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I Could Say that I'll Always Have Feelings For You, But I Have a Life Ahead of Me and I'm Only 22

Since You've Gone[43 Down/9 To Go!]
[+] I finally finished Beautiful Darkness and though I did enjoy this one too, I didn't realize there were two more books. I sense more drama up ahead. Ethan/Lena aren't going to have their happy ending just yet.

[+] Long weekends are love. Having two in a row? Seriously heaven. Still, it's crazy to think it's already NOVEMBER. There are less than 2 months left of 2011 and it feels like the year just started. Time is flying faster and faster -- understatement I know.

[-] In Technology!Fail 2010, my temporary mobile phone replacement died on me this week. Yes, it was my high school phone but I was hoping it'd last me till I won the lottery so I could buy a new one. Boo. So yeah, new phone but it's nothing much.

[+] Though I'm not much of a celebrator, I hope everyone else has a great Halloween!

Waking up with a sore throat is no fun especially on my supposed long weekend. Still, I tried to not let it bother me the entire day. By the evening, I was feeling much better in time for our visit to my dad's cousin (my aunt whom I lived with when I went to New York in 2005). She always brings clothes for me, so it was a treat to see new stuff I could wear to work. I wish i could go visit her again soon.
Hello long day again. The commute to work was pretty crazy. I usually take a round trip in the mornings, but today, the guard was asking random girls to line up instead of doing the round trip which is odd because they allow us other times. I hope they stop doing this. I don't want to have to cross the platform again. And little victory for me: I got our photographer an all-access pass for Fashion Week. Lame, but I feel victorious.
Ever since I started working, we've been preparing for next year and the presentation today finally happened and though it's a big deal off our shoulders, the work doesn't end. I've been going home really late from work and coming really early and though I'm not complaining, I don't mind the long weekend coming up. I am so going to take advantage of the extra day. Hopefully, I won't have to drive anyone around. I want to sleep.
My cousin and I were supposed to watch a Tron: Legacy sneak-peek but she felt bad and I had a lot of work so it didn't push through. Plus my dad ended up going home early so I wasn't able to hitch a ride. Double boo. To add another boo in, my temporary phone gave way and I really need a phone so I ended up shelling out money to buy myself a new one. It's nothing fancy but it'll do. Someone please take me to the weekend now.
Hello first presentation. Not that I haven't done it before in my old job, but of course i wanted to do my best with my first one in my new job and I think, it didn't go as bad as I thought it could, considering I didn't know I was presenting till the exact moment before it. When I got back to the office, there was still so much work to do despite it being Friday so I ended up staying really late. Oh well, I'll get used to these longer hours eventually.
I usually spend my Saturdays with a book, catching up on my TV shows and sleeping, but for some strange reason, I felt the urge to clean up my room and i did! I'm so proud of myself getting rid of some things and tidying up others. There's still some stuff I need to go through but for now, it feels good to stay in a clean room. Also as a precursor to Halloween, my little sister managed to convince us to watch a Spanish horror film, [Rec] with her. Good luck to me. I hate horrors.
I swear life would be much better if three day weekends were the norm. I love how despite it being Sunday, I know I still have one more day of rest before rushing back to work. And it was pretty good, considering I was out of the house and not lying in bed. My dad took us out after lunch and we walked around High Street. I'm proud I didn't buy anything at the bookstore. This is a feat guys. Also I hope I don't become quick to anger like my dad. I get he's getting older but I wish he'd be a bit more chill.
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