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Trailer Tuesday: It's Potter Time; Who is No. 4? Awesome Unknown Trailer -- That's Really the Title

Guys, next week cannot be November already. I still have a shitload of movies from 2010 that I want to watch and haven't watched and we've got two months of the year left to do so. Still, it was great to finally watch The Social Network (I'm still waiting for Never Let Me Go), no wonder it got rave reviews, I'm still reeling. So now, let's look forward to more movies, I hope I get to watch before the year ends.

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 1.0

DO I REALLY NEED TO EXPLAIN HOW EXCITED I AM? No of course not. My childhood is one half movie away from ending. The trailer still gives me chills everytime I see it. OT3 Forever. I might be crying in the cinema, I can feel it.

127 Hours

I'm not one for thrillers of any sort but Danny Boyle's track record has been pretty stellar so I'd love to see this one come out. Of course having James Franco in it, had NOTHING to do with this whatsoever. Oh who am I kidding? Of course he did.

Due Date

I know I already talked about this before, but a new trailer for Due Date came out and it's pretty freaking funny as usual. Zach + RDJ = HILARIOUS. This is going to be fun. We all need to watch this and be happy

I Am Number Four

I'm not even an Alex Pettyfer fan but when I saw this, I though, hey it looks pretty cool. Plus, it's cute that he and Dianna Agron are dating in real life, so you know I'm a sucker for co-stars falling in love and all. I hope the films turns out well and their relationship too.

All Good Things

It must be said, Ryan Gosling isn't the very best husband to have on screen right now. From his tumultuous relationship with Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine and now another one with Kristen Dunst, I see a pattern here. Still, it's Gosling and even if it's just one half of McGosling, I'll take it. Looks like a serious business movie too.


I'm not a big cartoon fan but when you put Tina Fey, Will Ferrel and Brad Pitt in one movie, and have a pretty cute storyline, you know I'm there. I'm really liking these bad guys as lead guys in films (Despicable Me and now this), so I hope this turns out well.

Another Year

I really enjoyed Happy Go Lucky and this is a movie from the same director (Mike Leigh), so it should be pretty uplifting too. And yeah, I don't have any girl crushes or guy crushes in it, but hey, a little laugh goes a long way right?


And finally, we get this pretty bad ass trailer from a Liam Neeson movie (I know right?) but it also has JANUARY JONES in it, so you see where I'm coming from here. But really, other than mrs. Draper making an appearance, it looks like something my dad would watch with me.
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