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TV Time: Morgana Really Needs a New Evil Smirk; Jenn's Not That Evil; Chuck and Blair Try To Be Evil

[90210 Media]
No more Mad Men this week but the rest of the shows did come back (save for some Bones). Still, I'm having withdrawal from the lack of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in my life that it's a good thing there's boyskissyou. This'll help ease the pain of the absence of Mad Men in my life. Meanwhile, Vampire Diaries and Nikita are owning me completely. I should really let go of GG soon.

Merlin 03x07: The Castle of Fyrien

I like how we're at least getting more Arthur/Gwen in action, even if it is in the form of bait to get Arthur to give up his crown via Gwen's capture. Still, Morgause's plan fails and instead we get a nice little roadtrip with our four favorite friends (yes, even Morgana). I just like seeing all of them out altogether.

Also, I'm really happy we get to see Arthur become even more vocal about his feelings for Gwen and how he isn't happy with a fate chosen for him. Perhaps this is the foreshadowing towards changes Arthur will make in order to make sure he and Gwen get together. But really I was hoping for a kiss of some sorts. Do we not get that much?!

This is just to showcase the 'evil smirk' Morgana gives at the end of every scene. Yes, Morgana, we can see you. I hope the others can too. Because really there's only so much smirking you can do without anyone catching you.

Chuck 04x06: Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

Though I'm glad Chuck finally met his mom, I really feel bad for Ellie. I get the mom is just trying to protect them (even if the last part shows that she isn't trustworthy), but I would have loved to see Chuck's mom really hang out with Ellie and help her out. The look of pain on Ellie's face in the end hurt. Especially since it wasn't like Chuck's mom wasn't about to show.

And though the aisle of terror is technically laughable, it was nice to see something Jeff and Lester work on come out really well. Now if only they could fix Chuck and Sarah's trust issues (especially after what happened with Sarah taking Chuck's mom) and the Chuck's mom/Ellie problems, all would be well in the world.

Gossip Girl 04x06: Easy J

Did I miss Jenny? Not really but i have to say, because of the amount of ridiculousness happening on this show, I'm actually happy to see her. And sure, she got embarrassed in front of Tim Gunn but at least it accomplished something: a truce between Chuck and Blair. Can this truce last longer than one episode please? Or better, can they please make up already.

I really don't like how they're writing Blair as a really childish person who keeps losing it all. What ever happened to Queen B? Her fierceness? instead we get one loss after the other. I'm glad she had some wins this time though. Even if temporary. And no, still don't care about Juliet, though I am curious how she's related to Serena's professor/boyfriend. How opportune was that right?!

90210 02x06: How Much Is That Liam in the Window

I really want to care about Annie but so far, her story isn't really drawing me in. I don't like this new guy for her so I'm hoping Liam comes back in the picture because it looks like a Liam/Naomi ain't going to happen. Also, creepy girl/mother duo hounding Liam? I don't like. And for the first time, I'm actually liking Ivy/feeling bad for her. Poor girl.

You know what else I don't like? Adrianna's evil manager turning Adrianna fame-hungry storyline. I'm glad we got some Silver in it, but I just don't like how we keep focusing on this aspect of Adrianna's life. I guess I've never liked her storylines: the drugs, the baby and now this. Poor Navid.

And though I'm glad Jenn and Naomi are sort of on the road to a reconciliation, I hope it's for real this time because I don't think I could take another of Jenn's good to bad turnarounds. I hope this baby with Mr. Matthews really changed her for the better. Naomi does need family and support right now, so I hope she gets it.

Glee 02x05: The Rocky Horror Glee Show

I know I'm probably the only person on earth who hasn't seen the real Rocky Horror Picture Show so maybe this is why I wasn't able to fully appreciate the episode this week. Still, I am thankful for a) the other cast members singing especially in that last number; b) the amount of Uncle Jesse Emma's boyfriend we got.

Also, I don't think I ever want to see Matthew Morrison stripped down by Jayma Mays again. It just felt a tad too disturbing for me. They were cute when they were talking though and being cutesy. Also, I approve of Sue being around more. I hope next week appeals to me more.

Nikita 01x05:

I AM REALLY LIKING NIKITA. This week, we get some nice foreshadows to Michael's hidden still there feelings for Nikita and yes, though I'm not a fan of Tom, you can tell he's making the moves on Alex all the time. But really, anytime Michael does a little smirk of happiness that Nikita's alive or made it out or whatever, I get happy.

Also, I feel bad for guard cleaner!Robbie, you can tell it really hit him hard. However, despite how horrible Division is, I really love Julie Cooper so she can do no wrong in my eyes. She needs to be on more in this show. Though I wouldn't mind a little Nikita/Michael action. A flashback perhaps?

Vampire Diaries 02x05:

This show will be the end of me. For real. It's not possible but it keeps getting more awesome every week and this week, we see a little team work going to sort of save the day. God I love it when the gang gets together for a good cause.

Damon! So much for not hesitating. I get that they've already stuck Katherine in a sealed vault, but come on. This is Katherine we're talking about. She'll find her way out. But I digress. I love how Damon was just so ruthless in this episode, from the planning to execution and yet just one mention of the name Elena and he was willing to drop everything. Come on, Damon, just admit it.

And Katherine is just kicking ass and taking names. Look at her bring in her own witch and making sure she had a plan B with Tyler. Girl really has her bases covered so I won't be surprised when she busts out of the sealed dungeon. Also, amazing call getting the spell cast on Elena so they couldn't harm her. I was thinking the exact same thing though: DAMON KISS KATHERINE. This way we get a Damon/Elena kiss! Obviously my mind is in the gutter.

And look at Caroline really trying her best to keep things together. I love how she's off stalking Matt though and how Damon tells her to cut the teenage drama. Of course Caroline has teenage drama! She's a teenager. But I'm glad she tried her best to save both Tyler and Matt even if Tyler seems un-save-able at the moment. Looks like we have another werewolf in our hands. And unlike Mason, I don't think we're getting rid of him.

Also, though I'm no Jeremy or Bonnie fan, nor do I really want to see them together, I see they're trying to pair these two up. Well, it's all for the best I suppose since I care about these two the least. Also, poor stefan, thinking he'd be back with Elena once this all got settled. I guess not. Sorry dude.
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