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Two More [Goodreads]
I gave myself a 25 book quota this year (like last year) and this happened to be my 25th book so I felt like it deserved an entry. I realize that the reason I don't write out my book 'reviews' is because I'll probably just end up typing out 'squee' and 'omg,' which really defeats the purpose of a review.

Still, I'm going to try to actually put two thoughts together and see if I still can. That's what all the reading is supposed to help me do, right? Form coherent thoughts. Or that's why my mom used to tell me as a kid anyway. But really, let's get to it.

I got into the 'caster series' later than everyone else (as always) and yet when I read the first book while on vacation this summer, I couldn't put it down. Ask everyone in my family, while they were being sociable with each other, I was curled up in a corner turning the pages wondering what would happen to Lena Duchaness, Caster girl with a Dark/Light complex and Ethan Wate, human boy who's obviously in love with the Caster girl.

Yes, it's the typical forbidden love story with some supernatural powers thrown in, but what YA book isn't anyway these days?! So after conquering/delaying Lena's claiming (to the dark or light side) in the first book, we see her struggle with the consequences of her actions this time around.

So what happens when you get a confused girl whose 17th birthday (moon) is being sped up by her evil mother, throw in a bad/good cousin who's hard to figure out, TWO other parties for both Lena and Ethan (cause it's equal opportunity here) and a Ethan POV style of storytelling?

Well you get lots of teen angst and pining and incredibly devoted young teenagers who really think this is it for them. Though I don't blame Ethan for throwing it all in for Lena, I couldn't help but question his sanity. I'll have to refresh myself on the first book, but these kids really truly believe it's true love between him and Lena because despite the fact that new kid on the block, British keeper-in-training Liv crosses the pond and is obviously attracted to him, he's still risking EVERYTHING to be with Lena.

Lena, who's practically jumped on the back of the Harley of half-Caster/half-Incubus/half-something (I know that's three halves) other guy, John Breed who totally 'gets' what Lena's going through and just understands her and is part of her world. That Lena.

Defying the odds, going against rationality and just sacrificing it all for the one you love seems to be a common theme in YA books and it stands true here. Not just in the John-Lena-Ethan-Liv quadrangle, but also in the more interesting, (Lena's uncle) Macon/Jane (that's Lila Jane Evers, Ethan's mom for you) and even the side-story but I want more pairing of (evil cousin) Ridley/Link (wing man) forbidden love.

And if you think separating the two leads and giving them distractions wasn't enough, we get an adventure to a make-believe or so they thought place in the Caster World called the 'The Great Barrier' where things are supposedly perfect (which obviously means it exists and isn't perfect at all) and where somehow Lena won't have to worry about turning Dark or Light.

So really, this book is chocful of things to digest and I'm not sure it's all sunk in just yet. Not to say I didn't enjoy the book. I did. I was just a) surprised there were two more books coming (I didn't think we'd get past two -- but of course nowadays there's always a trilogy OR MORE); b) had too much to digest (so many plots going on) and my brain wasn't functioning on all pistons when I read it; c) total cop out with Lena NOT getting Claimed by EITHER Dark or Light; d) did not get enough Lena/Ethan in this book.

More than A B, and C -- D is what really got to me. I get there's always that separate-the-leads book in a series (i.e. New Moon) but I wish it didn't have to be the case. I wish we saw them battling it out together instead of apart. I know future books will have them inseparable and going at it like rabbits (that is if they find a way around Lena not killing Ethan with their intensity) but I found the separation a little too formulaic -- complete with third and fourth parties for the leads.

But other than that, it was a pretty good adventure. It made me like Link more. And Liv -- I felt bad for this girl who lost it all. I hope we get a Ridley/Link/Liv triangle in the next book. And more Macon too. And Amma. And obviously more Lena/Ethan in the same room, beign together. Because at the root of all this plot, we are reading it for their relationship. So let's have it.

Definitely something I'd like to read again, if only so I can digest it all. Now third and fourth book, come out already.

yup, that was as coherent as i could get

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