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30 For 30: A Closet Remix (Fall Challenge)

I'm no fashionista. I don't maintain a fashion blog nor do I look stylish 24/7. Though I am constantly trying to make myself look better everyday (especially at work), I do get lazy -- a lot. So seeing Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Challenge really makes me want to at least try to hack this. Along with 337 other challengers, I'm going to try to come up with 30 different outfits with only 30 items for 30 days (and NOT SHOP either). Sure, I may not be successful, but at least I can say I tried. Keep checking back as I update this entry for the next 30 days.

30 days;

01 02 03 04 05 06
07 08 09 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30

I'm scared I won't be able to come up with 30 different outfits, much more 30 pretty outfits. Also, I'm worried that the outfits I do come up with all look alike. Still, I'm going to try my best to be as creative as I can. I should probably start thinking of the first outfit.

30 items;

Definitely a pretty safe set of choices. I chose mostly neutrals (and tried to throw in some color) but considering this is the first time I'm getting into this, I don't mind playing it safe. Who knows next time (will there be a next time?! will I survive this round?!), I'll go crazier with my choices. For now, it's safety first.

30 outfits;

Thirty days is really just one month. And these past few weeks I at least try not to repeat my clothes within the month. Do the outfits all look good? Of course not. There are those lazy days. So here's to a non-lazy 30 days of inspired outfits and no shopping (my wallet will be very happy about this)

day 01; breaking in

top: Just G; belt: my mom's; leggings: Body Music; heels: Charles & Keith

Thanks to my newbie-ness to all this, I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to take a photo of myself. Sure, I had the tripod set up in my room, but before I know it, I've already spent twenty minutes trying to find the best distance from me where the entire outfit is seen and there isn't too much headroom or my head is cut off. Obviously, I am not cut out for this. Read More »

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day 02; not my usual

tank: No Boundaries; cardigan: The Black Shop; scarves: Echo; pants: Jeiky; flats: Parisian

Heels yesterday, flats today. I'm once again playing it safe. See, the reason I chose the most basic tops is because I have a ton of scarves I NEVER USE. Like really never. My uncle comes home and showers us with scarves that I don't quite know how to wrap around myself -- even if he's taught us a bazillion times. I'm sure he's out there sobbing. I'm just not cut out for this. Read More »

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day 03; all mapped out

dress: Bayo; cardigan: F21; shoes: Etienne Aigner;
necklace: Rockwell Bazaar; belt: my mom's; tights: Landmark;

I'm a planner by nature. I love making lists. I'm saying this because last night, I decided to list all the possible outfits for the next 30 days (or rather 27). And the relaxed smile on my face comes from the fact that I wasn't pressured to come up with an outfit for today. Yes, it's less spontaneous, but I never really was. And on a side note: I totally tried widening my eyes for this shot cause I realize the past two days, I've been looking really sleepy. Read More »

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day 04; getting the hang of it

top: F&H; pants: bench; shoes: matthews; scarf: echo; belt: lacoste (my dad's)

Yesterday, I discovered a run in my black tights. I almost cried. Does anyone know how to remedy this? I'd hate for it to run a really big hole and be unusable. I woke up late again today (seriously, what happened to my early bird ways?) So it's a good thing I'm in my most comfortable outfit so far. Jeans and a t-shirt? YES PLEASE. But since I have no sneakers in my list of items, I'm stepping out of my ultra comfort zone with the nude wedges. Look at me trying to be all grown up. This obviously won't last. Read More »

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day 05; raring for the weekend

top: Ralph Lauren; blazer: The Black Shop; shorts: Cotton On; shoes: Shoebox; belt: my dad's

I work in a pretty laid back office where there is no dress code. People are in shorts and sandals but somehow, I couldn't bring myself to doing this. Thanks to this remix though, I figured if I blazer-ed it up, it wouldn't look half bad. And true enough, I don't feel quite awkward in my shorts at work. Also, my boss is away. Perhaps this is why I'm comfortable being in shorts. Just saying. Read More »

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day 06; got my cape on

top: No Boundaries; shorts: Mango; shoes: Parisian; necklace: bazaar; scarf: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

On Saturdays, I don't usually go out. At all. So this outfit was worn to... pick up my little sister from school (she had a fun run). And technically, I wasn't even the one picking her up -- I just rode shotgun, while my brother, who just got his license drove. Now this is obviously NOT My usual 'pick up the sister' outfit. The stares I got from both my siblings were pretty funny but hey, it's 30 For 30! I have to be on my A-Game no matter what. And yes, it was a bad hair day. Read More »

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day 07; sunday kind of love

dress: Hula & Co.; cardigan: The Black Shop; shoes: Shoebox; belt: Old Navy

When I was younger, you could NEVER get me in a dress. EVER. When we were looking for white confirmation dresses in grade 6, my mom and I gave up on looking altogether because I looked like crap in the whit poufy dresses that were available for kids my age. We ended up having something custom made. Luckily, nowadays, I'm sort of in love with dresses and if I had enough, I would literally wear them every single day. Read More »

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day 08; back in black

top: space; jacket: freego; pants: jeiky; shoes: charles & keith; belt: my moms

I don't like Mondays. Then again, who really does? So I always try to offset my dislike for Mondays by looking my most presentable at work. This is the day I usually wear my 'work' shirts and my heels. Today, I brought both and added a little extra. Little did I know there would be a transport strike and getting a ride to work would be hell. But hey, at least I look sort of presentable. Read More »

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day 09; why so blue?

top: F&H; jacket: Miss Korea; bottoms: custom-made; shoes: matthews; scarf: Ralph Lauren

I'm so lucky. I don't get any vacation/sick leaves till 2012 so I'm thankful for holidays and today was one. I actually had to re-arrange my outfit schedule cause I ended up going to a wake for my sister's boyfriend's grandmother (long story, I'm telling you complete with drama) so my red-hued outfit for Tuesday got moved. Instead, I ended up in this still wake-appropriate outfit. I like how it turned out. I totally wasn't sure. Read More »

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day 10; out of africa

dress: Bayo; shoes: Etienne Aigner; scarf: Echo; belt: my dads

This morning, I wake up to the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged. As happy as I am for them (and totally excited for a royal wedding), I'm much happier it wasn't Harry that got engaged (Harry, i'm coming to London! Wait for me.) But I digress. After watching cutesy videos of Kate/William, I discover he proposed while on holiday in AFRICA! And so I got inspired to safari-up my white shirt dress. This is the result. Read More »

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day 11; accio harry potter tickets!

top: Zara; blazer: The Black Shop; leggings: Body Music; flats: Parisian

I'm not wearing my Gryffindor scarf just yet but let it be known I do intent on wearing the hand-crocheted craziness I did back in high school. I don't know what came over that I decided to CROCHET the freaking scarf circa the first movie (boy was I disappointed they decided to change the scarf in the second movie) but it's been sitting in my closet and comes out everytime a new Potter film comes out. And tonight, it's going to come out again. Read More »

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day 12; to belt or not to belt

dress: mango; cardigan: the black shop; sandals: shoebox; scarf: lauren by ralph lauren

Despite having planned out the entire 30 days of this challenge, things still come up. Like this morning, i was originally going to wear my beige blazer but wasn't feeling it for some reason. So I switched to this cardigan instead. then I tried the grey one too but eventually landed back with this. That took a whole fifteen minutes. Then I tried finding a scarf which didn't take as long. BUT THEN, I got stumped on the belt. Read More »

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day 13; not quite the lady

dress: Bayo; cardigan: Miss Korea; heels: Charles & Keith; belt: my moms

So 13 days in and the remix is actually starting to take effect. I already wore the dress in Day 3 and the cardigan in Day 9, but I figured I'd wear them together for mass. I was supposed to wear this combination tomorrow, Sunday but since my dad decided to go to mass today, I had to do a bit of re-arranging so that I wouldn't wear certain pieces consecutively. That's been the biggest 'challenge' for me after planning out all 30 days. I don't quite get to stick to the schedule. Read More »

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day 14; ready to rumble

top: No Boundaries; shorts: cutsom made; cardigan: F21; shoes: Etienne Aigner;
belt: Sylvia Santos; scarf: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

It took me forever to finally put this outfit together just because I wasn't sure of how it would turn out. So after replacing my originally blank tank for a white one, and taking a poll of whether I should take the cardigan on or off, I was ready to sing my heart out karaoke style. Yep, that's a top knot I'm rocking while I yelled my ass off for karaoke. Fun times. Read More »

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day 15; back to basics

top: F&H; pants: Jeiky; shoes: Shoebox; belt: my dad's; scarf: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

So apparently, despite planning everything out, there's still a lot of reshuffling going on. Because I found out we have a meeting this coming Friday, I can't wear the shorts I had planned on wearing. And because I went to mass on a Saturday, more shuffling went on. I wasn't supposed to wear these sandals with this outfit, but with the reshuffling, comes unplanned outfits (well sort of), look at me being as spontaneous as I can. Read More »

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day 16; not sweet at all

dress (worn as a top): just g; shorts: cotton on; jacket: the black shop; shoes: etienne aigner;
scarf: Lauren by Ralph Lauren; belt: my dad's; tights: Landmark

So this is what happens when you get home at midnight (from over-timing at work) and you have very little sleep on your side -- a disheveled version of what you had envisioned this outfit to be. I thought I would look all sleek with my jacket. Instead I look crumply and messy. And I succumbed to the top knot for the work week. Not out of gutsiness, but because I was too lazy to comb my hair. This can't go on. Not when I'm halfway through the challenge. Read More »

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day 17; nothing but a t-shirt on

top: F&H; pants: bench; blazer: The Black Shop; shoes: Parisian;
beanie: new look; necklace & ring: grandma's; belt: my mom's

I know. Cheesy song title is cheesy and technically I'm wearing much more than a t-shirt, but I just recently got this white t-shirt and it's perfect. I think I'm going to go hoard it in all the colors cause it fits me well and it has a great cut. And I love t-shirts no matter how basic. But yes, there's obviously more to this outfit than my t-shirt, and I'm in love with how simple this remix is. Read More »

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day 18; orange you glad?

top: No Boundaries; shorts: Mango; shoes: matthews; scarf: Talbots; belt: gifted by a friend

Would I have ever mixed this orange/pink scarf with my violet shorts? NEVER. I've owned this belt since I was in high school and I think it's the first time I've ever used it. But this remix has made me put together pieces I would NEVER have thought of and thus this ultra pop-tastic colorful outfit. Let's hope I don't send kids into seizure with the brightness of my look. Read More »

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day 19; s(h)ort of fun and fearless

dress: cotton on; jacket: freego; shoes: charles & keith; scarf: lauren by ralph lauren; belt: my dad's

I got out rarely, if at all, but for work, I had to attend to something in a bar (that I've never been in to) and that called for a less me/more clubbing outfit. My mom bought me this dress from Singapore and I'm kind of in love with it (thank god she bought it in two designs). I felt a little too dressy for work but when I got to the bar, at least I didn't feel too under dressed. Still, not my thing for sure. Read More »

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day 20; come back to bed

tank: No Boundaries; shirt: Ralph Lauren; pants: Bench; shoes: shoebox

This is the 'do-I-really-need-to-get-out-of-bed' look? I got home pretty late last night (or rather early this morning) and even after taking a nap after waking up at lunch, I still felt like I didn't get enough sleep. So I literally rolled out of bed and put on some jeans to go pick up the car that my brother had left at the auto shop. I know I look sleepy and half crazed but it's Saturday guys, forgive me. Read More »

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day 21; blue's clues

dress: bayo; shoes: matthews; belt: my mom's; scarf: Lauren by Ralph Lauren

It was hard to remix this dress again especially since the first time around was pretty much a hit. I got stuck in a rut and decided to put this together. I know it's nowhere at par with the first outing of this dress but I wore it to Sunday mass, so I didn't want to be too distracting with my accessories (since most folks at mass dress pretty simply). Excuses, excuses, I know. Read More »

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day 22; chop me up

top: zara; shorts: cotton on; cardigan: F21; shoes: shoebox; belt: my mom's

In hindsight, I realize this outfit probably cuts me up into to many little pieces. And though that doesn't sound like such a bad thing, I am just five feet, one inch, so there's not much to cut and thus making me look even shorter. Still, I haven't ever worn this top tucked in, so it was new for me to try it this way and now that I see it doesn't look bad at all, I definitely will want to repeat this tuck-in thing. Read More »

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day 23; dressing my age

tank: No Boundaries; cardigan: Miss Korea; shorts: Zara; shoes: Charles & Keith;
belt: my mom's; scarf: Lauren by ralph lauren

I am on my 23rd day and I'm also 23 years old. I didn't specially plan this outfit for the day, but it's nice to know a decent outfit landed on it. It's just that, I've had a hard time transitioning from college-wardrobe to work-wardrobe. And though my work isn't corporate at all -- we're pretty lax -- i still want to have that distinction that I am no longer studying but actually an employee. Hopefully this remix has helped me edge more towards functional but still fun. Read More »

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day 24; roughing up the girl

dress: Hula & Co.; jacket: Freego; shoes: Etienne Aigner; belt: my dad's

So the first time I wore this dress it was too damn sweet. I liked it, but I just felt so very very very girly, which isn't bad, really. I am a girl. But also I felt like an impostor. So I threw on the leather jacket this time hoping it would mute the female-ness of it all. Now I felt like a fraud trying to do that neo-rocker chic that of course, failed as well. But hey, the jacket kept me warm at the office, so all in all not a total loss. Read More »

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day 25; the last lumberjack

shirt: Ralph Lauren; blazer: The Black Shop; leggings: Body Music; shoes: Charles & Keith

I tried resisting plaid for a very very very long time. It was on trend for such a long time and I just didn't want to jump it, even if I was secretly pining for a plaid shirt of my own. The reason I succumbed (with this ONE piece?) was because this was free. And this will be the last time the lumberjack shirt will be used in the remix, so let's all pay our respects to the last of the lumberjacks. Read More »

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day 26; friday night lights

top: zara; pants: jeiky; shoes: Parisian

I was in back to back meetings this day and it was just a generally long and exhausting one so I'm glad I was comfortable in what I was wearing. I was hoping I would go out to dinner with some officemates but my meetings ran late and I still had stuff to do, so this outfit wasn't used to it's full potential. By the time I got home though, I was thankful for the strings cause I literally peeled it off and collapsed. Classy, I know. Read Moore »

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day 27; wishing for winter

top: F&H; shorts: Cotton On; shoes: Matthews;
beanie: New Look; scarf; Echo; belt: my mom's

While most of you are freezing your asses off this winter, I am still in the tropics, enjoying the slightly cooler weather (and I mean very very slight) that I am still able to wear shorts. Then again, I can ALWAYS wear shorts. So I decided to pay an homage to the winter months with my scarf and hat and hope that one day I'll be bundling up with coats and gloves for real and not just make believe. Read More »

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day 28; grey matter

dress: Cotton On; cardigan: F21; shoes: Parisian; belt: my mom's

I've been feeling pretty bloated lately (TMI but the monthly visits have been pretty erratic -- and no, there ain't no stork delivering any presents, for sure) and this dress is anything but forgiving. Still, I like it too much to not wear it again in this remix. I guess belting it didn't help either but it just felt really weird without it. Look how far I've come, from never using belts, to not being able to wear an outfit without one. Oh remix, you've changed me so. Read More »

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day 29; make it and break it

top: Space; shorts: custom made; shoes: matthews; scarf: Echo

Just when I thought I was going to finish this challenge, problem free, day 29 happens and my wedges give way. Like the shoes literally falls apart. This saddens me not because I had to wear sneakers the rest of the day (this isn't cheating right? I didn't have any of my other 'pre-picked' shoes) but because I LOVE THESE WEDGES. I am going to go to every shoe repair store and beg they put it back together. Let's all collectively cross our fingers this gets fixed? Read More »

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day 30; not the best for last

dress (worn as a top): Mango; blazer: The Black Shop; jeans: Bench;
shoes: Etienne Aigner; belt: my dad's

And finally, on the last day, I went with a really simple outfit. I guess I realized the point of this entire challenge wasn't to look crazy amazing every day but to be able to remix clothes to make it work more for you (with the added bonus of looking fabulous). But more realizations next time, today, I just wanted to say that I wore it to a presentation and I didn't feel like an idiot. I guess that's something great. Viva La Remix! Watch out for my 30 for 30 recap soon. Read More »

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