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TV Time: Hello Zombies; Stop being so cute Hannah; And look at that, another doppelgänger!

[Vampire Diaries Web]
And hello to another week of television except I was so damn busy, I didn't have actual time to watch all of it. With the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and Bones coming back, and the craziness at work, I don't think I'll have enough time to watch it all. So I apologize, the picspam will have to follow, for now, here are just some thoughts. Cause really, my brain isn't quite working anymore

Merlin 03x08: The Eye of the Phoenix

Strength, Courage and Magic! I love how we get Gwaine back to help Merlin and Arthur complete the quest Arthur thinks he has, and which Merlin is apparently really in charge of. I just like seeing Gwaine and though Arthur was his usual cocky self, at least we saw some teamwork happen. And lots of cute boys, what am I talking about?!

Also, how fabulous is it that Gwen is sort of clued in on Morgana's evil-smirking ways?! I'm glad things are sort of coming out in the open already because though I love Morgana, at least we get some more conflict with Morgana's evil ways coming out.

The Walking Dead 01x01: Days Gone By

I love how everywhere I turn now there seems to be so many zombies, from the books I'm reading, to the movies and now to the shows. I know anything on AMC is bound to be great so seeing this pilot was definitely awesome. Plus, I like that my siblings want to watch this with me. At least I get to watch it with them.

HOW CRAZY REAL ARE THOSE ZOMBIES?! I know we haven't really seen real zombies but I love the production design of this. And I got really scared when the father/son were with Rick! I'm so scared they're going to die. I hope they don't. And Sarah Tancredi! Don't cheat on your husband with his best friend!!! This really made me so sad. I hope Rick finds the rest of them.

My brothers were saying perhaps Rick is already turning into a zombie but he doesn't know it yet. I really hope this isn't the case either because I need this guy to be okay and safe with his family, but nothing's sure yet. This could all go to shit.

Chuck 04x07: Chuck Versus the First Fight

Raise your hand if you're confused whether Chuck's mom is nice or not. I know that's the beauty of it, not knowing where her allegiances lie, but I would like a clue on why she's still working for Volkoff and totally putting Chuck and Sarah at risk. Sure, she's always put her kids first, but I don't like this putting Chuck and Sarah in danger.

Meanwhile, I'm glad that Ellie finally saw her mom. And though it was an obviously stilted and awkward meeting, at least she finally got to see her. ALSO, BEFORE I FORGET, HELLO TIMOTHY DALTON. You are one bad ass Volkoff. I approve completely.

Gossip Girl 04x07: War at the Roses

Is it just me or are Blair's birthday's getting lamer? Sure she had a ton of 'celebs' at this one but I liked her 17 candles birthday best (from her outfit) to the food, to the guitar hero lame-ness and of course, to Chuck surprising her on her birthday. Just saying, but I hope Blair has a better birthday next year (if there is another season to see it). Also, has Serena ever celebrate her birthday?

And seriously, these kids and their truces. So much for making a truce if Nate is just going to leave it around everywhere for Dan to see. Still, I'm glad we're going to see some angry hate-sex from Chuck/Blair next week cause lord knows we haven't had enough of these two and it's already the seventh episode.

On a side note, HOW AWESOME THAT ERIC IS BACK?!?! I really enjoy seeing him on my screen even if he is with Dan. It makes me pay attention to Dan's storyline. More Eric please.

90210 02x07: I See London, I See France...

Though I am no fan of Oscar, I'm glad he was able to lamely help Naomi out with her little professor problem. Of course the fact that Mr. Canon has disappeared could mean he's just lurking in the corners ready to pounce on Naomi. At least for now, he's sort of away.

And so it seems we're really seeing the last of Silver/Teddy, whom I really did like. I just hope we don't see a Navid/silver because they seem to be bonding a whole lot now. I do not approve of this. I like Navid, I do, just not with Silver. Boo.

Bones 06x05: The Bones That Weren't

Sure, I'm sort of accepting that Bones/Booth aren't going to be anything at all this season but must we really see how cute and in love Booth is with Hannah?! Yes, you guys are cute together, complete with Booth worrying about her being shot but I'd rather see you with Bones, so not too much cuteness okay?!

It's good to know Brennan is making an honest effort to befriend Hannah though. I don't think Bones ever gets hurt by this but in my head, this could be painful for her to watch -- Booth with another woman, but at least she's trying right? Bones, you're awesome. Booth will come around.

Nikita 01x08: Phoenix

Well well well, for as much as I wasn't a fan of Thom in the start, I feel for him being used by Alex this way. Sure, his feelings aren't that important in the long run, but you could tell he thought that kiss was real. Well sorry Thom. Alex is just your regular con artist/spy. So no kiss for you.

As for Nikita, she really continues to kick ass and take names. So many times, I kept thinking, okay she's going to get caught now but she doesn't. And I know it's wrong to want it, but I really want her and Michael to just get it on soon. The tension is killing me.

Vampire Diaries 02x08: Rose

Caroline just continues to make me love her more. From her little conversation with Damon in the start, to her trying to cover up with Tyler, to finally just succumbing and telling Tyler what it is, I might actually like this Caroline/Tyler thing going on. Of course I'd prefer a Caroline/Matt or a Caroline/Stefan, but it seems our girl is so adorable with everyone, I can't choose. I love Caroline. She gets more amazing every episode.

You know who else gets more amazing? The brothers Salvatore. Their bonding in the car while looking for Elena was just so cute. I love how Stefan was so straightforward about Damon's reasons for looking for Elena. It's awesome how candid they can be with one another and yet how elusive Damon can be when discussing his feelings. Plus they were able to save Elena from Rose/Elisha and all (through Bonnie's help), so it seems their teamwork paid off.

But really, ELENA AND KATHERINE ARE BOTH DOPPELGäNGERS?! So now, Nina Dobrev will have to act out another character. Not that she won't be able to pull it off, but this show is getting too damn awesome and I'm scared it will lose all the awesome points next season since it's too good now. Let's cross our fingers the awesome never runs out. EVER.

Best part though? DAMON ADMITTING HE LOVED ELENA. That moment? I died. I really did. Yeah, she can't remember it, but at least we saw it. And Damon, please be selfish. We want you to be selfish. You deserve Elena!!! I hate how he thinks so little of himself. Yeah he's a bad guy and yeah he knows it, but I wish there was a way we could fix this so we can have Damon/Elena for real. Show, stop killing me.
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