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Happy to See less than Tab

My parents braved the rain to pick me up at 2pm today. So sweet of them. Of course, my ever protective dad, refused to make my mom commute, although she does this all the time, so I was riding a car this afternoon. A bit naïve if you ask me, because mom's so used to riding around town on public transport that it's a bit weird for dad not to want her to do these things when she obviously does it all the time.

What happened between 3pm this afternoon and about an hour ago? What happened to all that precious time I was saving up all my work for? What happened to all my plans of doing all my work? Well, what do I love doing best? Sleep.

Seven hours of bliss. Gotta love that. Now, I have to do P4's write-ups. Compiling is a bi***. And of course, the beautiful Janna's too. I love this girl too much. I'll do anything for her.

But before going home, I must say that I was able to get my tri-weekly dose of TAB. Actually, Siete, Ocho, Seis and I aren't quite sure if he is even a full-fledged tab. We think he's probably less than tab. Still, I didn't think I'd see him, but I guess it's kismet. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm not complaining though, because who am I to really complain about seeing him, right? I pointed him out to my mom and I don't know what reaction I got from her, and I really don't care. Because I saw him and that made me sleep a lot easier when I got home.

In fact, I'm in a much better mood right now. Feeling quite right.
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