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You Were Never Here[44 Down/8 To Go!]
[+] How could it possibly be November already? I feel like I was making my first weekender yesterday and now we have 8 weeks left to 2010. Slow down a bit, time will you?

[+] My sister came home AGAIN, i swear she's making me not miss her at all. But it was great to have her around again even if only for a few days. Look at the jet setter. One day, I will have so much money, I can just fly to other countries for the weekend.

[+] HOLIDAY CARDS: I'm a little late this year, but if you want to receive a holiday card from me, you can PM me your address (if I don't have it or if you've moved since last year) or just comment here -- comments are screened. I can't promise I'll be sending everyone, but I'll try.

[+] I'm starting my first 30 for 30 challenge thanks to sexycereal. I'm no fashionista so we'll see how this goes.

Starting the week right with a holiday is always a good thing. We spent the entire day at my grandma's house and because I didn't get any naps in this weekend, I escaped socializing (as always) to take a nap in my aunt's room. I'm such a loner this way. It felt good to wake up refreshed though. Also, as always, we stuffed ourselves. This seems to be the norm. I totally need to control the intake of food. So much for being healthier this year.
Long weekends always make it harder to go to work and the office was surprisingly not too empty -- though there were the stragglers that didn't make it to work. I hitched a ride with my dad so I was in work extra early. Best part about it? Getting a whole slew of movies to watch from our communal movie pile. Definitely a good way to start the work week. Also, I can still feel the food I ate yesterday. Obviously a sign of eating too much.
After work, I dropped by my sister's boyfriend's house cause he just got back from a trip to Hongkong and had some goodies for my family. This guy sort of reminds me of my dad in a sense that he loves giving gifts. He bought me a book too! Oh the perks of having a sister with a generous boyfriend. He also makes me wish I could go and shop in Hongkong. Oh well, perhaps some other time in the far future when I've saved up again (and have leaves).
I hate it when things go wrong at work that are beyond my control. Having been just a month in my job, I'm trying so so hard to not mess up and yet no matter how hard I try, some things are just bound to go wrong and I can't help it. I hate this. I feel horrible when this happens. Still, despite the long day, it was a great thing that I was able to have dinner with my parents after. Sure, it was at like 9pm but I barely see them now and so any time I do, I actually really appreciate it.
WHY MUST MY FRIDAYS BE STRESSFUL?! i had so much to do in between meetings and fixing things for our event tomorrow (yes I'm going to work) that by the time I was supposed to meet my friends (after four months of not seeing each other), I just wanted to pass out. It's a good thing I braved the Friday night traffic to meet them though cause my friend brought the guy she was dating and they were so cute together. It makes me wonder when it'll be me bringing someone. Yeah, I admitted that.
Fail day is fail. I had an event at 11 for work, but everything was going wrong. The car had no gas, my phone died. I had no credits. Our photographer was left in the office. I didn't have my contact's number. My sandal broke. It's a surprise the rest of the event actually went by pretty good. Lessons learned though, lots of them. I'm glad that my officemates really pulled through and helped me out instead of making things worse. I love solution-oriented folks. I'm really tired though.
I hate spending, we all know this, but I really wanted a good blazer and I found a cut I really liked so I ended up buying TWO of it. Oh dear. They weren't the cheapest things either but I just kept telling myself the two jackets are still less than the one really cute boyfriend blazer I saw in Topshop. Shopping with Pamy is dangerous. I swear I end up buying more than I planned on. I can't wait till December when Pamy comes home for a tad longer than a weekend too.
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