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TV Time: Monkeyslut! Another One Almost Bit The Dust; No Guts, No Glory For The Zombie Survivors

And here I am again, mega late with my recap/mega tired too, so the spam will have to follow -- if it follows at all. I hate how real life has gotten in the way of my recaps. I'm kind of scared cause this work things seems to be the norm nowadays and having no time to do my spams for all the shows will probably be what's 'usual' now. So if you added me to your flist solely for the tv recaps, feel free to un-add.

Merlin 03x09: Love in the Time of Dragons

I like you Gaius, I really do, but somehow, I am not liking all these episodes focusing on him. And what?! We don't get any Morgana evil smirks at all?! WHAT IS THIS SHOW IF NOT FOR THOSE?! Still, I'm glad we got a bit of Arthur/Merlin being adorable together because when an episode arrives without that, you knwo we're all doomed.

Having said that I do feel bad for Gauis. Old man had the love of his life and couldn't even keep her the second time around. When will anyone on this show ever find happiness that wasn't thwarted by evil or magic?! I'm happy Gauis and Merlin were able to use their magic full on though. Or at least as much as they could. These kids are repressed man.

The Walking Dead 01x02: Guts

WOW SHOW. Thanks for bringing the guts front and center. I swear, this show just gets better and I am liking all this gore we're getting. ONLY ON AMC FOLKS. You know who I like? Asian kid. That is why I am so scared he's going to get eaten up by zombies and become one too. NO. He was too nice to Rick to die. Or rather, he's too nice therefore he will die.

You know what I didn't like? Captain Racist. Yeah, there are lots of them out there and of course they'd be represented in a zombie apocalypse but something tells me he's going to survive this non-zombie-d out and he's going to be another thing the crew will have to deal with on their way to safer pastures. Boo. If only the key didn't conveniently fall into the damn hole.

ALSO, SARA TANCREDI! HOW COULD YOU DO IT ON THE FOREST FLOOR?! with a man that isn't hour husband!? Okay, so I don't quite know what's going on with her and Rick and their marriage but her son could totally just walk in on her and his dad's best friend! This will scar the kid FOR LIFE -- if he survives this zombie attack of course. Oh well, I'll blame it on the impending zombie attacks.

Gossip Girl 04x08: Juliet Doesn't Live here Anymore

For all my bitching about Juliet, I have to say, she did add SOME LIFE to this clearly dying show. Other than her silliness and extra-ridiculous storyline, Katie Cassidy always adds some zest to things she graces (read: best part of Melrose Place 2.0). So it's kind of sad to see her get banished from the UES -- though I have to admit the non-judgmental breakfast club looked spectacularly awesome in their witches of the NESW formation. What a stylish bunch

Also, though I appreciate the Chuck/Blair hate sex, I wouldn't mind if they just became friends again. I see they're going to drag on this physical thing for quite some time, but at least we do get some Chuck/Blair. And though I don't care for the Serena/Collin storyline (see how she dumped him and is now back to Nate/Dan confusion) or for the Juliet/Jenny/Vanessa team-up (UMMM. NJBC >>> YOU GIRLS), I see we'll be getting lots more drama in the weeks to come.

90210 02x08: Mother Dearest

Remember how I used to not care for Ivy at all? Well when you put her with Naomi, I sort of give a shit. So it's nice to see them take down Oscar, though a really really tiny part of me would have liked to see how Naomi would be with Oscar -- you know evil goes together? Still, I feel bad for Mr. Matthews now that Jen's run away leaving baby with him and Naomi. Looks like Naomi's going to be mothering for a bit -- or at least I hope so. It'll ground her a tad. And she needs that.

ALSO, I DO NOT LIKE SILVER/NAVID. You guys are great friends and I'm glad Silver helped 'expose' Navid's dad but come on, really!? You weren't ever attracted to him. yes, you guys get along. BUT NO. Plus if Navid ends up with Silver, what else will Adrianna have left? Joe Jonas? It was funny to see a Jonas Brother on the show though spewing words of wisdom of being true to yourself and all. Oh Adrianna, you will never learn.

Glee 02x06: Never Been Kissed

FIRST THINGS FIRST: NO WILL SCHUESTER, YOU MAY NOT BE MY FIRST KISS. I get that Beast was opening up to him and making herself vulnerable, but it wasn't like she was asking Will to seal the deal. Be it romantic or not in nature, I don't care. Will, how could you?! Never mind that she probably wouldn't get kissed in the near future, but make it her choice, Will. Not yours.

And now onto the actual thing I wanted to talk about: TEENAGE DREAM. Goodness, boys. This is Kurt's teenage dream. Guys in uniform, gay-loving and totally poptastic music. I wish Kurt could switch schools -- that would be fun, but hey since boy(friend) seems to be totally supportive of him, he could just stay where he is and have a star-crossed lovers sort of thing.

That is until we found out that BULLY IS ACTUALLY SECRETLY GAY! Goodness show! You sure know how to throw in a cliche there. My siblings totally called that one and though I still got a bit of shock in the locker room, it's nice to see where all this anger is coming from. So despite my sometimes annoyance of Kurt, I'm glad he was able to sort of stand for himself for a bit there.

Misfits 02x01: Bad Lucy

SHOW IS FINALLY FREAKING BACK AND WHAT A WAY TO START SEASON 2. hauntes, flautapantera, famouslyso, enamors and I did a season 1 rewatch-along to refresh us on the awesomeoness on this show weeks leading up to it and I'm so glad i did because it just makes the premiere all the more epic. AND I REALLY MEAN EPIC.

I haven't laughed so hard and so many times in ONE EPISODE in a really long time. From how they unearthed Nathan from the dead (to him dying again), to the shape-shifting Lucy performing fellatio on Simon and totally criticizing Nathan's size, to their watching out for Lucy-the-rat to the kids ALMOST killing their third probation officer (FINALLY CURTIS, YOU ARE USEFUL) to all of Nathan's crazy one-liners (MONKEYSLUT!!!). We are in for an awesome season.

AND MASKED MAN WHO STARS IN A LOT OF DARK KNIGHT-ESQUE SHOTS... WHO ARE YOU!!? And how do you know all about these kids?! I am loving the music though and the camera-angles and just basically everything -- especially the Nathan/Kelly moments. People, stop being so precious. I might just die (and I'm not IMMORTAL) from all this awesomeness.

Bones 06x06: The Shallow in the Deep

Show, I'm kind of scared at how things are going with you these days. Sure we didn't get Hannah (which I admit is a nice break), but we didn't get any B/B moments at all. I'm pretty ok with the season but considering it's season 6, shouldn't we be getting more B/B moments leading up to the eventual B/B getting together?! RIGHT?! Or am I asking too much?!

Nevertheless, we did get some pretty cute Angela/Hodgins time. I'm glad we have at least one successful couple and their cuteness never fails to shine -- even with Hodgins reminding Angela to eat (for their baby too) and him wanting to name the alien species he thought he'd discover after her. And hey, throw in even more cuteness with Sweets/Daisy. Yes, Daisy, you've grown on me. And I just have to mention how much I love Cam Saroyan's voice? It's so damn smooth, just saying.

Nikita 01x09: One Way

OMG OMG OMG. Did we just get an entire episode filled with Nikita/Michael cuteness?! Sure, they wanted to kill each other in the start and in the end, but at least the middle was filled with WHAT-IF potential right?! So now we see why Michael's so devoted to Division -- this is all in hopes that he'll be able to avenge his wife and kid's death (both of whom were terribly adorable by the way). And instead, what do we get? Michael getting really close but still missing it.

It would have been really fun to see Michael accomplish this so early in the season, cause that would mean he'd be hanging out with Nikita already but obviously they want to torture us for longer and good call as well. At least we'll have something to look forward to.

And though I hate Alex's frenemy, I'm glad she was able to help Alex out of her rut with the doctor. Alex, don't get sloppy. I know you're a newbie of sorts, but we can't afford any mistakes with this. Especially now that Nikita's sort of getting somewhere.

Vampire Diaries 02x09: Katerina

And finally, the highlight of my every week, the reason I look forward to Fridays (moreso now that Misfits is back), vampire diaries brings a really good episode once again. Sure, it's nothing EXPLOSIVE BLOW MY BRAINS out like the usual, but it's been too good lately, I won't even complain.

First things first. DAMON SALVATORE. For some reason, I don't mind him hooking up with Rose at all. Besides, they've put the 'turn off your emotions' disclaimer already so at least we know this is purely physical. And besides we get Damon half naked. WHY ARE WE COMPLAINING AGAIN?

So I'm glad Damon has Rose to help find a way to break the Petrova curse. I'm just scared with this Elisha business and his compelling other vampires. If he can do this, nobody is safe. And what does he have to do with new doctor in town!? Bonnie, please do not get yourself involved.

And since I mentioned Bonnie, I might as well say that WOW JEREMY, YOU ARE LOOKING CUTER WITH THIS HAIR OF YOURS. Yes, I went there. I just have to appreciate that he's looking much better with his new haircut, though obviously it's not working on Bonnie, who's sufficiently distracted by her new chocolate warlock. Oh Bonnie, if you only knew.

Unlike Mr. Warlock, Caroline isn't as great at distracting people. And hey, it's not like she didn't warn Elena of this fact. So it was sort of cute to see Caroline TRY to at least stall Stefan before he went off looking for Elena. And how cute could these two get right?! Even just as friends, I'm glad Caroline has someone to talk to regarding her newborn status. Plus, IS SHE EATING?! So they can eat? But I digress.

Finally because Elena just has to blame herself and put it all on her, off she goes to bribe/question Katherine on the origins of this Petrova curse that seems to be riddling Elena with anxiety. I kinda feel bad for this girl. How can she concentrate on school or anything else for that matter if AN ORIGINAL vampire who apparently no one can escape is out to get her (and her little friends too) to drain her of her blood?! And the only way out is to either off herself or turn into a vampire as well (who'd then have to run away forever?!) GIRL CANNOT WIN.

It was nice to see her interact with Katherine though without anyone wanting to kill anyone. And Katherine is right, she's the safest of all of them. So something tells me she's going to get broken out of her jail in a few episodes because you know it's boring when Katherine can't participate in the festivities. Nina Dobrev, please stop being awesome. I'm totally crushing on you already.
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