emma steps out of a car and onto set with a wig, I'm assuming since she's cut it all off. Excited to see who she'll play.

Eddie; My Week with Marilyn

Eddie just looks dashing in this. I'm excited to see him in more things now that he's won that Tony. Plus the accent NEVER hurt anyone.

Chris; This Means War

I'm still not sure what this film is about but it does have Tom Hardy in it too, so obviously I won't complain. Plus, seeing Chris laugh so heartily on set? Total bonus.

Ryan; The Change Up

I'm sort of crushing on Olivia Wilde too so seeing she's got a film with Ryan in it, I'm very excited -- even if I'm not quite sure what it's about yet. Please say rom-com.

Shia; Transformers 3

And finally, on the movie filming that will never end, we have Shia still all cut up and wounded nd dirty with Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Raise your hand if you miss Megan Fox. I do.
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