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No Regrets[45 Down/7 To Go!]
[+] I apologize for the flist spamming. I'm really trying my best to spread the entries apart but it's hard when I'm always asleep when I'm at home. So yeah, that's me saying sorry.

[+] I feel so bad that I didn't get the package mizra sent me. Guys, don't send me anything bigger than a letter because we have an evil postal system and things get lost. Thanks for the gift, I'm sure it was awesome and I'm so sorry I didn't get it. ALSO, I should be giving YOU the vgift, not the other way around!

[+] I'm still doing that 30 for 30 Remix Challenge and am on Day 7. So far, so good. Then again, with everything mapped out, all I have to do is hope and pray that hypothetical outfits in my head turn out okay to good in reality.

[+] And last call for Holiday Cards! I'll be sending them soon since our postal system fails like that. Hope you all have a good week ahead!

You know when you wake up and you're running late and you know it's going to be a long day. Well that's what happened today. I woke up way later than usual and when I got on the MRT, I totally fell asleep and missed my stop. It's a good thing, there's a center platform, two stops away from my stop and I was able to wake up on time to get on the returning train. Also, i can usually run on very little sleep, but totday I felt like a zombie at work. I need sleep.
So much for getting to work early, I ended up going home really late. Still, somehow late nights aren't too bad because the folks in the office all hang around till really late as well. Thanks to my busy-ness the whole day, I actually FORGOT to eat lunch! How does one forget?! No food wastage for me though, I ate my lunch of pasta and a piadinna for dinner. I swear I eat too much for each meal. I wouldn't mind if another long weekend came up really.
We are orphans once more. My dad has this obsession with Baguio (aka the summer capital of the Philippines) that even when it isn't summer, as long as he has more than a couple of days of vacation, he's off to the mountains, while I'm stuck at home trying to act like a responsible older sister to my younger siblings (who are generally good, but can get pretty 'teenager-y' when they want to. Do not want this responsibility. Why am the oldest kid left?
Yesterday was the longest day ever at work. 12 hours plus. So today I thought I would be able to get work off early. Apparently not. Still, my boss took a leave of absence to take a trip so I'm going to be boss-less till tomorrow. Not a bad deal at all. I hope I can have a chill day though this week. Also, I finally saw Conan's pilot episode and it is golden. I am so happy he's back on my TV, basic cable or not. He belongs behind that desk. Here's to many more.
I could technically be absent today just because I've accumulated so many hours plus the boss is on vacation, but I couldn't. And there was still so much work, I just wanted to go home. It's a good thing I didn't leave early though cause around 6pm, we get an email from HR announcing another contest (they have a lot of these) and I actually was one of the 11 winners of ICECREAM! We had some int he pantry with the whole team (FIVE OF US WON!). Awesome times. Definitely a great way to start the weekend
I LOVE HOW I GOT MY LAZY SATURDAY BACK. If it weren't for the little errand of accompanying my newly-licensed brother to pick up our little sister at school, I would have been in bed (different ones all over the house) all day napping. Is it still considered a nap though if you're doing it the entire day?! In between napping, I managed to catch up on TV and start my Breaking Dawn re-read. I know, those damn photos got to me too.
WHY SO FAST WEEKEND?! It literally just started. I'm glad our parents are back from vacation though. As nice as my siblings were during their absence, I prefer my not caring for anything existence over the 'where-are-you-siblings' daze I'm in when the parents are away. Also, I'm really tempted to get a trim (I had one 3 months ago) but I guess I really just need to put in more effort into combing the hair cause it's not really that bad yet. Perhaps in February when I'm really 'scheduled' for another haircut, I'll get it done. For now, I'll have to comb and comb.
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